Lost My Baby

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Tiffany - January 21

Well, I wanted to inform everyone on my situation. I started to have some red spotting so I went for an ultra sound and I had a totally empty sac. Nothing. I just could not believe it. I thought for sure with the amount of ms I had that everything was fine. Boy, was I wrong! The next day I went for another scan and the sac had even shrunk in one day. I was really devistated. I had a d and c a week or so ago. I can't believe that I am not going to have a baby. I made it to 7 weeks and was starting to feel excited. I have to put this in God's hands. He has a plan for me and I must follow that plan. I am not as depressed as the other times I have lost a baby but, it still hurts. I'm almost numb. I'm sure you were wondering where I went. I just could not even bear to go to any of the pregnancy sites. I don't know if I am ever going to ttc. I am just really unsure. I'm glad that everyone is getting along here. take care. Your Friend Tiffany


yetanothertripletmom - January 21

I'm so sorry to hear of your loss.


TripletMom - January 21

Sorry to hear of your loss. Chin up.


onetwothree - January 21

Sorry to hear. I had a blighted ovum once. I sort of knew it was coming since I had brown spotting. I still had morning sickness and such but the sac stopped growing at 7 weeks. I also had a D&C.


Ofe - January 21

i can say im sorry but no amount of times one can say it ur hearts all was hurt but ur rite god has bigger and betta plans for you


Tiffany - January 21

I think it is strange that I can't use my registered name. What is going on?


mama-beans - January 21

Have you been blocked again?


krob - January 21

sorry Tiffany please come back and join us at the Valentine day thread there are still a whole bunch of us waiting for our BFP there


Melissa - January 21

Tiffany, I'm so sorry for your loss. Time will make it easier, but the pain never completely goes away. Even with our 3 yr. old and 4 mo. old twins, I still think about our m/c and what could have been. I'm incredibly sorry.


TripletMom - January 21

It is probably because you are blocked.. but then you wouldn't be able to post at all... are you posting from a different location?>


Tiffany - January 21

I have been using my daughters computer for a while now but, I was using it before I lost the little one and everything was fine. I don't know why I would be blocked I have not done anything wrong. I have been in bed for weeks. Mabey, I need to register with this computer.


onetwothree - January 22

Does your daughter or her friends ever get on this site and post?


Corona - January 22

I wish telling you how sorry I am, Or how you're not alone would somehow help ease your pain. I know from experience that it doesn't help. We have had 4 m/c in the past & I think about those children everyday. I understand you fears about going on & trying again. You're in my thoughts & prayers!


Frances - January 22

Sorry for your loss, praying for God's peace for you.


yas2000 - January 23

my ever warm wishes to you tiffany....please don't get discouraged...give yourself some time to heal (mentally and physically) and see how it goes....but never loose hope....love yas


priya - January 28

Yes, God has a plan, sometimes wee may not understand it right away... Keep faith in having a healthy baby.



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