Mommies Of Multiples I Need Your Help

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SoReady - May 11

Hey ladies I am 6wks 4days today and I had my first u/s this morning. We found TWINS! Yay The first baby measured 6wks 6days and had a heartrate of 120. My OB said that the baby looked strong. Then right when we thought that we were done we accidently found the second baby. The second baby measured 6wks 2days and we could not find a heartbeat. My OB said that might be an indication that the other baby isnt strong enough and that I might m/c it. She also said that there is a possibility that we just cant see the heartbeat beacuase of the baby's position behind the other one. What do yall think? Was any of yalls babies missing a heartbeat around this time and then it was found later? I will go back at the end of next week when I am 8wks. I am hoping to see two little heartbeats but in the mean time I am worried.


Ashley2121 - June 1

What happened when you went back?


SoReady - June 2

I went in at 8wks and we found 2 heartbeats but the smaller baby was still measuring about 6wks 3days. It hadnt really grown. I went in again today at 9wks 5days and we did another u/s. We had to use a portable machine so the pics werent great but the bigger baby measured 10wks 1day and was very healthy and active. The smaller one still hasnt grown and the portablt machine couldnt zoom in enough to check for the heartbeat. My dr is going to treat this as a single pregnancy. i will go back in 5 weeks to do another u/s and physical a__sessment of any activity going on in my uterus.


shashana - June 2

I'm really sorry SoReady. Thank God the bigger one is healthy and well.I pray that this little one will continue growing stronger evryday. Hey honey be thankful for the little one at least you acheive your goal. Your pregnant. I hope it will be a little girl I know that's what you want but if its not the most important is to have a healthy baby. Ashley can you remember me? You use to encourage me alot when i was really down thanks anyway. Have you got facebook? SoReady: And what about your dh? because I guess he had already accept the fact that you were goin to have twins.


SoReady - June 3

shashana - Yeah, I am just praying that this baby is a girl but I will love it either way! My dh was sad but he has been working so much lately that we havent been able to talk about it. Him being deployed makes it even harder. So how have you been?



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