May Fertile Ladies TTC Multiples On Clomid Please Join In

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hotrockermom - February 5

h__lo ladies Im a 23 year old mom of a precious 10 month old baby girl. I m/c last week,doctor couldnt find a sac,she couldnt tell i was pregnant at all in was my hcg levels that confirmed it,but it was a chemical pregnancy she suspected. It left me devastated and EMPTY.Anyway,im ready to get pregnant again,and would love to have twins to complete my family.My doctor wont give me clomid ofcourse,but in my country u can get it without prescription from the pharmacy,so its pretty easy to access. Im waiting now for af to show up,I have no idea when it'll show coz of the m/c i had,but ill be waiting impatiently.I have no problems at all,cycle usually 26 days,ovulate mid cycle.but to attempt to conceive multiples,Im planning to take clomid 50mg cd 3-7. Im a coward though,I keep on thinking what if smthg happened,ot i had twins and delivered prematurely,or other horrible stuff. plus,dh would love twins,but wont approve of me taking meds,sooooooooooooo,he doesnt know of my plan. im also worried my doc would find out somehow,and i really dont want that.can she know somehow? what do u think ladies?should i give it a shot for just 1 cycle and see if it works?or is it all too risky. Im soooo lost,i dunno what to think. ill keep u updated with my attempts and thoughts. please id love to hear ur opinions ;) ↑


vidadigi - February 24

hihotrockermom!! I am soooo glad i found you..I am in the same boat! lol..have a 6 yr old boy..have no problem conceiving, but my husband and I want twins really bad!! Where did u get your clomid from..b/c I now my dr will not rx it!!! Please keep in touch maybe we'll both have twins!!


MyLifeNotYours - March 24

Can I join??? My husband doesn't know I'm taking clomid. He does know I want a 3rd baby & do test everyday (ovulation test).... MD said I could only have 3 kids since it's C-section (I have no health problems) I want to take my chances with twins & end it there if that's possible.


azizam - March 31

Hi all. Have u started clomid yet? Ive finished my first round on 25mg and now waiting to start bd in the weekend. No side effects, only a bit moodyness. Keep posted whether you pg or not, I will do the same.Im sooooo excited and a bit as i dont want triplets but twins would be nice.


SoReady - March 31

MyLife - I know how you feel. I have a 2 yr old but I want more then one child. Because of my thyroid problems this will be my last pregnancy. My husband has said that if we are going to have problems with this pregnancy then he doesnt want to do it. He could just as happy with the one child that we have, as he would be with more. i have decided not to tell him that my doc wants to put me on clomid. He knows that I will be testing all the time for ovulation and he is fine with that. I am really hoping to conceive twins because I have always wanted a big family. We will start TTC this summer. I hope everything goes good for you! Good Luck!


lovingbabies - April 3

For those who take PRESCRIBED Clomid under the supervision of a doctor for necessary fertility treatments, I wish you an immense amount of luck, good will, and most of all, a successful pregnancy with a beautiful result! For those who are naively taking UNPRESCRIBED Clomid for the sole glory of having twins, I would urge you to spend some time in your local NICU and see what happens more often than not. Even if you have never had any problems carrying your other babies, twins are a completely different story. Before I had my twins (losing one and fighting for 3 months to keep the other), I had no idea how dangerous having twins is. You never know the full story when you see the cute little strollers at the park. A lot of people think it's "two for the price of one!" It's more like two for the price of... two and a half. ANd that's if you're lucky. Sometimes it's one or none in the end. I was absolutely shocked to see how full the NICU was with twins and triplets. And many of them will have longterm development problems. Those aren't "cute". If you are playing with fire unnecessarily, please rethink what you are doing. It's not fair to the babies you want to carry or the to the ones you may already have at home if the pregnancy ends in your own death. If you think it can't happen to you, you are WRONG. I have met SO many mothers just like me, with no history of problems with a pregnancy, with pregnancies ending in disaster because they were carrying twins. Yes, people have twins successfully every day, but you should know that when they say "high risk", they really mean it. Even with the very best, most observant prenatal care, it is still stunningly dangerous.


Niobe - April 3

here we go again were are you getting your info do you know that most multiple that end up in NICU are identical and its some times cause they share a one blood supply do your home work


lovingbabies - April 3

LOL. I think you should do YOUR homework. I think I would know better than you, all things considered. As well as get yourself a an English dictionary and grammar book. Hard to take you seriously, honestly.


lovingbabies - April 3

And I didn't say MOST anywhere. It happens more often than you think. That's the truth.


