Just Wanna Gripe About The Discomfort Please

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Erin - October 26

I don't so much have a question as much as I just wanna get off my chest how uncomfortable this twin pregnancy is vs. when I was pregnant w/ my daughter. I am just entering my 6 mos. (don't ask me which week; can never keep track) and yet I am barely sleeping beyond 2 hours a night and when I sit, I am uncomfortable, when I stand I sometimes feel like my uterus is gonna fall out and I am always out of breath it seems. I see my OB in a couple of days so I will confirm that nothing is awry. I am not a huge woman...I am a lil over 5' and prior to pregnancy was about 150 or a lil less but man, this has been challenging and to think, I am only in my 6 mos. I feel really blessed although this completely through us for a loop (no twins in family, not on drugs and only 29). I am hoping to be able to go full term but I don't even see me making it to the end of the year much less Valentine's Day which is my due date. If I do, I will surely be put on bed rest. I sleep w/ like 5 pillows propped here and there and everywhere but some part of my body is always strained and everytime I get to go to the b-room, I have to reposition. I work full-time so don't have the luxury of staying off my feet. I also can't seem to eat as much b/c as much as you are supposed to increase your intake, I get full alot quicker simply b/c there is less room. I didn't really feel the pain of sleepless nights w/ my first pregnancy until the 8th or 9th month. I think overall this would be alot easier to deal if I could at least count on more sleep but as it stands, I am starting to dread bedtime...argh! Thanks for allowing me to vent. I needed it. Anyone share my story?


Lynette - October 26

No - I'm only 11 weeks... but thanks for scaring the bejingies out of me!! (lol! :-) ).


Kathy S - October 26

I am only 16 weeks and getting uncomfortable. After walking short distances I also feel like they might want to fall out. LOL I am dreading a couple months from now! And the heartburn is already kicking in good...arrghhh.


jena - October 26

i hadn't heard of anyone else that dreaded bedtime like I do! it's good to share that - i'm sorry though! i'm 34 weeks with twins and i'm sooooo glad to read that it was a lot easier with a singleton - i am 24 years old and this is my first pregnancy - surprise twins for us too - and i keep thinking that next time will be just as hard even if it's a singleton. but i guess not - i just don't know any different. i'm supposed to be on bedrest now but my OB is very cautious and my specialist says that i'm doing okay. you should get books on twins - my FAV is by Connie Agnew - she is actually my specialist but I didn't know that until I already had the book! It's very accurate. Some things you might expect are an early disability leave from work (a good thing!), bed rest and medications like terbutaline (not so fun but manageable), being extra-tired (okay if you aren't working), lots of ultrasounds (fun), and possibly doctors that overreact - go with your instincts with this pregnancy for sure. anyway, i share your story! :) i honestly think that it will get better for a bit for you as the babies re-arrange themselves and you get more used to it. PLUS, you don't have to go for the full 40 weeks :).


Erin - October 27

Thanks Jena for your reply. Trust me, a single pregnancy is alot easier so if you plan on having another, take comfort. With my daughter (she is 16 mos.), I so enjoyed being pregnant. With the exception of nausea and such the first trimester, the rest was a breeze. At 6 mos., I was barely showing and then towards the end into the 7mos. it was like almost overnight that my belly appeared but it was smooth sailing along w/ a bit of swelling here and there. I even delivered on my due date. But man w/ this one, I started showing in the first trimester, was sick as a dog and let's not even talk about the exhaustion. I actually haven't been as anxious to read everything under the sun like I was w/ my first pregnancy. By time I get home fromm work, I have just enough energy to clean up a bit, get dinner, spend time playing w/ my daughter before it's time to put her to bed and then position myself for yet another sleepless night. BTW, that is great that you have made it to 34wks. That is one concern of mine particularly b/c like I mentioned, I am not a big woman so the risk is deffie there for bedrest or pre-term. But at the end of the day, I have a great doctor so we shall see....I don't know if what is going on is so much attributed to the position as much as it just the pressure from the extra weight. I dunno...I am just rambling...My neck is killing me...argh!


