IVF Twins

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Bahootie - January 17

I am starting my first round of IVF and they told me there was a higher chance of twins. Any ladies out there living proof? Please share any stories!


freebird - January 17

There's a higher chance of twins for two reasons: usually they transfer back more than one embryo, and there's a higher chance of identical twinning. I think that has to do with the a__sisted hatching process. I'm not sure if that's always a part of IVF or if it's only done in certain situations. I did not have IVF (mine are from IUI) but I have a friend who had all of her children by IVF. The first time she had a singleton and the second time she had twins. They can better control high order multiples with IVF (i.e. more than 3) by limiting the number of embryos that are transferred back.


Ruby617 - January 23

I got 2 buns in the oven after a frozen embryo transfer. I'm only 7 1/2 weeks and SO excited. I did two fresh cycles and three frozen. Can't wait to get these babies out!!!


KBinParis - January 26

Hi, I got pregnant after my first IVF attempt and am at 9 1/2 weeks. they transferred 3 embies and two implanted so I'm living proof! Ruby, we're cycle buddies. Have your belly and b___sts grown significantly? I started growing almost immediately and seem to have stopped for the moment, thank heavens!


Ruby617 - January 26

KBinParis...I wish I could unb___ton my pants but I'm at work! My belly is growing but I've only gained a pound. I think the aliens in my uterus are taking all my calories. My bb's haven't changed...can't wait for that though! Any other symptoms??? I've been a little spotty off and on...Dr. said not to worry.


KBinParis - January 29

Hey Ruby, I responded to you on the other thread. I know how you feel, I hate any restrictive clothing these days. Yet, I'm hesitant to wear any of the maternity clothese I bought as that is a dead give-away and I haven't told any of our friends. As I mentioned on the other thread, my major problem is indigestion, its driving me a little crazy. I now eat very little in the evening just so that I won't have to suffer for hours afterwards. I can't wait to see what my secong u/s on Wednesday shows. Have you told everybody that you're preggers? When is it safe to spill the beans? Hope your spotting stops sooon, I'm sure its nothing to worry about but just take it easy, let your man do the hard work.



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