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Lori - August 2

Ok gals - I know this isn't the funnest subject in the world but I was a little curious. I started out as a size 6 before I got pregnant. I have since gained 20 lbs. I'm only 15 weeks! I had gained quite a bit of weight with my other pregnancies and never looked that big. I also was back to my size within a couple of weeks. I'm thinking maybe I shouldn't worry too much. I'm eating healthy, but the doctor has really limited my excercise. So, how about you ladies???


Julia - August 3

This is an important subject, not a funny one. I am expecting octuplets and i started with a size 5. I am only 16 weeks and i already gained 52 pounds. I am only half way done. So don't care about your weight, it's natural.


jena - August 3

lori - are you expecting twins? i am 22 weeks with twins and my exercise is limited too. i was 10 pounds heavier than normal when I got pregnant, so I make my doctor add on 10 when they weigh me and that makes me having had gained about 25 at 22 weeks. As long as your doctor isn't concerned and you and the baby/babies are healthy, don't worry about it.


Lisa - August 4

i intentionally ate 125 grams of protein daily during my twin pregnancy ( I had to do it via soy protein shakes), and gained 55 pounds in the 36 week pregnancy. The girls were 6lbs8 and 6lbs14 at 36 weeks/birth. I was 134 size 7 to begin with. I lost all the weight, plus some extra, and went out and treated myself to a tummy tuck. :-)


julia - August 4

36 weeks and 55 pounds. that is a lot. nothing compared to mine though


Lori - August 5

Jena - Yes I am expecting twins. I'm ALL tummy! I look about 6 months along. Yikes! I teased my kids and told them I'll need a dollie to wheel me around in by the end of the year.


Lisa - August 7

Yeah Julia, i was lucky with the weight I gained with the twins. I gained 65 pounds with my first daughter, who was born prematurely at 31 weeks. I can thank eclampsia for that. The water just came off in GALLONS after delivery! I was cathed, and the nurses couldn't change the bag fast enough before the floor got flooded. gross, I know but it's rea__suring to know that alot of weight u gaine can simply be water.


too little - August 15

I am 32 weeks along with twin pregnancy and i ahave only gained 7 pounds. is that normal, or are the babies too small?


Nelia - September 5

I'm 16 weeks and lost 4.5 pounds. My tummy has grown a lot though and so have may b___bs. Don't know where I lost that pounds


Amanda - September 5

If you were a bit overweight to begin with, then gaining fewer pounds than recommended or maybe even losing a couple(under guidance of a nutritionist) is ok as long as your babies measure on target. Last March/April I weighed about 125 and was a size 5/6...now I'm pushing 170 at 25 weeks...I've gained two thirds of this weight after week 18 when I was put on bedrest(I had a really active work/school lifestyle). I try really hard not to be depressed about it and just think of my two little boys being born big and healthy - and how hard I'm gonna work out after they are born. :)


Erin - September 8

Hello all. I am 30 weeks with twins and have gained 28 pounds. 4 of those pounds were put on in the past 2 weeks. Doc says I'm doing great...


Michelle - September 9

I am 25 weeks pregnant with twin boys and I have gained 3 pounds. I have had bad morning sickness since week 6. Now I am on moderate bedrest so I am sure that I will start gaining. The doctor says that the babies are fine and are growing well, so that is all that matters.


Tonia - November 17

Lori, your post could've been mine. I'm 15 wks and have gained 20 lbs. I look about 6 mos preggo. I've only had one u/s at 6w0d and we saw one bean. I'm going back for u/s tomorrow because we are suspicious of another beanie being in there. My hcg levels were high to begin with and I tested +hpt @ only 7 dpo. I'm worried about my weight gain tho. This is ridiculous UNLESS there are multiples. Well, I'll find out tomorrow. I feel better someone is in the same situation tho.


melanie - November 17

when I was pregnant with my twins 2 years ago I gained 80lbs through the whole pregnancy. Somehow through a miracle. I got it all off in a year and a half. Now I am pregnant again 11 weeks with just one baby and havent even gained a pound.


Kathy S - November 18

I am 20 weeks and have gained 34 pounds so far. Doc says is good gain for twins and not to worry.



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