Jennifer - October 27

It is great to read your post Erin!! I have been so uncomfortable, its really making me miserable. My back is killing me - I absolutely cannot sit in a chair. I have to stand or lie propped up on the couch. Luckily I work from home, so I have the option of working on the couch, but it makes me feel like I'm on bedrest already. Since I stopped using a chair, my hip and leg pain has subsided, but I share your dread of bedtime. I've got pillows around me too, mostly to keep me from rolling onto my back, and everytime I want to move an inch, I have to reposition everything. And eating is the worst! I don't throw up anymore (I'm 17 weeks now), but I just can't seem to gain enough weight, so I am constantly eating. Its a full time job to just prepare food and eat it all day. And my belly is uncomfortable becuase I am always full. This is a lot less fun than i thought it would be (this is my first pregnancy). I'm thrilled to be expecting, and that we are having twins, but its hard to be anything but uncomfortable right now. Thanks for posting - its great to be able to vent to someone who understands!!


Erin - October 27

Jennifer, your post had me cracking up at just the similarities of our experience thus far although I am further along. I found that once out of the first trimester, the sickness ended. I haven't allowed myself to become consumed w/ the required weight gain. I just eat what I can when I can and when I feel like it. My next appt. will actually be the first since finding out we were expecting twins which was only just evealed at my sono appt. a couple of weeks ago so you can imagine our surprise. Although I feel huge, I doubt that I am where I should be b/c I find at times that I don't have much of an appet_te at all b/c I am just so uncomfortable all of the time. Last night I actually made myself get up off the couch which is quite a chore, about 11:30pm and eat something b/c I hadn't had anything since like noon. It is weird, you would think my appet_te would be ridiculous b/c there are two but it is actually very tame. You are lucky being able to work from home. I previously held a position where I telecommuted but this was before I became pregnant. What I wouldn't give for that right now. Based on how I have been feeling as of late, I seriously think my OB will place some restrictions on me next time we visit but I am hoping that it won't be complete bedrest. It seems even when on the couch, I turn and something cracks be it my hip or leg or whatever. I have the most awesome neck pain from just the lack of proper positioning when trying to sleep. Again, I looked at the clock this morning when time to get rdy for work like argh! Of course at that point I am so absolutely exhausted from tossing and turning all night, the last thing I wanna do is get up and get dressed. I am just trying to stay focused on imploring whatever methods I have to in an effort to ease my discomfort. I would try and go for a prenatal ma__sage but fear I wouldn't even be able to get comfortable on the table. I did do one on vacation when I was in my 7 mos. w/ my first pregnancy and they had a table w/ a belly hole so it was great but the discomfort this time is so much more severe, I think it would outweight whatever benefits that come from the ma__sage. I just am trying to remain mindful of the fact that once they get here, all of this will be a distant memory and I will never have to sacrifice my body in this way again LOL cause 3 down and all under the age of 2, we are SO done. I may even talk to my OB about doing the tube procedure b4 leaving the hospital :-). I just want sleep!!!!!


Kathy S - October 27

Jennifer...your post helped me make a point with my husband! :-) He says I am just overreacting about how uncomfortable I am getting! I've been complaining about needed to recline or lay down because I get soooo sore sitting...can't find a chair in this house anywhere that I can stand sitting in for more than 1/2 and hour! I work from home on the pc and have been cutting hours because I just can't sit there all day anymore!! I wish I had a laptop so I could work from the couch or bed. :-( He can't surmise how I could possibly be complaining this early on. I worry about how bad this is all going to feel in a couple of months! :-) I have noticed a bit of change this last week and can sit a little longer now...I'm sure that won't last long, eh? :-) Good luck to us all!


Jena - October 28

i'm so glad we have a few twin moms on here to chat! does anyone else get soooooo sore if they stay in one position too long? but then again, you don't want to move because it takes so much effort! here's what I miss most: my old b___t! it was so cute and I didn't appreciate it at the time - now I joke that I'm carrying one of the babies in there :). everyone says you will be so tired when the babies are here - enjoy the peace now, etc. - but i don't think they understand just how uncomfortable carrying two babies is! i guess we aren't sleeping now and won't be sleeping after delivery either, so why not have two cute babies around? Does anyone else know the s_x of their babies? I found out at 20 weeks I'm having boys - I'm excited!


