Just Found Out I Am Preg With Twins

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Baliezer - April 10

Hi I just found out I am 6 weeks pregnant with twins. I am so scared that something is going to go wrong. I was pregnant about a year and a half ago with triplets and lost all three within a month, so I am pretty aware of the dangers. Besides taking my prenantal vitamins, which I just started because this was all a surprise, does anyone have any recomendations for having a healthy pregnancy? I am going to try and take it easy for the rest of this month.


Baliezer - April 10

Thank you so much. I think I am going to cry now. Happy tears of course.


drea - April 10

Hi MsMonet. That was so sweet what you wrote. I hope you guys dont mind if I jump in. MsMonet, i am currently 14 weeks pg with twins. I also tend to read too much online and get very scared. This is my second pg so I am familiar with the bosy changes and stuff, but when your carrying twins everything changes. I have felt like total c___p up until about a week ago. I get nervous b/c its almost like I dont feel pregnant anymore. Did you feel that way? I have had 3 u/s so far including the 1st trimester ultrascreen and everything looks great. The babies are actually measuring a bit bigger than how far along I am, which is good. thanks..


schar - April 10

extra vitamin c helps and a bit of vitamin e like 100mg on top of prenatals these help prevent miscarriage I just found this out after a total of 3 so good luck!


MsMonet - April 10

DREA-Girl, I hate to share this but we all have a testimony to share. I felt like I wasnt preggo off and on up until I delivered. Lol! You will have days were you will feel no movement at all although I was told they move daily. I would freak out and stress til the next ultrasound. I even lied to my doctor to try and get in for an early ultrasound because I was nervous. I think its normal to feel such a way but just not for a long period of time. When you get further along try laying flat and poke your belly. Sometimes they respond back. My babies were considered alittle small at 5 months so my doctor told me to eat lots of pasta, etc. I did. Then when they were born my son weighed 5lbs and 13ozs and my daughter weighed 6lbs and 3 ozs which is great for twins. It will feel weird at first to feel 2 babies moving around inside and then when you get further along you may look at your stomach and see them moving. I would poke my sons elbow from time to time and he would respond back. Its so beautiful and such a blessing. You girls will be preggo during the hot summer like I was. I will tell you this now if you dont know... You will sweat like a fat pig on a roaster. I'd never perspired so much in my life. Even when it wasnt hot to others I was sweating. Also, carry water with you no matter what. Try to wear slip on sandals and slip on sneakers. After awhile, I couldnt bend tie my shoes or put on socks. I wish I would have purchased slip on sneakers. It was difficult when my hubby wasnt around. I couldnt believe how big my tummy got... Thanks to b___stfeeding you cant tell I had twins now although I still have a pooch. I delivered Cesarean, btw. Nothing like A Baby Story on the Doscovery Channel.Lol! My twins will be 3 months on the 1st. Its so surreal to look at them... 2 babies!!! Such a blessing. Talk to your babies, girls!!!


MsMonet - April 10

CONGRATS, DREA! BTW, if you guys want a cool site to go to for BabyShower Invites, let me know. I ordered some really beautiful twin invitations and candy bar wrappers. I know that others are supposed to do this but I am one of those people who want things alittle close to what I like... He he he! If you guys see them, you will say the same. Also, you should sign up at Babycenter.com. Each wk you will get an is email telling you what is going on in your tummy each wk. Its cool and exciting.


hoping... - April 10

Hi everyone, I hope you don't mind if I post also. BALIEZER - I found out this week that I am 7 weeks pregnant with twins! I was pregnant last year and lost the baby, so I know what you mean about fear. When I saw the babies this week, I just couldn't believe it! Twins do not run in my family and this was totally natural, so the surprise was huge, especially since I it appears that I am having identical twins. I have to go to another specialist in the next few days to find out more and to determine all of the risk factors for the babies. MSMONET - your kind words are really appreciated. I know you will be an excellent resource to us all! DREA - I'm glad to have you on this forum also, seeing that you are a few weeks ahead of us. I am so glad to hear that you are starting to feel better. I am hoping to be out of the morning sickness phase as soon as possible. My job as a teacher makes throwing up all day really difficult!