SoReady - April 4

lovingbabies - I have been following the posts in most of the room regarding clomid and twins. I have to say that women are NOT wanting twins because it would be "cute" in a stroller or for the "glory" of it! These women have their reasons for wanting these babies and that is their choice, not yours. From what I have experience in here, these women have done their research and if they have questions they ask their doctors; then share that information with the rest of us. There is nothing wrong with reaching out to other people in your same situation for advice and rea__surence. We are perfectly aware of the risks and many many many of us are being closely watched by professionals. If we wanted someone to devils advicate, we would ask for the negativity. I appreciate that you have a strong opinion about this subject but please dont bring your negativity into a positive environment like this one. All that does is bring people down. If you would like to express your concerns about this why dont you start your own forum about this subject. I am sure that people who agree with you will chime in! Also, those of us that may have additional questions about the risks can go in there and talk to people like yourself that have had experience with this.


Niobe - April 6

SoReady you are so right lovingbabies has to clam down and stop freaking ppl out if i was pregnant right now with twin if it was planed or not I'd be going nuts right now thinking some thing is going to be wrong with my babies any one that has been pregnant or trying to get pregnant knows how scary it tohear some thing may be wrong that what makes it so hard to believe that lovingbabies is telling the truth or trying to help like she says


trying4twins - April 17

Well this is the place for me! I too am hoping to conceive twins using u/p clomid, and if it's delivered in time I'm hoping to start next month so if anyone's looking for a buddy...... One query though, I'm new to all this fertility talk and although I know it means Period, what does AF stand for??


MomToEli - April 17

AF = Aunt Flow :)


trying4twins - April 23

Ah ha, so simple! Thanks MomToEli


crystaljude29617 - April 23

mylifenotyours, Did you take clomid? Did it work for you? I just wanted to share my story with you. I am also planning on taking clomid in July. I am trying to lose a few pounds first. I also was not going to tell my husband but I finally did tell him and to my suprise he was ok with it. You should atleast let someone know you are taking it a friend or someone just incase something goes wrongg which is unlikley but you never know. My husband is the only one who knows. I dont want anyone else knowing. I will just act suprised. The plan is to say I was on birth control when it happened since if you get pregnant on the pill it can incress chances off twins. I would even love to have triplets. I cant wait. I have already been taking prenatel vitamins.


bnblewis - February 5

I wish to join you girls too. Our son is currently 6 months old, but we will be TTC in June/July. I fell pregnant first cycle off the pill with my DS. Our family is very fertile. We have fraternal twins in every generation, however it i usually from older women 35+. I am 23. I am not sure if DH would support me taking meds or not, but he would support twins. Infact we thought we were having twins with DS and he was over the moon. Clomid is a prescription med in our country. Is any one (SoReady) willing to buy some and post it too me? (were legally allowed to get it, just not buy it here with out a script. Otherwise I have been looking at medmex to get them. I will also take from cycle 3-7. Then use OPK. I am fairly regular with a 27-29 day cycle. I will have to stop BF my son however, but I will be happy to do that by 10 months. Lets form our own little buddy group for TTC twins with clomid for normal fertile women.


kmo427 - February 5

Hey everyone Did you know that this is the same topic in the other board, Clomid Success Stories Feb 2010? They start a new thread each month because they tend to get very long and difficult to navigate. If you are on clomid, u/p or rx, you can go there to talk to a few of the nicest and most understanding people on the forum. They really know what they're talking about. As for the scaremongers... I've been following the clomid/multiples boards and here is my observation: Most people taking clomid u/p are doing so after a m/c or unexplained infertility. After a cycle or 2 of u/p clomid, they are usually RXed it and are then monitored. HOWEVER, MANY PEOPLE GET IT FROM THEIR GP AND ARE STILL NEVER MONITORED. Many people with infertility don't get pregnant on it until the second cycle anyway. Also, I've noticed that on clomid they tend to have higher chances of chemical pregnancies and miscarriage, and might actually be doing themselves a disservice by taking the clomid in the first place as they very rarely get multiples. There is a lot of heartache here, it's not just for the "glory" of having multiples even if sometimes it started out that way. So there you have it, though it isn't any of your business. Nitpicking over someone's grammar is very childish. If we all spoke like legal doc_ments we'd hardly be interesting now would we? Many people on this board are not from America. Those of us who are on the fence about attempting clomid DO appreciate your alternative view, but there has already been a lot of this type of drama in other threads and it's just not new. Thanks for your input, though. I'm very sorry to hear about your experience with twins. :)



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