Evelyn - October 28

I am having 2 girls, just had a 4D sono as 21 1/2 weeks and there was no mistaken it! My husband and I both wanted at least one boy because we don't really want anymore children, but I still feel blessed to be pregnant in the first place as I had to go through IVF to get pregnant because of infertility. I am actually pretty comfortable right now during the day, but at night is when it is very difficult for me. Back pain, shortness of breath, heartburn, and having to pee every hour keep me up almost all night. And I'm only 5 months!!! Can anyone else just imagine what this is going to be like in a few more months, or even 1 more month for that matter!?! Right now I get shortness of breath, so when they start to take up even more room, I'm wondering if I'll even be able to breathe at all! I guess I should consider myself lucky though that at least during the day, for right now, I'm doing fine. Oh, as far as sore, although the babies don't kick me in the ribs, when sitting for a certain period of time, my ribs start to feel very sore and almost a bruised feeling. I'm definately on the same page with all you girls!


Jennifer - October 28

Hi all! Jena - I am having two boys as well! They are going to be a handfull, don't you think? :) Kathy S - you should get your husband the book "The Expectant Father." It lets them know what is going on with their wife and encourages them to be sympathetic and helpful. Although, they should make one for expectant fathers of twins, because I am getting the idea that we mothers-of-twins-to-be are having a harder time than most. I also worry about how we are going to feel in another month or two - the second trimester is supposed to be the easy time! Honestly, I'd go back to throwing up every day like I did during the first trimester if I could just sit comfotably in a chair. Hang in there girls!


Erin - October 28

Evelyn, thx for sharing the news re: the s_x. I know how you feel. This has certainly been a bit more easier to endure b/c although we still want to definitively confirm that one is in fact a girl, we do know the other is a boy and since we are definitely done after this, I at least am getting my boy. As I mentioned previously, we already have a 16 mos. old girl. I am just really curious to see what these two will look like b/c my daughter is the absolute cutest thing but I can take no credit b/c she is the spitting image of my husband so hopefully one of these 2 will look like me. Can I just say I had the worst night last night. I actually did doze off about 9 (missed The Apprentice). My husband came up from his ofc. about 9:30 and tried to talk to me about a mtg. and I could not keep my eyes open to save my life. I actually had great sleep until about 11:30 and although I TRIED, I couldn't get back to sleep to save my life and I was still SO tired. Thankfully, my mother-in-law took my daughter overnight so that gave me a lil break even though I missed her so. I proceeded to toss and creak and crack the rest of the night in between waking up to go to the b-room and ring my shirt out from all of the sweat. I have taken to exclusively sleeping on the couch b/c the bed is just impossible at this point. But honestly, I am so sick of this routine man. TGIF cause I am EXHAUSTED!!! A friend asked me this morning how I was doing and I was just like I am really too tired to be as excited as I wanna be. I am just looking forward to reaching the end point and getting my body back. I can't wait to see them but honestly, this process can't go fast enough. Since I know the experience of having one, I told my friend unless you have actually been pregnant w/ 2, you can't even fathom the difference b/c I am just amazed from a physical standpoint how much different it actually is. But I agree w/ the previous post about I guess it is all good practice cause you are right, no sleep will come once they are here so by time they get here, I should be able to stay up like a Vampire...LOL!


jena - October 30

it is a mean thing that happens - us not being able to sleep now when it's our last chance! besides, all i hear is "sleep up now!" and I want to say, "why? so that when i'm tired later I can pull an hour of sleep that I got now out of a hat?" it doesn't make any sense! you can't "store" sleep :). anyway, even if i do sleep a lot of the night (which is rare!), i wake up so tired so i know it wasn't a good sleep. Erin, I have to give you credit for being prego with twins AND already having a young daughter - I can't imagine! In that sense, it's easier to be pg with twins the first time - no little one to run after. plus I don't know any different! as for s_x, isn't it funny just how obvious it is? with my boys they didn't even need to point it out - it was right there on the screen for both! my dh seemed proud HAHA :). is anyone else tall? I'm thinking I'm SO LUCKY to be 5'9" because if I were any shorter I don't know where these babies would go!


