Looking For A Family To Adopt My IDENTICAL TWINS

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Jsquiklambo - February 17

Hi Nicole. Happen to find adoptive parents?? 


[email protected] - March 1

Are they boys or girld



[email protected] - March 1

R twins boys or girls


[email protected] - March 1

Me and my husband are interested In adopting twins. We are not nurses and already have 3 children. I have always wanted twins. What are they? Girl boy. And there raise


SunnyT - March 6

Hi Nicole, I just joined this site and saw your post.  Looks like you may be having your babies soon.  Would really love to talk to you! My husband and I are very interested.  He is a former pro athlete and I am in television.  Please repond here if you haven't already made your decision.  If you have, all the best to you, you're a brave and wonderful person to give these children a really good start. So smart of you!  


SunnyT - March 6

Hoping you received my note.  My husband and I are very interested in speaking to you if you haven't already made your decision.  If you have, all the best to you and congrats for being so heroic with your decision! 


sarahinoregon - April 14

Hi Nicole, I hope you found a beautiful fit for yourself and your twins. If not, I strongly recomment getting in touch with Open Adoption & Family Services. Website: openadopt dot org - They are an amazing agency with families all over the country who specialize in open adoptions. My husband and I are registered with them and are very interested in twins! We would love you to consider us if you don't already have a placement. Good luck to you


Humble22 - September 9

Hi Nicole!  My husband and I have been trying to conceive for 3 years, without any success.  We have a beautiful 3 year old daughter, and she wants to be a big sister more than anything.  Evefy day she asks me, "Mommy, am I going to hava a baby brother or baby sister?"  It absolutely melts our hearts.  We had originally planned on having 3 children, and sincerely hope that is in the stars for us.  We are a very active family.  My husband and I both played sports at the collegiate level, and our daughter has already started T-ball, soccer, swimming lessons, and will begin basketball in the winter.  We coach all of her teams.  We would be more than interested in speaking with you about your children.  Are you still in search of a forever family for your twins?  If so, please let me know and we can talk to learn more about one another.  I greatly appreciate your time and consideration, and look forward to hopefully speaking with you soon.  Thanks!!!


SunnyT - September 10

Why are there no replies from Nicole to this entire thread??  


Lisamayfield1215 - September 18

Hello Nicole. My husband and I are very interested and would love to speak to you about adopting your twins! We currently have one daughter, 11 months and have been very interested in adopting, especially of twins. We are a young couple, 30 and 28, military family and stable. Please email me and we can discuss this further, lisamayfield1215 gmail com


Jackie7409 - September 24

Hi , My name Is Jackie, My husband and I have always had the desire to adopt. 

We currently have 2 boys and both cant wait to be big brothers. I have always wanted to have twins,or more children... unfortunally we are unable to have anymore children. I own my own business and have flexible hours, my husband has a great job at a bank. We use my mother for sitting so our children are wih her if we arent with our children ourselves.

We would love to talk to you if you are still looking for an adoptive family for your babies.

please feel free to reach out to me for more information.


Jackie R


leslienk - September 27

Nicole, I am 37 and have a set of 3 year old twins who turn 4 in October. I'm interested in adopting a set of twins. We live in Utah, have a great home, great income (we both work). We meet all of the criteria that you list in your original post. Can we talk?

I think it is GREAT that you are willing to continue on with this pregnancy and that you want the best for your babies. Be confident in your decision -- it is yours!


leslienk - September 27

Oh my. I just realized this is from last year (maybe). I can't tell! Sorry!


SunnyT - September 27

This is obviously a fraudulent account.  What a waste of everyone's time. 


leslienk - September 27

Where is a good place to start the process? My husband and I are interested in adoption.


Mamakate - October 9

Hi Nicole! I respect you for making this difficult decision! My husband and I have adopted previously and would love to adopt again. If you'd like someone to talk to or if you are still looking for the right family for your babies, you can message me at bkgalat at gmail - Many blessings to you and those precious little ones!



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