Lilly2 Where R U

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Corona - March 30

Hey I haven't heard from you? What day are you on now? Is all well? Keep me posted!


lilly2 - March 30

Hi Corona, how are you girll?Hope all is ok with you and yours babies.Been praying for you and thinking i may have good news but I still dont have any.I was chating with ladies whose done iui2-preblem getting pregnant.Today is my cd 26 and feeling af is here.Even all good follies and s____n no luck yet.The worst think wich hit me is mine fsh wich jumped from 9 to 14 and nobody nurse/doc informed me then yesturday.I am very apset now and starting to think i may not ever have any babies...It is heart breaking...Now is 3 am in australia and i cant sleep, just thinking what next when i allmost riched the end of the fertility road???!!!Al these past months i came on time to see doctor and he has not hallped me so much,he has been shore i'll conceive naturally, hi is still not happy for me to have injectibls puregon,and i remember b/c 3 large eggs he said you may end up ith multiples....and hi wanted to cancel my second iui,ha, ha, ha...nice joke i will end up oposite with af again.My dh is very angry and apset now with doc/nurse as we find out from largest Brisbane hospital that both my iui were badly timed with hcg and iui the same day with couple hours of difference.We again cryed both ...This clinic cant do this month iui b/c labaratory will be closed till 18/4 and the only thing we are considering is ivf as a last chance.I allways had to asked for a results but this time the nurse said if my fsh higher than 15, not recomendable ivf b/c i amy have not have any eggs.Now from all good results for a months, how they said to us,refusing to gave any fertility drugs and i been beging and fighting, what...???I made an appointment with largest clinic in brisbane 100km fare a way to see second opinion as we are both apset now.I am not nervouse now, i been b/c as a women i could feel that something must be wrong if we couldnt get me pregnant all these months with 2 iui and allmost allways2 eggs just last time had4 b/c had better drug puregon 50ml.Asked nurse will my doc.gave me higher dossagge this time she, said no, as you know hi is not happy at all for you to do it.So, what i should do next.I can scream my dh too....They'll check my fsh, lh, e2 and p4 again on cd2 or 3 just waiting for af to arrive within 1, 2 or 3 days.Had a lots of pain in tummy, and feel like painfull line between both ovaries and niplles are sensitive, brest sore but it is from chemicalis in my system.My brest not swollen and i have no preggo signs.So we are faceing ivf and we may have not any and i dreamd to have 4 kids when was young dreams may not become true...Something confused me, they said women with high fsh not responding well to drugs, how and why i had then 4 eggs kast month?As well my antibody results i will know on the 13 of april, coz doc is booked all the time.I been waiting to joyne you this month but....ill let you know soon.I am praying for you nad thanks for thinking about me, God bless you.


lilly2 - March 30

Forgot to tell you, i rather have triplets than none like my doc is scared of, but the true is i have to stop dreaming about 1,2,, my doc is so sellfish and he is not thinking wright b/c chanses for me to be a super or mega mom is equal to zero after these fsh results.Will see soon when get my af.Oh my God ill i have any!?


yetanothertripletmom - March 31

lilly, I'm so sorry to hear about your news. Please don't give up yet. I think you're right to seek another opinion. Sometimes doctors forget that we HIRE them. They work for us. I'll keep you in my prayers.


lilly2 - March 31

Yetanothertripletmom how are you?Thank you for your support and you are wright i'll wouldnt give up yet, i want babies so much, my heart is crying...Good doctor is very hard to find and they lost humanity and medicine should be humanitarian not just cold bussiness.The idea was to help and heal people no to treat them just like numbers.Anyway i am ready to try all before is really too late.Just still have to wait a day or to for af and then action!Hope you and your lovely babies doing well.God blessings and hugs.


