Looking For A Family To Adopt My IDENTICAL TWINS

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morpheus2299 - December 26

Hi Nicole,

I see that you have received plenty of replies at this point. Even though you posted this over 3 months ago, I just read it for the first time today. I wasn’t sure if you were still looking for a family to adopt your twins. If you already have, congratulations. If not, I would be happy to share some info about our family (would just prefer not to post it to the whole site). What I can say is that we do hit nearly item you were looking for (the only one not is that I’m 39 years old instead of the 35 or under you were looking for). But, although we may be a few years over the age you were looking for, I think as a family we make up for it on the fun environment we have been fortunate enough to have. We are by no means perfect (far from it), but I do think we offer some unique opportunities along the lines that seem to be important to you.

Thanks for your time in reading this. If you have any questions or would like any extra info on us, please feel free to message me back for more info or different contact.

Take Care!


adoptionmiracle - January 6

Hi did you end up finding an adoptive family for your babies?  


alwayssmiling - January 12

Are you still looking?? Im very interested. 31. My husband is 32. We live in Wisconsin, but my mom lives in AZ & we are in talks of moving there. Id love to talk to you more "downtownwoods" is my gmail address. I would love to talk more about maybe being a good fit.


mellowmeme - January 25

I am sure you have already been matched but we are in California and would be blessed to adopt your little ones.  


Scjackson05 - January 31

Hi are your twins still available I live in Alabama but am willing to travel if need be


Jennmurd - February 4

Did you find adoptive parents ?


mollyjc - February 4

Its pretty crazy how i landed upon this thread.. did you find someone to adopt your twins? Praying for you right this moment. I hope you are doing well as you approach your due date. 


Mommy2littles - February 13

Nicole, did you find a home for your twins?  

We have 4 children, one adopted, and would love to adopt more. 


Aloe - February 26

Greetings !! I am single but professional. I have been working with Apple computers for the last 6 years which left me with no time too date. I dream of having a huge family to share time with. Something that is all my own. Created from love and happiness. Then once my kids have developed and grown I might consider dating. I am happy, intelligent, pretty, firey, spontaneous, blessed, open and down to earth. I am loving and will love the kids like I love everyone. But they will be my special little lovebugs. I will emerse them in a culture of learning love and development. Please get in contact. My name is Kerry. I would love to name the lovebugs if you dont mind so if you already have names keep them a secret. But my heart is large i have a masssive support network and a hardworking family which i always dreamt of being the first to have children out of me and my two beautiful sisters. I care a lot about people and i work from home so full attention would be with the lovebugs. Anways :) hope you pick up on my vibe, text me at +61 (0) 412047569 anytime. Cant wait to hear from you




Aloe - February 26

Hi Nicole, text me on +61 (0) 412047569 :)


Greenq103 - February 28

hello Great.S Nyarko and I am very interested in adoption fo the twins i do i proceed.... my numbers is as follows ...... 347 255 9548 /// 631  507  2972'

please call text or email me 


Thanks please send all ///any details thanks.....


Chelsiejo - March 2

Would love to adopt your babies.  My husband our 2 daughters and I live in Grand Junction Colorado. Would love to get an email.


pshaw1122 - June 1

Hello Nicole,

My husband and I are looking to adopt.  He is orginally from CO and we live in Omaha, Ne.  Please, contact me via email [email protected] dot com


Put twin adoption in subject title




Maki - June 26

Hey Nicole. Hope everything is going well now. Congratulations if you have found your twins a great family. Good luck if you are still searching for the perfect ones. I know it must be hard to give them away. It's not something people can do without thinking it over excessively.


hope11 - July 4

Nikki, did you end up finding a family to adopt your twins?  We are in AZ, Tucson and I was just curious.  Blessings.  


Jessied003 - July 7

I know this is an old post but if you by chance kept them and are still considering adoption I would be over the moon. I meet allthe requirements. Call or text anytime 208 964 4211 or email jessied003 st yahoo



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