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Shey - April 29

I am 35 years old and TTC. I am taking clomid 150 a day 3-9 tommarow being day 9. This is my 3rd round of clomid so I am really hoping it will work. I have to go to the doc on Monday to I am assuming see if there are any ripe eggs in there and maybe he will administer the HCG shot this time as I think I may need it. I am bymedical standards obese as I am about 3 90 pounds overwieght, but I am not getting any younger and do not want to put this off as the clock is ticking... I am a little concerened about weight gain and so on with a multiple pregnancy... Is there anyone here that was obese when carrying more then one and actually lost weight during or afterward? If so HOW!? Thank you and i hope that things are well for you all tonight.


MelissaSLP - April 30

Just to say upfront, it is NOT wise to diet during a pregnancy, especially a multiple pregnancy. That said, I am obese and I did not gain any weight with my twins until 22 weeks. I put a total of 33 on and then with the help of b___st feeding, I lost 54 afterward (within 8 weeks). Please do not restrict your calories or any food groups while pregnant. That is not the time to worry about weight issues. I wish you luck TTC!!! It took me 6 cycles each time for ours.


TripletMom - May 2

Did you say you are 390 lbs overweight or you weigh 390 lbs??? Could you try dieting and then TTC???


Shey - May 2

That # 3 got caught beneath a finger or something.. I am 90 pounds overweight... I do try and diet.. with PCOS it tends to be a bit harder to do though for some reason...


TripletMom - May 2

I have PCOS, but maybe not as bad as you do. I didn't have an issue w/dieting (although I am average weight). Good luck


MelissaSLP - May 2

Shey - same boat here (90lb overweight). I understand with the PCOS that it is so hard to lose the weight. I think many women with PCOS face these issues. Just wanted to say you're not alone.


Shey - May 2

Thanks MelissaSLP I appreciate hearing that ... I just really need to start cutting out all of the bad carbs and see if that helps...



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