Looking For A Family To Adopt My IDENTICAL TWINS

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NikkiJo93 - September 9

My name's Nicole, and I'm 17. I am pregnant with twins who are due in early March, but will most likely be born by c-section in february. Im looking for a loving family or individual to adopt them TOGETHER, and who are willing to have an open adoption. I don't want to seperate them. I'm looking for someone, or a couple preferrably in Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Nevada, Arizona or California and is Catholic or some form of Christian. I would also prefer the family be under 35. I want a young, fun-loving family to raise them. If anyone is interested, please let me know.


kriswill727 - September 11

I would love to but the timing is bad for my family. I admire you for giving the most painful gift. I hope you find the best family for your babies! God Bless. Where are you located? I'm in Las Vegas.


clomidtwins - September 14

You must be crazy to think that way!! I don't care if you're 7 or 17 but your babies are no puppies that anyone should just take home. You can be a great mother and forget about the age, time goes by and in the future you will be so proud to be young and have children that are the light of your life. My entire life I have longed for twins and how can you not feel blessed to be having just that? Come on now!!


kriswill727 - September 15

Maybe she can't take care of them? Don't you think doing an open adoption and having them go to a family that will be able to provide for them is better than a child raising kids? Working 2 jobs, never seeing them just so they have a roof over their head. I actually think adoption is an amazing thing. She's admitting that she can't take care of them, they aren't puppies nor is she treating them like that. Just because they are "twins" is the only reason your upset. Don't knock it til you've been there. and Nikki you're doing an selfless thing. I've known people that are in your shoes. Best of luck to you and your babies.


clomidtwins - September 15

Absolutely insane!!! How can you think that a different family will do better than their own mother just because they may be more financially stable? I don't care if its just one baby or twins, what difference does it really makes? Getting pregnant at a young age is not the end of the world, most teenagers fear that their lives have ended and that they shouldn't go ahead with motherhood but that is not the case. I personally know young women that are doing an amazing job at raising their babies, having a baby at a young age shouldn't be such a tragedy, you deal with it and in my opinion keeping the baby (babies) is the best option. After all the mothers won't remain young forever and in the future they may even regret their decision and not only that but children that are given up for adoption often wonder why they were "unwanted". What I'm saying is that people don't see past the present and think that their situations won't change and often find the easiest way out, there's tons of help available to teen moms in her situation, she should check into it and reconsider her decision. Family sometimes can be very nasty to young women when they get pregnant, but they eventually come around and even help, she can be a great mom not matter what the age.


sergnaty - September 15

clomidtwins I feel exactly the same way. Its very true young women are often pursuaded to give their children away by the social workers, family, etc. Just because someone else can better provide for your child does not mean they will be better parents. people don't seem to understand that these families that purchase children (because that is what adoption is. Its a business transaction. nothing more.) are human just like everyone else they make mistakes, heck they can even one day loose it all money, they can get divorced.


sergnaty - September 15

also kris its not a selfless thing its a selfish thing for anyone one to do. Its an easy way out shoot if your old enough to spread them then your old enough to raise your own kids.


clomidtwins - September 21

sergnaty, I absolutely agree with what you say and I hope that this young mother thinks things better.


bethyboo - September 21

I can believe some of you... Nikki I admire you... I was 17 when I got preg. with my now 3 year old daughter and if my family hadn't been able to help me I wouldn't have been able to take care of my child... SHAME ON YOU WHO DOWN HER! what if her family life is awful and she doesn't want her babies to be in that? What if she was raped and didn't want to commit murder by having a abortion so she decided to have them and give them to a family who can't have children? Or maybe it is because she just isn't ready and she knows that someone else could be better to her kids? You don't know what the situation is... The point is that you shouldn't judge her because she wants better for her kids... Like she said she wants a open adoption so that means she wants to be in their little lives.. ugh this makes me sick! Nikki if you do decide to give your babies up I hope all the best for you


kriswill727 - September 21

Bethyboo- Thank you! Some people are just so fascinated with twins they don't look at the bigger picture. These are babies, two babies, which is twice as expensive. Do they realize how much daycare costs?! In Las Vegas for my 1 yr old and 3 year old, from 230-530, it costs $1400 a month! Not counting diapers, formula and everything else that comes from having babies. I think shes making a very hard decision but I find it incredibly admirable. If my husband and I were finished with school I would take them now! :)


sergnaty - September 22

who said anything about downing anyone? I gave my personal opinion. I dont know her or know her specific situation nor is it any of my business. I know plently of people in hard situations who made it through with their children yes I said more than one child my mom is one of them. Also if its about day care and formula theres state a__sistance. thats what its their for to help. and get sick all you want but in life people are going to disagree with your opinion.


martin.famloveforachild - October 2

NikkiJo93: Thank you so much for sharing your story. My husband and I are looking to adopt 1-2 children and meet your requirements. We are close by, in our early 30's, and are Catholic. Of course there is a lot more that we would be happy to share with you. We are financially secure enough that I stay at home. We have completed the necessary home study and background checks to legally adopt. We would love to have a private OPEN ADOPTION because we feel in our hearts that God will lead us to a birth mother who will be a part of our lives and the lives of the children forever. We want the child/children to know that they are so very loved, especially by their first mom. Please contact me if you would like to get to know more about us! I can not list my email address here so you will just have to connect the letters and symbols to send me a message. Many blessings your way! Do not let uncharitable people hurt you. Only God can understand what you are going through. m a r t i n f a m DOT l o v e f o r a c h i l d AT g m a i l DOT c o m


dreaming-of-twining - October 7

I think it is amazing of you to love your children enough to give them life!!! Whether you are the one to raise them or not is irrelevant! God will take care of his children! I have two babies of my own and my husband and I are looking to adopt. If you would like to you can e-mail me at idsherbundy at yahoo dot com. I can tell you more about our family and send you pictures too!


dreaming-of-twining - October 8

My husband and I want four kids but we have also had the desire and heart for adoption. We thought we would go ahead and try to get pregnant again and if God opened the door we would adopt also! If God opened the door for us to meet you and to adopt two beautiful babies at once, that would be a dream come true!!! Our two children we have now are less than a year apart so we had two in diapers at the same time and we really love it!!! It is so awesome to have them so close so they can play together and grow up close! I told my husband before how nice it would be to adopt siblings so that later in life if they question their adoption they would have a blood relative that is sometimes needed! Blood or not we would love any adopted child no differently then if they were our own flesh! I heard a poem once that said "you didn't grow under my heart but in it"


Nicole00 - October 13

Hi Nicole, my name is Nicole as well. Anyway, my husband and I can't have anymore children, we would love to adopt your twins. If you want to chat more or get to know us, you can e-mail me at hopingtoadopt at live.com thanks for your time.


lacie583 - November 6

Nicole, HI! first let me say thank you for choosing this gift for your children! we know this must be a difficult choice. My husband and I are 27 and I am unable to have children and we want a family more than anything. We would love to talk more with you and see if we might be a match! you can email laciechristy at hotmail Good Luck!


newmommi10 - November 16

Nicole, I am only 17 as well but I was actually doing this for my mom. She and her boyfriend can not have any kids. And that has been something that they have wanted. We were actually supposed to adopt a little boy but the woman played us and just wanted to get money out of it. This would be a very good thing for my mom and her boyfriend. Even though we live in Indiana I would love you to consider this. My parents love children and have dreamed of having one for about 3 years. They would do an open adoption. They would give you anything you needed while you were pregnant. If you would like to talk more about it. Just email me at jakeswifey102910 at gmail



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