Corona - March 31

Oh Lilly, please don't give up! Yet another is so right...the doctors work for us. If you're not comfortable, try & find a new doc who respects your wishes. I agree that I found it funny that your trigger shot was given the same day as you IUI. I can understand your dh would get upset. many times over many years we wanted to give up, the heartbreak can just be too much. Don't give up! I still have faith that when you find the right doce & are under the right frame of mind, it will work!! I'll keep you in my thoughts & prayers.


lilly2 - March 31

Corona, i am sooo glad to here from you girll!Are you doing well with your babies?You are wright girls, i am not giving up yet, i'll fight till last have my babies.I mad e app. to see another doctor and hpe this one will give me more help.I am sooo praying to joyne you girlls....I'll keep you informing and soo i'll know my blood hormon levels and will let you know.I am praying for you girlls too and for a life to give you everithing you need.Thank you for a prayers i am feeling much stronger with you.Blessings and hugs.


lilly2 - April 3

Hi Corona, Yetenothertripletmom, how are you?.Corona praying for you pregnancy and you babies and hope you are well.Yetanother, yu must be amaizlingly busy with yours beautifull bunch of babies and hope you all doing good.Today is my cd30 and i had blood test early this morning so late afternoon i'll know what is happening inside my tummy.Will let you know girlls.My prayers and thougts are with you.


yetanothertripletmom - April 4

Lilly, I'm glad to see AF hasn't found you yet. My boys and I are well. We're still praying for positive results for this cycle for your. I can't wait to hear some good news from you. Good luck!


lilly2 - April 4

Corona, Yetonothertripletmom, yours and mine prayers worked for me this time.I had call from nurse this morning and she said i am pregnant and all results are good.My dh is so happyyy and so i, but i am worried about m/c b/c had 2 and it is sceary.My pregnancy is early and i have to see my doctor within 2 weeks to do u/s if all ok till then.I am exited and worried but i thing it is something we are all going thrue....Oh my dear God thank you....Dont know what to say girlls..thank you soooo much for a such wanderfull support and prayers, and God bless you and yours babies.


yetanothertripletmom - April 5

Yeah!!!! Congratulations!!! I'm so happy to hear such great news! I'll keep praying for a continued healthy pregnancy. Yayyyyyy!


lilly2 - April 5

Thank you Yetanother, I am still worried of m/c nurse sid resukts are good but still it is just so early....Praying a trying to stay calm.Have you had this feeling when you been pregnant with triplets?


yetanothertripletmom - April 6

Oh man, I was terrified of losing the babies every moment of that pregnancy. I had 3 miscarriages before my triplets so I was soooo nervous. I also bled from 5 - 14 weeks, then bled again at 23 and 31 weeks. I had so many complications throughout the pregnancy that I thought there was no way I would take home live babies. Have faith, Lilly. God will bring you through this.


lilly2 - April 6

Thanks lucky mom with triplets for your replay, yes, you i think it is not just to get positive pg test, all other things comming latter.I am so worried like you been and every morning about 2,3 am i am getting up to pray a nd eat b/c have cravings for beef snicles and lattice.It is still earlly for me to be tottaly happy, and this time we will not tell even ours famillies untill we are shore all ok.Just in the case...I am walking arround and usually having fresh water and yougurt, thinking and thinking and just praying.I will have first u/s next week 12-4 if all ok till then and probably blood test again.Did you had early preggie signs appart from bleeding from week 5?Today is just 33 days from LMP and very early had sore b___bs,hungriness, cramping onleft and right side and if i just feel that i'll gi strught in bed b/c fears of m/c.Now have a bit witish discharge and feelling allready like losing energy quickly...I am worried about Corona, have you heard from her?Thanks for your support i belive in God and hi'll lead me trough....god bless you


yetanothertripletmom - April 7

I haven't heard from Corona. Hopefully everything's okay. I had a lot of early symptoms. Sore b___bs, morning sickness from 4 dpo(!), fatigue, cravings for cheese. I also had Hyperstimulated ovarian syndrome and I had a lot of pain and cramping and bloating from that. My ovaries were the size of grapefruit. YUCK! It is all sooooooo worth it. It sounds like you're taking good care of yourself. I hope to hear more good news after your u/s next week. Try to enjoy every moment being pregnant. It really is magical!


lilly2 - April 7

Uh, thanks Yetanother, i hope Corona is well, praying for her and nbabies.She must be busy.I have crawings for white cheese, salty food, beef snicle and green laticce.I tryed something sweet but dont like it.I have to eat very early in the morning 2,3-4 or im nuseous and have a lots of hearthburn.Felt hungry 7 days ater conception...Yeah, i will feel better after u/s at list i'll know more and yust praying for all ok.Me and my dh so worried, and in this stage is so hard to enjoy...Anyway, let you know more after u/s or blood test.Have a good time with yours family.


lilly2 - April 7

Yetanother, forgot to ask, have you had cramps on both sides or just one?And for how long, for days?I had no implatation bleeding have you experianced that?



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