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TW - November 9

I am carrying twins and I am not sure what type of birth I want. However, I DO NOT want an episiotomy and because of that I was wondering about a c-section. If I could be promised no episiotomy I would have a va___al birth.Can anyone tell me what was better, c-section or va___al? If you could do it over again, would you have still had a va___al or c-section birth? Thank you for any input.


Julie - November 9

Why are you so opposed to a cut down there...episiotomy... but open to a c-section? My 2 children (not twins...) were both born v____ally, and I had an episiotomy both times. My recovery was SO easy (I think that was due to some great tips the hospital gave me to help me feel better and recover down there). Sure they can guarantee you no episiotomy, but if you start pushing and start to tear, would you rather they stick to that guarantee, and have a crooked, ragged, whatever you call it, tear to have st_tched up and heal, or a straight incision? When my doc started to notice a tear, he had my ok to give me an episiotomy, and from my understanding they heal much better and easier. I think a few st_tches down there are a lot easier to get over with the right recovery stuff, than an incision in your abdomen. If an c-section is the best choice for a healthy delivery for your babies, then that's definately what should be done. But I wouldn't take it over an episiotomy, that's for sure.


TripletMom - November 9

TW - it is a matter of personal choice. I have a friend who didn't want an episiotomy w/her singleton and during delivery she tore inside and out (her son was coming out sort of sideways). She required like 50 st_tches (both internally and externally). Now all I know is c-section - first emergency c for breech baby, and second for triplets. I was out of bed the next day and didn't have any pain at the incision site. But every woman is different. I have a VERY HIGH pain threshold!! Good luck!!!


Mary - November 9

TW- I had my child v____ally and kept telling the doctor to work with me on this. He wanted to do a C-section because I was in labor for too long but everyones body is different so of course they pumped me with pitocin to speed things up. I had her v____ally but she was a big baby weighing 9 1/2 lbs. The doctor did an episiotomy and it really was not a big deal. Just a few st_tches and I was ok after 4 or 5 days. Now I'm pregnant with twins and living in a different state that does not seem to want to help me deliver v____ally. First baby head down second baby breech and I don't want a C-section. I'd rather have the episotomy over a C section any time. I feel doctors now a days just do not want to take risk but I've heard of so many unnecessary C-sections. Its quicker for them instead of being there for so many hours and they get paid more with a C-section. Its a business for them unfortunately and the sad part is that birth is a natural process. Good Luck with your decision. Everyone is different do what is best for you.


TW - November 10

Thank you for answering my question. I refuse to get cut because I believe that can be worse for women. Thats why I am thinking about getting a midwife now. I live on a military base and I have heard many horror stories about military OB's giving women unnecessary episiotomies just to rush them in and out of labor etc.


mama-beans - November 10

I gave birth v____ally to a 7lb2oz baby girl (average). I, too, am totally opposed to episiotomy... for several reason. FIRST, in MANY recent studies ( all I have found, in fact) they say that comparable tears heal faster and with less pain then episiotomy's. They also ALL state that with an episiotomy you have a much higher risk of really BAD tearing... the cut has made a weak area in the muscle, making additional tearing of the cut into the a__s much more common. I tore a little with my daughter ( although my tear was in front, not towards the a__s) and yes, it hurt. It was like 2 weeks before I could urinate without crying.. sting!!! BUT, I will be doing the same with my next child.. no episiotomy for me! I had in my birth plan stated and signed by my doctor that they were NOT to cut an episiotomy unless emergency use of Forceps of a Vacuum extractor were needed. You PAY these doctors.. they have to do what you tell them. My sister, on the other hand, had a v____al birth with her first ( no tearing) and a C-Section with her second.... and she SO WISHES she could have gone v____ally for both. It wasn't so much the pain issue for her, but she was SO LIMITED, and with a new baby at home, the last thing you need is just one more limitation. Breastfeeding was that much harder for her because her Boppy sat on her belly, hurting the incision. She had to be VERY careful picking up thebaby, and changing a diaper, with the slight bending over, was painful for the first 2 weeks. In the end, you do what you have to to have a healthy baby...


marcie - November 18

TW this is my 1st visit to this site,and am glad I have.I have had 2 birth,the 1st v____ally.I can honestly tell you,it was worse than my cesarean.The pain I experienced during labour was horrendous.I promised never to forget it,when I thought it was'nt getting any worse it did.The pain medication either did not take,or made me feel ill.I felt sore and unconfortable afterwards.They told me at the next contraction they would cut,and I would not feel it,I did feel it!!!Anyway,by contrast the section was agreed,it was brilliant,so relaxing,and the recovery was not bad at all.At least I could see the scar healing now it is nearly impossible to see.When I was sore down below I had no idea about it.The nurses could check the insision,it was so much better.I would never want a natural birth.If I had my time again I would have had 2 elective c-sections.Women will tell you that its natural to give birth normally,but our species are renowned for a difficult labour,as someone said on the c-section site,we have eveloved,our babies turn,we labour for a long time generally speaking.I hope this helps.


Darleen - November 18

I have 3 children the first 2 were vag. I ripped so badly that I had to have reconstructive surgery to repair the dammage, my last one was cecerian and it was so wonderful, we aer now trying for our 4th. If I could go back in time I would have went right for the cecerian and skipped all the pain! With vag. births it took over a year to recover and with cecerian I felt great after 2 months. If you have a choice go cecerian, I wish I had!



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