Leftover Clomid

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lisajanelle - October 27

does anyone have any leftover clomid they are willing to sell? i am hoping to find some asap, want to try it for ovulation in the first week of dec. thanks to any who may be albe to help!


rossyb - December 2

Lisajanelle, i have a lot left. purchased about 10 strips but used only one strip last month and am about 3weeks pregnant. I can sell them to you at what it cost me. I already have 3kids, this would be my last, just hope am having twins. Let me know if you are interested.


divadivina2u - December 2

Hi Rossy; I am interested. Can you send me the information of how much could it be and how you prefer payment? my email is divadivina2u at AOL dot com. please, let me know, I have to have them ready in case I don’t get pregnant this cycle. oh BTW I live in NY, so I could get it like in less than 1 week or less, I guess. Thanks!!


nalaa83 - December 2

I am also interested in the clomid. My email is njh137 at gmail dot com I would love to use if for march for ovulation..I also live in NY. Please email me to let me know. Thanks RossyB


TTCnavywife - December 5

I am very new here. All of 10 mins. My honey and I been TTC for year+, and our 2nd month on Clomid. I read a few posts saying they bought pills online. I got mine from a doctor and just wanted everyone to know what they look like so you can avoid fakes and heartbreaks. Mine are white pressed tabs in a blister pack. The pills have a line down the middle and one side says watson and the other says 781. The packing has Clomiphene citrate USP 50mg. Good Luck to all


[email protected] - July 25



[email protected] - July 25

Anyone have any leftover clomid? 


ashleye30 - November 11

i know this post is old, but do anyone of you still ahve clomid left you an sell me? thank you


Sweetsugar_021 - May 20

I have leftovers from an online purchase if anyone is interested. I live in Florida so shipping would be standard USPS unless you pay for faster. They are 100mg.


Sweetsugar_021 - May 20

Oh well NVM, I guess it's illegal to sell your leftovers, so I'm not trying to go to jail lol


Hopeful_mommy31 - August 24

I'm interested in any left over clomid. Can any one hep?


gipperdog - November 6

I have....e-mail me


BorzoiGem - November 14

Like others, I realize this post is old (and it doesn't give the year) but does anyone have some left over Clomid? Want to try it but no insurance currently and since we recently moved to a new state, the new Dr says we have to wait another year under his watch before he'll prescribe for us. Ugh. TIA (11/14/2017)


Boomer8908 - December 13


I'm new to this forum and I know this posting must be old but does anyone happen to have any left over Clomid I could buy off of you? My insurance does't cover the cost of my script and ordered some online but never got it. Just figured I'd ask around and see if anyone has any leftover they would be willing to part with. Thanks in advance!



Boomer8908 - December 13

Do yu still have this?


Sushilaw - December 20

Hello everyone, I am very interested in clomid as well...PLEASE HELP! 


Sushilaw - December 20

Hey ladybug, please contact me ASAP if you still have extra.  Thanks so much!



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