Monitoring Scans In Twin Pregnancy

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lynda - September 27

I am expecting twins in april 2006 but just wondered if anyone could tell me the amount of scans/ monitoring you get when exprcting twins. I seem to be getting nothing different from when i had single births. II am also 38.


c - September 27

I am pregnant with identical twins, (they share a placenta) and I am having scans about every three weeks, but later on in my pregnancy I will be having them fortnightly, than they will be weekly!! If you are having fraternal twins, I dont know how often you should be having them, but I am sure it should be more than with a singleton pregnancy!!! And congratulations, I am due on the 23rd of March!!!


MIchelle - September 27

I am 27 weeks and having twin boys. I have an ultrasound about every 2 weeks and have a level 2 ultrasound every month. My doctors watch HIGH RISK pregnancies very close. Hope that helps.


a - September 27

lynda, you might want to see a high risk doc. as my general physician put it: twin pregnancy does not have to be high risk, but it is def a higher risk pregnancy so she thinks every twin mom deserves to see a high risk doc at least once for peace of mind. then that doc can decide if they need to see you again. I'd ask for a referral, or find a high risk/maternal fetal medicine doc. hope this helps, and don't take no for an answer. twin pregnancies have different demands on the body, and the babies sometimes have different needs


lynda - September 28

Thank you all for your answers. Can I just ask what a level 2 ultrasound is. I have been seen once by midwife and had one scan because of pain which is when i found out it was twins. I dont see midwife for another 4 weeks and dont have another scan till 20 weeks. I an 13 weks 1 day.


Michelle - September 28

A level 2 ultrasound is an ultrasound that can see more indepth the babies organs, like the brain, heart, kidneys, etc. They measure the blood flow from each umblicial cord and how the placenta is working. They do this to make sure that one baby is not growing more or less than the other (twin to twin transfusion). Every woman that is high risk gets one at my office. You might want to think about using a high risk or atleast an OB instead of a midwife. Twin deliveries alone are high risk. Good Luck



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