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San_dee - May 26

i see heaps of people in this particular forum at one time or another thought they might be having twins(or more)... how many of you actually began feeling this way then to find out that you are having more than one?


Trixiedoodle - May 26

We went through IVF and even though we only had 1 embryo transferred, we found out we were having twins. To be honest, I've always wanted twins and until we found out via ultra-sound, I always joked about having twins. When we saw the ultra-sound confirmation I was thrilled but not really surprised. I guess there's some of that mother's intuition in me already.


San_dee - May 28

Congrats on your twins!! How far along are you?? I (like 90% of other people) have an incling that im having twins, but im pretty sure that the ultrasound will show one and put my mind at ease. i just was reading some of these posts and see so many people think they might be but never seem to see weather they are or not. Guessing not or else they would post it!! Which makes it hard for me, (i have 2 wks to wait) to see if intuation has anything to do with it


Trixiedoodle - May 29

I'm about 10 and 1/2 weeks right now. Because we did IVF we found out early-just over 6 weeks at our 1st ultra-sound. (We've been waiting 7 years to have a child & have suffered a miscarriage 3 yrs ago-our only other conception). It was the most amazing moment of my life...of course now reality is etting in & we are getting a little afraid of how to care for two but I think that's pretty natural. Good luck with you're ultra-sound & I hope that the result shows whatever you're wishing for-single or multiple! Let me know what happens!


twins4us - May 30

To San...unfortunately 99% of those who suspect never come back to let us know if it was twins after all...that leds me to believe that the u/s showed one.


San_dee - May 30

yeah ihave noticed that!! i guess many make the same mistake im doing right now, comparing it to the first pregnancy and how its so different, but i will let you know regardless, b/c im more than happy with just one :-)


San_dee - June 12

(i just pasted this from another forum i was in) had my appt last night, all i can say i left with more questions than i walked in with!! Let me first tell you about the local ultrasound machine my dr used, the screen was 3" and the actual ultrasound images were not much bigger than a cell ph screen!! so i could barely see anything, the head was easily made out as it was the only round thing on the screen!! but the dr is now thinking multiples!! i have been thinking about it too but b4 my appt i though na its me looking into things to far, but first put the goo in between my belly b___ton and pubic bone, and was scanning around, he found what he thought was the head, and measured it but it was larger for my dates, anyways 3 more globs of goo later the scanning thing ended up just under my rib cage a little to the right and there was one baby, measured exactly to dates, but is now wondering why it was all the way up there, he commented on how my bladder was getting full and could contribute to that but even in cases at 16wks with a full bladder he would have only expected it to be behind the belly b___ton, he looked for another baby but couldnt see one, so i made the comment 'theres just the one then?', he said that he hasnt ruled that out yet and wont be able to tell until i have a proper ultrasound at about 20wks ona proper machine!!! sorry for the long posts but i have a million thoughts constantly racing through my mind. do u reckon it could be multiples or is my uturus getting a real big jump start on things!!! btw dr doesnt usually measure fundal height till 20wks onwards and ive never had my hcg levels tested, not even with my DS


oliveriogirl - July 6

Hi everyone, I 've been checking out this site for a couple of days now. Any ways. I suspect im having twins and everyone i know are betting that im having twins. SO as soon as i find out i will come back at let you now if my suspections are right or not. I dont have a ultrasound till The end of July/06


PregWithTwins - July 8

i was double sick lol and we all joked about me having twins when i was 9 weeks i went for an ultra sound to find out my due date and they found out that i was having twins. SEE IF I EVER JOKE LIKE THAT AGAIN!!! LOL i am now only 12 weeks and have only gained two pounds so far but have had some bleeding. but their little heartbeats are very fast and strong so im praying to God that these little ones will be healthy just like the other four!!! oh and im praying for at least one girl!!! lol


San_dee - July 8

hi, im still waiting to find out, i dont have another ultrasound for a month...


christy_lynn73 - July 30

has anyone ever drempt they were having twins and it was true


kristlynn80 - August 3

I am 8 weeks and carrying twins. I found out i was pregnant at 3 weeks with a home pregnancy test...went to my DR at 4 weeks and she told me my hcg level was too high and it must be a molar pregnancy. Then a week later i had EXTREME pain in my right side and went to the ER. They couldnt find a baby on the u/s and said it must be ectopic. For 2 weeks i was in and out of the ER with all the talk of ectopic pregnancy and my pain. They explained the D and C and what i would have to do. I had another u/s and i heard the technician say that they saw "2 ma__ses". When i went to get the results they said i had two cysts. I told my friend and she said ..."i know they are not cysts...your having twins". I was kinda upset with her cause here i am going through ths "ectopic" pregnancy and my fear of my tube bursting and not having kids and all this!! Then 2 days later had an u/s at the ER and they said..."nope, not ectopic, no cysts...TWINS". I have seen their little heartbeats and still paray all goes smoothly :)


San_dee - August 3

had my ultrasound, looks like just the one little boy for me!!! maybe he is going to be big as i am still measuring 5 wks ahead



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