Miscarried What Looks Like A Twin Will The Other One Miscarry

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Natashia D. - August 9

I went to see my doctor last week, and he told me that he had senn two sacks. In one there was a heart beat, and in the other one there looked like another baby without a heartbeat. Now his guess was that there was another baby who had been miscarried, does this mean that I will miscarry the other one as well?


Bailey - September 21

No this does not mean that you will lose your second child. The most possible reasoning for losing the first is due to TTS. Which is one baby got more blood pressure than the other.


Chris - January 25

Hello there, the same thing had happened to me, and I am pleased to say that my baby is about to turn 1 year old, and is happy, and healthy and thriving. What you are describing sounds like something that is called a vanishing twin, and there is more info available about it on the web. It is a difficult situation, undergoing essentially a miscarriage, and yet continuing the pregnancy. My advice would be to let yourself grieve the loss, but try not to let that overshadow your thoughts, and hopes for the baby that is there. He or she is depending upon you for this, and remember, everthing happens for a reason, though we may never know what it is.


Elizabeth - February 2

My twin miscarried but I didn't, and I'm a totally healthy 20 year old now, so there you go.


eyebeeablessing2u - February 3

at 7 weeks I had an US which showed possibility of 2 babies. At the time I had been spotting. t 10 weeks there was only one. Now I am 18 weeks with a healthy baby due July 6, 2005. Yes you could have m/c one twin and the other can/will surivive. Also known as dissappearing twin syndrome.


Melinda - February 3

You will not necesseraly miscarry the other twin. 20 years ago I to was pregnant with twins I lost one early on but the other one is here and fine. But please after having the baby have him or her tested for a condition call Mosaicism (this is when the living twin will carry thier DNA and that of their twin). We recently found out our daughter has this.



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