Massive M S

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Tiffany - January 9

I am 6 1/2 weeks and I am having the worst ms. It lasts all day and it getting worse. Does anyone know of any remedies? I need some relief. It's not just a stomach ache it's like full blown stomach flu. I need something to make this better. I am doing the b6 and unisom combo, its not doing much. Also, when do the horomones start to taper off? Thank-you!


Megan - January 9

Tiffany, speak to your doctor. When I had bad ms they gave me something. Of course I don't remember the name of it now but I do remember it helped. Can you keep anything down?


onetwothree - January 9

I agree with Megan and call your DR. I know it is a small chance but if could be hyperemesis gravidarum (extreme morning sickness). Even if it isn't that severe, you could dehydrate which could bring on contractions.


to tiffany - January 9

i too had bad ms my dr gave me meds now 3 eks later im better without meds so call your dr soon


Julie - January 9

I've had bad m/s since about 4.5 weeks along, and I'm now 20 weeks. I finally (about a month ago) got some meds from my doc, called Pyridox...or something like that. They told me it's pretty much the same thing as Unisom combined with B6, if I wanted to take that instead. I opted for them to give it to me, because I was paranoid that I'd do something wrong and felt better about just taking a pill given to me by my doctor. It works great, but kinda makes me sleepy.


Tiffany - January 9

Thanks ladies, I have my first ob appt today so, I will ask right away. During my last pregnancy I had to go to the hospital many times, I'm just trying to stay ahead of the game before its too late. I knew that a lot of women that have mults have more severe sxs so I wanted to ask here. Not a lot of info on the firts tri board, I think most of the moms there are younger. Do you know how much b6 you can take in a day? I've been taking it 3x a day without the unisom and finally took the unisom last night because, I was up at like 3am and was sicker than I have ever been. I feel like it worked but, I was so groggy when I awoke. The thigs we do to have these little ones.


TripletMom - January 9

Your doctor can give you Zofran (sp?)... I know many mothers (of multiples and singletons) who swear by that.


TripletMom - January 9

Tiffany you should probably post under a different thread since you are not carrying twins or multiples.


to Tiffany - January 9

I thought you had a doctor's appointment today?


Tiffany - January 9

Yes, detective I did have a dr's appt today, I just arrived home from it and it was a very uneventful appt. My dr. gave me zofran and I just tried it, I have never had much success before with those types of meds but, we'll see!


to-tiffany - January 9

I wanted to let you know that I hope you feel better. Some people here have such rude att_tudes against you. I think you have always been nice and helpful when you can. They are always going to gang up on you and you really should not put yourself through that. You should know by now that they hate you and no matter what you are talking about they will go against you. You really don't deserve it. Take care or you and your little baby. Enjoy your pregnancy don't allow people to stress you out. Hope you feel better soon.


Gee, , - January 9

Doesn't "to-tiffany" sound an awful lot like Tiffany? Or is it really mama-beans since she's always the one that posts without logging in? Or am I Tiffany? Or am I mama-beans?


for crying out loud... - January 9

she said why she was posting under this thread, which is a pretty valid reason. Most multiples mums do have worse morning sickness. Is it that hard to be civil to someone asking a valid question? Lets try to keep it nice!


TripletMom - January 9

She is not having multiples??? This is a singleton pregnancy!!!


Julie - January 9

Yes, but she was looking for advice from multiples moms because it's common for them to have worse M/S. Just because it's a singleton pregnancy, she can't ask questions on here, if her question is something that multiple moms could probably answer? Most people don't get severe morning sickness, which is why she can't find much help for her question on a different board. It's MOST COMMON among multiple pregnancies. Makes perfect sense to me.


TripletMom - January 10

Julie - you probably are not familiar with Tiffany's history on this forum. Also, all of my family and friends who have had SINGLETONS had worse M/S than I did so it is not that UNCOMMON for a woman pregnant with ONE to experience that.


mama-beans - January 10

Yes, with my DD I was DO SICK for the first 16 weeks, I actually lost 8 pounds. It was aweful!! But my sister didn't have ANY ms... not fair!!=-)



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