Kathy S - October 30

Yeah, it is hard being so overpregnant and having to try to keep up with a toddler. Another problem I am having is that my 2 yr old son is too rough. He slammed into me soo hard yesterday- I was sitting on the couch and he flew and leaped b___t first into my side! It is so hard to get him to understand he needs to be careful...cuz a 2 yr old has no idea what "careful" means!! :-) I've been worried all day today since then because I haven't felt much movement from the baby on 'that' side and I hope it is just a rest day for that little one. I feel like I'm gonna need some kind of body armor around my lil guy!! I'm constantly on guard for sudden leaps, faster than light knees and elbows, and then there are the out of the blue body slams when I am trying to lay down on the couch...oh boys are sooo rough sometimes! It is almost impossible to get any kind of rest as he can be so darn demanding. Terrible 2's is not a good time to be a pg mom! LOL ;-) It's also hard not being able to pick him up anymore...he's a hefty 40 pounder and way too heavy for me normally! :-) Yeah, I wish twins would have been first time around...would be alot easier I think. I sure do agree with the tubal idea after my twins too. I had a miscarriage last year with what the dr thought was a lost twin and then the other a blighted ovum...and now twins this time too...I'm scared to death I'm gonna goof up and get more twins or worse if there is a next time!!! LOL LOL


carly - October 30

I'm 25 weeks with boys two and thank god I'm am not just a wuss that cant handle pregnancy! I thought I was just abnormal or something that I'm already wishing this pregnancy would be done. I'm just over 5 ft too Erin and I can't imagine where they are going to fit in the next 3 Months!! I guess the only way to go is outward :-) One thing I have found that makes a huge difference is one of those belly belts. I got one from a chiropracters office and I wear it at work. It's amazing what a little back and belly support will do!! Also, swimming about half an hour a day...just getting in the pool... makes a difference. Your hips feel better, your knees, middle and lower back...it's wonderfull. I have actually been able to sleep a full 4 hours straight since doing this and it only takes about half an hour to fall back asleep after that! I decided to just go without all the extra pillows and learn to sleep that way. It's become easier and it helps with the re-adjusting. It's so wonderful to read that I am not alone with the feeling that my belly is going to fall off, or my ribs feeling bruised, etc. All the moms I know had singles and don't understand. They only had a few weeks of this. Good luck all!!


Erin - October 31

Kathy, ur post had me cracking up...LOL! Thankfully my daugther has not reached that rough stage so I don't have to worry about her plopping down on me or anything of the like but she does like to be picked up now and then. I went to do so yesterday evening and I had my purse in one hand and her diaper bag in another and I barely lifted her an inch off the ground. Thankfully, my friends were around and one of her Auntie's grabbed her up. At that moment, I felt so weak b/c I never struggled so to lift her up. Carly, thx for the suggestion re: swimming. I actually took prenatal swim w/ my daughter but thought it may be too much exertion w/ this pregnancy. I see my OB tomorrow so I will check w/ her to see if ok. At this point, I will do anything to guarantee more hours of sleep although, I must say Sat. night and last night were not too bad. The best sleep I have had in weeks! Don't know how long it will last though. Carly, I am glad you are a "shorty" too so you can understand my amazement when thinking of where these two are possibly gonna go as I continue to grow. I am actually worried that my weight is not where it should be. I have on a pair of small maternity pants and they are actually lose. I am hippy to be short so I am not a beanpole so for me to have a pair of small pants hanging is really strange. I know my appet_te is nowhere near where it should be. I just get so full like I said b4. I ate just a tad bit of spaghetti Sat. night and I swear I was so uncomfortable, I just wanted to cry. I just kept thinking it is not even worth it to eat even just a little bit if I am gonna feel like this afterwards. I swear I literally stayed in the same spot unable to move for like 3 hours. It was awful...argh!


carly - October 31

I don't seem to have that problem, I've already gained 35lbs. I haven't had a problem eating since I quit getting sick. Eating is supposed to be the best part :-) I don't know if I could handle what your going through! Hopefully your doc will have some suggestions for you. Good luck and I hope you continue to sleep well!!



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