Male Factor And Clomid

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Bless - May 3

Did any of you have male factor infertility while on clomid and get pg?


freebird - May 3

I was on clomid for male factor. We used it in combination with IUI and I am 15 weeks pregnant with twins.


jnine29 - May 3

what do u mean a male factor coz i used clomid to get pregent and i would like to know


freebird - May 4

jnine29 - Male factor infertility is when you have fertility problems but it is due to the man. Sometimes doctors will prescribe clomid to women whose partners have problems to increase the chances of conception by (hopefully) providing more targets for the sperm to find. It's usually used in combo with IUI because if the effects that clomid can have on CM production.


Bless - May 4

freebird... thanks for the info. I was just wondering if you could tell me what your spouses sperm count was and how many IUI attempts you did. Im just really starting to lose hope. Its ok if you dont want to answer


mama-beans - May 4

Yes, our problem was Male factor with PCOS. We are now pregnant with baby #2, our first being with the aid of Clomid ( for me, obviously) and various herbs/drugs/regimines for him. Good luck!


Bless - May 4

mama-beans... did u do IUI and what was your spouses s/c?


Corona - May 4

Hi, hubby & I are now 29wks along with twins. We did IUI but not with clomid. Instead I was prescribed Puregon, my doctors feel that clomid is too unstable. We had male factor combined with my inability to carry. Therefor the timing of IUI alows docs to follow progress easier. It was our 3rd try with meds. Good luck everyone!


mama-beans - May 6

Bless: We didn't have to use IUI, we got lucky before that step needed to be taken. Our R.E. was shocked that time.. and you should have seen her face when we announced this second pregnancy with the help of NO meds, just herbs! I'll see if I can find his results... It was almost 3 years ago, but one thing I do remember vividly was the tech that did the count hand wrote on the results "post vasectomy?".. his count was so low. He also has acrosomal and tailpiece abnormalities working against him though.


Bless - May 6

Thanks so much! thats alot of help!


freebird - May 8

Bless - He has low morphology (high number of abnormally shaped sperm) probably due to a varicocele (varicose vein in the s____m). Luckily his count was very high so after the sperm wash where they removed the abnormal sperm and the fluids we ended up with a count of 113 million. We were very lucky and only needed to do one IUI, although our RE expected it to take up to three tries. Please don't lose hope yet, we tried on our own for 3 years before trying IUI which luckily did the trick for us.


Bless - May 8

We have been trying for about 14 months now. I just finished my 3rd round of clomid and i will be going back to my specialist on the 31st of this month to request an IUI.


freebird - May 8

Bless - You should check to see what your insurance will cover. Many times IUI is not covered and can cost a little bit. Ours cost a total of $1100 for the procedure and sperm wash plus ultrasound monitoring of follicles. Not too cheap, but still alot less than IVF!


Bless - May 8

Thanks , my insurance does cover it and here in Canada i think its only $500-$600 i will have to check into it


Corona - May 8

Hi Bless...where are you in Canada? I'm in Ottawa & used the goal program for our first & second IUI atempts. We actually ended up conceiving our twins in Vancouver in a private clinic instead of one that is hospital/provincially run. Our insurance did not cover the costs. They only covered the cost of meds,which actually is a great savings. OHIP covered the cost of u/s & certain testing. We have great insurance so make sure you check the fine print before you start with anything. you don't want to be surprised with a bill later!


bisgotis - May 19

I am 9 weeks PG after using Clomid due to Male Factor Infertility (nerve damage after cancer operation). We used sperm bank with low count and have have IUI 3 times (This time SUCCESSFUL!!!) I ovulate regularly - but took clomid to help things along I guess... Hoping for twins, will know in 2 weeks.



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