Liquid Paraffin Where To Buy

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guest - January 6

I'm asking this question here because clomid is a hot topic. I've read that liquid paraffin is a very sperm-friendly lubricant that can be used in cases where clomid causes dry cervical mucus around the time of ovulation. My wife is starting on climid this cycle and we would like to use this if her cm does indeed become drier. But, where can we purchase this? Wal-Mart, Target, specialty store?


B - January 6

I have heard of liquid paraffin used for man/pedicures but not lubricant. I would order pre-seed from online. Good luck.


mama-beans - January 6

Yes. Clomid does have a tendancy to dry up cervical mucus.. but a great lubricant isn't going to make a difference ( other then a personal one) Cervical mucus has a big job.. it is the highway the sperm travel on to get to the egg. If you are too dry ( ie, your mucus is very thick and there isn't much of it) the sperm have a much harder time getting where they need to go. If you have mucus that is too thin, it isn't doing the best job of protecting the sperm from the acidic environment in her v____a. Her doc should have said something, but many women have found that using an expectorant like Robitussin, starting 4 days before ovulation 3 times a day, counteracts the Clomid just enough to regulate their mucus consistancy. The best lube to use for v____al dryness when TTC is actually vegetable oil. Sounds odd, I know, but vaggie oil is actually very sperm friendly. ( this is all as per my RE, and it worked for us, twice!)


onetwothree - January 6

LOL Mama beans! Vaggie oil?! Is that a typo or are you making a funny?


mama-beans - January 6

*snicker* that was a typo.... although a fitting one.....


Frances - January 6

Any info on that preseed stuff? I've been seeing references to it everywhere....


- - January 6

Your wife can also try taking robitussin around the time she expects to ovulate. This helped us.


Shelly - January 6

What about Olive oil? I have heard that this is a good lubricant as well. Or should we just stick to Veggie oil?


keys2heaven - January 6

I just something that says NOT to use veggie oil. Hmmmmm.. Anyway, everything that i've seen that indicates a sperm-friendly lubricant is preseed, so I ordered 2 boxes. Between that and the Mucinex, watch out! Kept thinking that with the egg whites, we wouldn't want to end up with meringue!!!!


mama-beans - January 6

I got hte veggie oil advice from my RE. The main reason NOT to use it is in a sensative woman, oil based lubricants can cause quite the urinary tract infection! As far as strictly TTC goes, though, vegetable oil is the most natural choice.


Trina - January 7

Egg White works perfectly too!


Shelly - January 7

How do you use Egg Whites... I know how to get it seperated.. I just dont know what I am to do with it then ..


Trina - January 7

Use it the same as any other lubricant. If you keep your eggs in the fridge, separate and then leave out for a couple of minutes so its not so cold!


00000 - January 12

dont use eggs white or other house made lubrificant use somenthing lòike preseed it works and is tested by doctors so avoid infections i used preesed and it worked the first month


Angela W. - January 13

Hi, I just wanted to say that my mother is a ma__sage therapist and I sometimes go with her on company outings to do "hand and foot treatments". These use paraffin, and I can tell you that that is DEFINENTLY not something I would ever want used as a lubricant! It does not dry as hard as regular wax, but it stll gets fairly hard once it is out of the warmer, and I can't even imagine it being at all comfy. I definently agree with those who suggest pre-seed, it seems to have worked quite well for many.


Maria - January 24

Most chemists carry liquid paraffin. Also mineral oil is very sperm friendly. Its whats wifdley used in ivf labs.



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