Looking For A Family To Adopt My IDENTICAL TWINS

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Mamakate - October 9

Hi Nicole! I respect you for making this difficult decision! My husband and I have adopted previously and would love to adopt again. If you'd like someone to talk to or if you are still looking for the right family for your babies, you can message me at bkgalat at gmail - Many blessings to you and those precious little ones!


Gregandhannah - October 11

Hi Nicole,

We saw your post about your search for an adoptive family.  It must be daunting.  We don't know if you have made any decision about an adoptive family yet, but thought we would message you.  We live in the Phoenix metro area and have adopted 2 children.  Our parents live nearby and are involved grandparents.  We have completely open adoptions with our birth mothers and we love it!  We have a current home study so we are ready to adopt again.  We would love to share any information that you want to know about us.  We are Christian and enjoy being active.  You can text or call us anytime at 602-363-8532.  If you just want to talk please don't hesitate to reach out.  



Yasmin94 - October 14

I would love to adopt your twins but i live in the uk and im not christain i am 23 years old and my partner is 24 i have always wanted kids since i van remeber i have wanted twins water birth and then when i was 15 i got told i could ever have kids i have mrkh it means i was born without a womb, so the dream i planned would never come ture and i couldnt do the job i wanted eve (midwife) its to much i wouldnt be able to anymore, its been years and sometime i still cant help cry sometime when i see a mum talking sweet to her baby or chrilden even at work. so i started looking into adoption and ivf  but its so hard to adopt a newborn baby unless you go privent and its so much money that i dont have i just want to be a mum thats all if wanted since i can remember. so just remeber yours doing a wondering thing and it will be the hardest thing your make your whole life but remember that there are people like me just waiting to be a mum. thats want i was born to do thats all iv ever wanted. To be a mum os a wonderfull thing i just hope i be 1 one day, hopefully my dreams come true x


Yasmin94 - October 14

Do you know what your having?? 


RaisingPeacemakers - October 18

Nicole, are you still looking for a family to (openly) adopt your seeet babies? Message me at RaisingPeacenerds at gmail please. 


Audrybu - October 26

All this must be so much on you.. My name is Audry and i am 31 as of October. I have dreamed forever since i can remember of having twins just 2 of the best anyone could ask for!! I have been my bf and i been looking to adopt we live in Colorado love life and our dogs and our family we dirt bike fish fly kites work and i cant wait to adopt our little one's some day hopefully sooner than later.  Email me if you can we will talk more and i hope all is going wonderful for you bless your ???? for doing such an amazing thing for someone. Ttys i hope Audry


JacquelineH - November 3

Hello Nicole, my name is Jackie. I am not from any of the states you mentioned, but please don't let the be a reason why you dont consider us as the family you decide to place your beautiful babies with. 

We live in a city right outside of Nashville, TN. It is a great community with loving people and great schools. I have lived here for almost 10 years and Alan (my parter in life) has lived here nearly his whole life. We are very outgoing in our social and work life. We have one daughter who will be 3 in February. We are Christian's that attend a nondenominational church. We believe in a well rounded child development. We teach by love and example rather than threats and discipline. Our daughter and our future children will most likely attend a Christian classical school right down the road from where we live. We believe that faith, love and education are the tools you need to succeed in life. 

I am 28 and Alan is 39. Don't let his age fool you. He looks to be 29 and acts even younger ????

I know that is is all so emotional. My heart goes out to you. Please, it won't allow me to leave my email. So, here is my number 9315100102 call or text if you have any questions.

thank you, Jackie


Danamoe01 - November 12

In Virginia and would be interested in talking about adoption! If you decide further away would be ok, please contact me!! My husband and I have twins already so we know the challenges that come with having them!


EmKev - November 13

Hi Nicole,

Our heart goes out to you. We can only imagine how hard this all must be for you.  My husband and I are actively trying to adopt.  We have no kids and are not able to get pregnant on our own.  We would love to chat with you and feel that may be the family that you are looking for.  We are already approved to adopt, had a homestudy, background checked and have an adoption attorney. Please call or text us at      2zero6   93zero   8598     

We hope to hear from you Nicole.  We are thinking about you.




Rkam - November 17

Nicole; you are very brave. And so selfless. I always wanted [email protected] I have been looking to adopt and would love twins. Im not in the area you said but I would prefer an open adoption with loads of pictures. scubadvr14 gmail if you are interested in talking more. God Bless



Wifeyreynolds5 - November 29

Hi Nicole . My name is Heather and I'm interested in adopting your twins . Please feel free to email me at Heatherreynolds723 at gmail dot com


Aloha - December 2

Hi Nicole,

Have you found anyone yet? My husband and I live in Utah. We've been wanting kids since we got married in 2015. Please contact me at 208 312 8049. Thanks


ElisabethW - December 9

Dear Nicole,
First of all, this must be so hard for you. I think it is incredibly brave of you to want to pursue adoption. 
I'm not sure if you have already found someone to adopt your twins or not? My husband and I are in our early thirties. We are a devout Catholic couple and we have been having a hard time conceiving.
We live in Canada in beautiful British Columbia (driving distance to Seattle, USA).
The distance would likely be too far for you but we would be willing to make regular trips by flight to work with you because we believe in open adoption.
I'm sure God has the perfect family in mind for you. If you havn't found anyone closer to your home you can keep us in mind.
We would love to adopt your twins but, either way, we will pray for you and your little ones that you have a smooth birth and find the right family for you.
God bless you,


Danielraise - December 11

hey I can’t get pregant and I was trying for years the doctors told me I can’t have any and I was wondering if anyone wanna give their babies to me I I’m happy to take them. 


Danielraise - December 11

You guys can give me a call 07909131718


morpheus2299 - December 26

Hi Nicole,

I see that you have received plenty of replies at this point. Even though you posted this over 3 months ago, I just read it for the first time today. I wasn’t sure if you were still looking for a family to adopt your twins. If you already have, congratulations. If not, I would be happy to share some info about our family (would just prefer not to post it to the whole site). What I can say is that we do hit nearly item you were looking for (the only one not is that I’m 39 years old instead of the 35 or under you were looking for). But, although we may be a few years over the age you were looking for, I think as a family we make up for it on the fun environment we have been fortunate enough to have. We are by no means perfect (far from it), but I do think we offer some unique opportunities along the lines that seem to be important to you.

Thanks for your time in reading this. If you have any questions or would like any extra info on us, please feel free to message me back for more info or different contact.

Take Care!



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