Light Period On Clomid

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trishaand2girls - November 10

Did anyone notice a light period following a course of clomid? I have usually brown discharge cd0 and then a good flow of af for at least 3 days cd1 -cd3/4. This time however, I started on suspected AF time but its cd2 and am only getting slimy (sorry tmi) bloody AF. I can wear a pad the whole day. When I pee (sorry again) I get a few drops and get blood on my tissue when I wipe but none coming out like normal AF. I have checked my cervix and it is very soft and wet.But I am not getting a flow like usual AF or cramps. I am partly hoping this could be attempted implantaiton bleeding or is it threatened mc? I took 2 HPT's a day before this light AF started but they were negative.any info would put my mind to rest. I was prescribed clomid days 2-7 and have my appointment in 1 week. am curious to find out someon ehad these symptoms and then ended up being pregnant anyway?


!!! - November 10

could be implanation bleeding take another hpt in 2 days!


SamH - November 13

I am experiencing something similar. I have a 35 day cycle. On approx day 30 noticed some clear stretchy discharge with a slither of pink. Previous I had lots of discharge my GP examine it via a specimen and stated Ok. I normally have a flow of blood that is none to heavy but I am only experiencing slight loss when I pee? I have checked inside it feels soft and wet but no signs of period blood. I am desperate to have a scan as I am torn between Implantation bleeding and possible ectopic or M/C. Does anyone have any experiences of the above? Ps I am pain free but get the occasional cramp in lower groin? Fingers crossed and good luck to you all xx


Darleen - November 18

This is how my cycle went last month: af came on oct 11 I took my clomid on days 5-9 then Nov 4th started to spot only when I wiped, this was only 25 days from my last af visit. The spotting continued for 8 days then on Nov 12, I started to bleed heavly with lots of clots, I continued to bleed for 5 days. Now I am on my 3rd round of clomid. I think last month was an earyly mc, I also had a mc in June and it was exactly like this. Maybe this will be my month!


SamH - November 18

I had the light spotting for a full 7 days then a "Proper Period?" what ever that is as I have never had a "Proper" one due to having PCOS from a very early age. I only bled for 3 days which I think had to do with the clomid but I am positive that I am not Pregnant. However I do think that the spotting was an attempt at implantation which my body rejected. Either that or like yourself I am spending too much time reading and imagining things that may not be happening but feel like they are. When really they are not! "if you know what I mean?" Jump on the Infertility Roller Coster kids it is sure to give you its fare share of the dips but allows you still to have a glimmer of Hope. I really wish you all Luck but as this is my 3rd round of Clomid I am starting to write this adventure down to one of lifes TESTING EXPERIENCES were we are nothing but a test?, as a baby in a test tube. No one know's the 100% miracle mix but it is promising to read and hear some folk are just very Blessed. Keep in there and be realistic as sometimes it is better to have tried and not succeeded than never have tried at all? Would you not agree?



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