Mum2b Of Twins

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lollieangell - February 19

Hi, I'm recently 17.3 weeks pregnant with twins. I live in Australia and thought I would ask whether there were other pregnant mums due with twins around the same time?


Corona - February 20

Hi there. I'm 18wks 4 days with our 1st & 2nd children. I found out at 7wks after IUI. I hope to find out the genders tomorrow, as long as both of them co-operate! I live in Canada. This has been a rather tough pregnancy. Bed rest has been the name of the game. I've had bleeding off & on since day 1 along with a lot of pain. As I've have a history of miscarriage, my doctors have been rather cautious. Congrats to you!! I hope all goes well. The ladies on this forum have been very helpfull & encouraging to me, so I'm sure they will be able to any of your questions!


tab2947 - February 23

hi ladies, I am 14 weeks, with a question. I know it is almost imp to know if u r having twin without an u/s, I don't know when my next one i s due. I have been feeling my baby since 10 weeks, now the movement is more distinct, my stomach even pushes out as if it is sitting at the top of my uterus. This lasts for a few min and I feel it move back down. I also feel movements at the bottom of my uterus and then on the side, I know the baby isn't big enough to do all that. Do you think that all this could be a sign of multiples? I have also been wearing maternity clothes since 8 weeks, all my regular shirts stopped fitting and my jeans I could no longer b___ton. I am asking you, because you are just a few weeks further along than I and maybe you experienced some of this.


bethadele - March 6

tab2947...It sounds like you are really hoping for twins. I can tell you I looked 5/6 months pregnant at 4 months last time. I wasn't fat anywhere else and I just ended up having a HUGE baby. (Thankfully, it was a c-section...even then, his shoulders were stuck briefly)


Corona - March 7

Looking big is not an indication. I didn't start gaining any weight until after wk12. Now at 21wks I look like any women this far along even though I know that both babies are a great length & doing well.



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