Looking For A Family To Adopt My IDENTICAL TWINS

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Lduff2011 - February 13

Dear Nicole, I don't know if you have found a family for your twins yet but my husband and I would love to talk with you or meet with you. We would prefer twins over a single child as my husband is 42 and I am 25. We are financially stable, own our home, and want twins very much. We live in Missouri and attend church regularly, however we are Baptist. I hope this is not a deal breaker. I have always wanted to be a mother more than anything in the world and would love the chance at that now that I am married and financially able to care for children. Please email us if you would like to know more at lisaduffey2011 at hotmail. I tried to post a better reply but I typed a huge thing and then it would not let me post because I included an email address. We really do hope to hear from you soon. Sincerely with love, Lisa & Darrin


Denise357 - September 23

Hi Nicole, I would love to have two more children. I gave a child up in 1982 because I was not ready. I have five other children. Three are still at home. They are 10,15, and 18. The oldest one is going to leave the family for college next year. My husband and I have been married almost twenty years and we love doing family things a lot. I am Catholic and he is non-denominational. He is forty one years old and I am fifty four. I know that sounds old but with all six children, (my adopted daughter and I are in contact and have a great relationship)I think it might be a good fit. I am a substitute teacher and I am on my third year of college. Almost done getting my bachelors in Early Childhood Education and taking Human Services classes because it interests me to help children when they are in distress in there particular situations. My husband works in the Gaming Industry. He installs slot machines and fixes them as well here in Idaho and Washington. Sometimes Nevada and Wyoming. We have a nice home but plan on buying a better one in February. It has three acres and we have an English Mastiff and a Great Dane who would appreciate more space. The home is also bigger as well. It is nice here in the upper panhandle of Idaho. I know you want a younger couple but maybe you will change your outlook after reading this. Have a wonderful night. I never regretted putting my daughter up for adoption. She had a wonderful upbringing. I would like to do that for you if you are open to it. Thats about all. Hope to hear from you. Thank you for reading this. Denise Andrus


Whitedawgs2 - October 21

Nicole, Not sure if you have found a family for you and your babies; however, my husband and. I are parents of twins and would love to welcome y'all in our family. We hope you get in touch with us.


open.arms.with.lots.of.love - March 26

Nicole, it takes a strong young lady and a loving mother to do what you are doing even at the price of enduring heartache yourself. I applaud you for being so brave. Don't let anyone make you feel bad for what your choosing for these babies. My husband and I would love to get to know more about you and share more about ourselves. Hopefully, we are the family you wish for your twins to be part of. Please email us at Dan.and.daynas.miracle at Gmail dot com , Thank you, Daniel and Dayna


Denice - August 3

Hi Nicole,  have you decided on a family yet?  If not, please contact me to discuss.  denice dot augustus at G mail dot com

I looking for to chatting with you.


DocP - September 20

Nicole, I live and have family in all the states you have mentioned especially Arizona.  An open adoption is awesome. Would love to talk with you some more.  Please email me at myadoption2011 at hot mail dot com.  Thank you so much!


Nic295 - November 4

Hi Nicole. My name is Nichole and my wife and I desperately want to adopt twin boys. Having twins has been a dream of mine since I was a child and my wife has always wanted to adopt a baby boy. If you happen to still be looking for a family to adopt, we live in CO and I am 27, she is 25. We would be open to an open adoption especially since I think children deserve as much love as possible. I know our family is unconventional, but if you are interested in learning more about us, please let me know. 


groveje - January 27

Hello Nicole,

You have made a brave decision j-have you found a family to adopt?

God Bless,



Angel mommy - March 29

Hello Nicole,


hoping you found a forever home for you twins.  If you have not we would love to connect with you.  


Msjenna - November 24

Nicole if your still looking for a loving family, please email me.  Jennajoycee at gmail 


ianandtonyaadopt - January 5

Hi Nicole, I know you are close to your due date, but if you are still looking for a family for your twins, my husband and I would both be very excited to welcome them into our home. We are so excited to grow our family through adoption. We are located in GA and are 28 and 29.  Feel free to email us at ianandtonyaadopt at gmail dot com


GretchPaul - January 10

Hi!  I have miscarried twins and would love to adopt yours!  We live in Ohio and already have several children.  We are a fun family who love bike riding and picnics.  


GretchPaul - January 10

I forgot to add that we are a Christian family, and I home school the children so I am with them and do not send them to a day care.  I would love your twins like my own biological children! 


jgoodpaster - January 16

Well, hello Nicole!  You are 17 and having twins in the year 2017?!  Kinda crazy and amazing all rolled into one, huh? If this isn't the right time for you to raise twins, it is for us!  I've been wanting to adopt for 5 years now.   My name is Jaclyn, and I'm 35.  I teach Pre-K to Grade 12 as a substitute teacher. I am also an author.   I wrote about our daughter with Down Syndrome.  The book is called Fissie for Short.   It has been published, and gives another perspective to having a child with special abilities (instead of focusing on her disabilities).My husband is Terry, 32, who is a car doctor.  Yes, he loves to fix up any vehicle so people can get to where they need to go. He loves old cars and is an old soul. Our son is 9 (a wonderful brother)  and our daughter is 7 (who loves to dance). We live on a farm with a dog, 3 cats, and 4 chickens. We live across the road from my patents who love being grandparents!  They are very excited to have more grandchildren and are very supportive of us adopting.  It is quite lovely in Iowa where we are from.  There's more information to learn if you're interested in our unique family. Also, we are of the Christian faith. 

Praying for you, Nicole.

If you are seriously considering having us adopt your twins,  give us a call and we will contact our lawyer to get an open adoption set up. 



Rgolf03 - February 5

Nicole,  I currently am in my young 30s this spring when your kids are due.  I actually myself am an idential twin, I have twins in my family as well.  I can relate well!


I currently am married and have two other adopted children.   If you have not found anyone to help raise your kids please let me know


I am in the Midwest however, but I am Catholic and will raise them Catholic. :)


Let me know!


Jsquiklambo - February 17

Hi Nicole. Happen to find adoptive parents?? 



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