Multiple Pregnancy

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Linda Dancy - July 13

What does it mean when my nurse mentions I might have a moler pregnancy?


ebony - July 11

I have heard that a molar pregnancy is pretty much a tumor. With hair and nails and stuff that gives it a kind of human form but it's not really a pregnancy. Here's some extra info I found for you. After fertilization the embryo differentiates into fetal and placental tissue. The fetal tissue develops into the baby and the placental tissue provides nourishment for the baby from the mother. During the first trimester, the placenta or trophoblast, is many times larger than the fetus and has the ability to grow independently. The placenta may continue to grow even without a viable fetus present. In rarer cases a pregnancy consists of abnormal placental tissue, called a molar pregnancy, which can have the potential for uncontrolled growth, like a tumor or cancer. These tumors are also called gestational trophoblastic disease. Molar pregnancy, or hydatidiform mole, is a pregnancy which has defective growth patterns. The placental tissue grows abnormally appearing as multiple cysts that have been cla__sically described as a "bunch of grapes". There are two subtypes of moles: complete and partial. Complete moles have no fetal tissue present while partial moles have some fetal tissue and some normal placental tissue.


Jessica Taylor - July 13

A molar pregnancy ia an abnormalty of the placenta, caused by a problem when the egg and sperm join together at fertilization. Complete molars have only placenta parts.(there is no baby, teeth hair or other stuff) They form when the sperm fertilizes an empty egg. Since the egg is empty, no baby formes, but the placenta still grows and produces HCG hormone.....resulting in a false positive pregnancy test. Molar pregnancies are accident of nature and not anyones fault. As for what the person above was talking about, they had some right things but then got everything mixed up and wrong. A dermoid cysts is what contains tissue such as hair, teeth, skin nails and stuff. It is formed from cells that produce human eggs, and genetically screws up. Just relax because you don't have this, trust me... you would be in alot of pain if you did. I hope your doctor finds that your pregnancy is normal and healthy.


......... - July 13

Oh and I forgot to say that a partial Molar is like when a women is pregnant with twins and one ends up being a result of a Molar. So one normal growing baby and the other the result of a molar. Hope this help in some way.


Salena - September 2

I had a molar pregnancy when I was 17. I wasn't in a lot of pain. It was like a miscarriage that went bad. I bled a lot. The Drs said it was my bodies way of rejecting the growth. I had cramps like a period, and I would wake up with a lot of blood. Normal sanitary pads would not even help. So I don't know if pain would be an apt use of a symptom for a molar pregnancy. Don't be scared. I know it's hard not to be...I was. It took a while for the DRs to figure out what it was, but it was described as a cluster of grapes. I had to get my blood drawn every week, for a year to make sure the hormone levels were going down. Then every month for a year. I was told by my Drs it can eventually turn cancerous cuz your body is trying so hard to fight against it because you think it's something harmful to your body. I guess in essence it kind of is.


tab - September 2

a molar preg is when a ma__s forms in the uterus instead of an actual baby.



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