My Bf Recently Found Out She Was Pg From Taking Gonal F And

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Sally - November 2

Bravelle, they are both fertility drugs and she has some left over, she said I could have them to increase my chances of having twins. I think this would be so neat. I am trying to do some research on these drugs, anyone know anything about them? Plus what is this clomid stuff, maybe I should check into that. Ideally I want triplets or quads but will be happy with twins.


Lynn - November 2

Uh oh, I would watch out about this...there are people that will want to argue this point with you!!! Just a warning! Anyway, I dont know anything about those fertility meds and have been looking for stats on women that are fertile taking far as increasing the odds. Good luck....make sure to do ALOT of research!!!


mama-beans - November 2

I'll just chime in once on this one, ladies... I think "Sally"s pants are on fire... those sentances are just RIPE for a loud angry discussion. Multiples would be "neat"...........ideally triplets or quads.... really, if there is someone out there that is THAT ignorant, we really shouldn't humor them with anything but anger.


Sally - November 2

thank you so much Lynn, my bf is pg with twins herself. I have one child and no reason to think I am infertile. I just would love multiples. I could dress them alike and imagine the attention I would get.


***************** - November 2

there are women that are taking clomid on the other thread named purposely pregnant with multiples on clomid or something like that


Lynn - November 2

I wouldnt do it for attention...there is alot to having multiples. Please look into deeper than dressing them alike etc.


Sally - November 2

yes I have been reading that. it is just these are here and free. My period should stat this week, and I would need to start the shots on day three (that is what my friend did, she took them from day three to day 15) she has enougth for me to do this. Then I would take the bravelle and have lots and lots of s_x.


Sally - November 2

Hi Lynn, oh I know I have severl friends who have twins and I help with them all the time. I have other reasons that I want them. I want two more babies, but really do not want to be pg more than once more, (I hated being pregnant)


....... - November 2

sally how old are you? are you married?


Sally - November 2

I am 28 and yes


.......... - November 2

and WHY would you risk your babies just so you can get a matched set? why not aim for plain old HEALTHY singletons?


My answer - November 2

Sorry "Sally", but you sound like a 14 year old (you're not really CAROL in disguise are you?!). How could a grown 28 year old woman actually type something like this?! Personally, I call B.S... sounds like nothing more than a good way to start a p__sing match on the chat board.


................ - November 2

or yas2000


... - November 3

I could almost here the bubble gum popping and the words "like I would like love like having twins, ya know?". Gag!


- November 3

you make me giggle..... =-)


you - November 3

are a troll god i hope you are a troll


Sally - November 3

actualy you are right I was trying to show these insensitive women how idiotic they are by doing something like this, taking medications that are not prescribed to you is just stupid. I can not believe that so many women do this to their bodies, to increase their chances of a multiple birth. Which is High risk and no quarantee that the outcome will be good. Insane. is what it is.



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