Baliezer - April 11

Hi everyone. I have another ultrasound sceduled Monday. Hopefully it will show more. I am just afraid to get excited at this point even though I have strong symptoms at this point. in my last preg that ended is miscarriage, I did not have these symptoms. Symtoms I am experiancing now are, nausea with no vomiting, extreme fatigue, complete memory loss, waking early in the morning. The last symptom is so annoying. Waking at 5am and not being able to go back to sleep aggghhh! My beta test came back yesterday. It went from 124 (last friday) to 3,344, in about a weeks time. do you think that's ok? Schar thank you for the advice on vitamin C and E. I will start that today.


hoping... - April 11

Baliezer - I hope you have a relaxing weekend that will take you right into Monday's ultrasound. My symptoms are very similar to yours extreme fatigue, nausea and vomiting, waking up at weird hours, etc. Keep us updated on how you're doing!


drea - April 11

Hi Girls...I have had the same exact symptoms as you guys, nausea w/o vomitting and feeling extremely tired. I have also recently started to have bad indigestion and heartburn. I had really bad heartburn with my daughter so I kind of expected that one. I get up early also, which stinks, but my 18 month old gets up around 6:30 anyway, so I cant sleep that late even if I could. Ms Monet, thanks for the suggestions on the invites and websites. I actually am already signed up at babycenter. I was signed up for my daughter. Its great b/c it continues after you give birth. I hear you MsMonet on being pregnant in the summer, my dd was born in September 06, so I spent most of my summer in the a/c. I also agree on the slip ons, my flip flops were my best friend. Baliezer, good luck on Monday, I'm sure everything will be fine. Hoping, yes the overall c___ppy feeling does eventually subside. Well. better run. Have a good day girls.


MsMonet - April 11

Morning Girls-Twins slept good last night. Yippee! I still wake up and look at them... Its so weird to have 2 babies. Cant believe it. Girls, get all the rest while you can. Its gonna get worse as time goes by and the belly gets bigger. I think the first 2 months and last 2 months are the hardest based on my experience. Also, spend time with hubby if you dont have kids yet. After the kids arrive no more just you and he. Lol!


drea - April 11

Oh, Hoping.....I read your other post where some people got mad b/c you wanted to talk to someone who conceived naturally. I totally agree with you btw. I never even heard of clomid until I came on here after I found out I was pg with twins. Anyway, just wanted to say that a friend of mine who is also pg (singleton) has had really bad morning sickness/all day sickness and her doc prescribed something for it and she is so much better. I think it was like prevacid or something like that. You should mention to your doc that you cant keep anything down, or maybe you can swtich pre-natals. I take one that has ginger in it so I think that makes it more gentle on the stomach. Hope you feel better.


Baliezer - April 12

Oh one more thing that really really helps with mild nausea. I have started taking a chewable ginger supplement that I found at Whole Foods. It is called Ginger Trips by Solaray. It also has vitamin B-6 and does not taste too bad at all. It has really helped me get through the day. Hope that helps.


drea - April 14

Hi girls, hope you all had a nice weekend. I had a wedding Sat night, and boy let me tellya, it was rough staying up until 1am. Been a long time since I stayed up that late (LOL). How is everyone feeling? I was feeling better, but today I feel nauseas again. Baliezer, hope your u/s goes well today, let us know how it went.


Baliezer - April 14

I had a very emotional ride this morning. i will post my experiance along with my new questions in a new post.


hoping... - April 14

Hi Girls, BAELIZER - I have got to find your post. Is everything alright? I hope so! DREA - A wedding, what fun. Although I must admit that I would not have made it to 1am. You're a trooper! UPDATE - So here is an update on me: My doc put me on Zofran. I am a bit nervous about taking meds, but with the amount of weight I lost, it is just as dangerous to the babies. I have a meeting scheduled with the perinatologist for the 25th, to complete more tests/ultrasounds etc, to determine whether or not the twins are mo-mo. I sure hope they are not. I keep telling them that although they might be sleeping in the same room (gestational sac), that they need to sleep in their own beds (amniotic sacs) and that this is better/safer for them. I just hope that my body has listened! How is everyone else doing?



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