Loss Of One Twin Early On

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jodi - July 10

When I went to my nine month scan, there they were to little gummy bears and my husband just beamed. He is a twin and he was so excited to know we were having twins. And then it happened about 3 weeks later, I had major bleeding and went to the emergency room. It was confirmed the next day that I had lost one of the twins. We were heartbroken, but I never got the time to think about it. i had to worry about the other baby. The pregnancy was horrible and the labor even worse, ending in an emergency c-section. Its 3 months since I had our little boy. But I can't stop thinking about the other one. I can't talkt o my husband about it because he just gets upset. I feel like there is a hole, and I don't know how to get over it. Has anyone else had this happen to them?


John - July 12

Hello, my name is John and my wife is currently 13 weeks pregnant with twins. I can give you the best advice available. Put it in God's hands, he will take care of you and your husband. Things do happen for a reason, and ultimately this has to be one of the worse scenarios. He will take care of you. God Bless!


Keira - August 23

This situation has not happened to myself, but I do know some people that has experienced something very similar. This family (believe it or not -- we're from Utah where large families aren't uncommon, though this size is MORE uncommon) of sixteen children. The they have two sets of twins, both boys, but only have fifteen children living. Their second set of boys (who are/would be fourteen right now) were both born alive and well. However, two weeks after their birth, one of the twins fell severely ill. They took him to the Emergency Room, but he pa__sed during the night. That feeling of loss will never completely go away, but the pain will ease substantially. If you believe in a God or Heaven, I honestly do believe that you will see your child again and you will have the chance to raise him in the next life. That little boy will always be apart of your family and God will not take that blessing and opporunity away from you. I hope that things get better for you and your husband and that you take comfort in your son who has been given the chance to live. Good luck to you.



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