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Daref - October 13

dnafin, Yes I've ordered clomid at 100mg for 3 months was all it took to get me pregnant. No side effects. They didn't even ask me for a script.


Maggy2831 - October 28

Hi, i started my first day on Clomid just now. I do not have fertility problems. I decided to take them because i want to try having multiple babies because this will be my last prgnancy. I started taking 100mg for 5 days on day 3-7 because wanna produce more eggs. I been reading quite a lot on the side effects and the safest way to take them, thats why i decided to give it a try (have to admit im anxious and lil scared...guess its normal) I bought my pills from a pharmacy in my country (Dom. Republic) there you can buy everything if you have the name. Plus i paid 560 pesos= 15$ for 2boxes. (20 x 50mg in each box) Will keep you guys posted on how i feel and if i get multiple babies or not ****I know all the risks and side effects, so dont need you judgemental or negative comments. Thx


Maggy2831 - October 28

Hi, just started my first day of Clomid 100mg(unprescribed) yesterday.


julsay - November 6

i got my pills but are so scared to take they say furtile-5 on the back along with the clomid citrate and i typed the name in and got nothing and they came from india.


Hilana - November 28 is a good ebook to get pregnant naturally if you're scared to order clomid online.


meggyb - December 14

Is anyone nice enough that has any extra clomid willing to send it to this unlucky lady? I am still young and have been trying to get pregnant for 2 years now and no luck. I also have very irregular periods. Hardly have one. I have tried conceive easy and pre seed with no luck. If anyone can you would bring the MOST WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS JOY to a couple anyone could ever ask for! Thanks everyone for listening to me.....


meggyb - December 14

I wish I could find it that cheap :) I really wanna try it with my problems but its to expensive for me.


velma1982 - January 8

Hi, I also order 100mg Clomid from India. I'm 32,I have three beautiful children,my daughter, i adopted her, she my first child. My two boys, i conceived naturally. My second husband doesn't have any child and we have been try to conceived for 3 years and no luck. I just find out that I have PCOS, so my Dr, and I talk about take clomid, but she always so book, so i order the pills. I'm going to started my pills on day 3-7, in a couple more day. I have periods every month, they are just irregular, I know that I do ovulate, I just don't know when. Any suggestions or advice will be helpful. Please no bash. I would love to have two twin girls.


peterspixie - May 15

Just bought mine at . I have bought from them before when I was breastfeeding and they were great. Just waiting for it to arrive now. I have heard nothing but praise about them so I am confident with my purchase.


waitingGame785 - June 14

Recently bought pills online came from Canada, appear to be the real deal. Just started taking pills today on my 2nd day of my menstrual. Will keep everyone informed on process hoping this works


Mommy love - July 17

To unprescribedclomidtaker where did you get your Clomid from? Like website? I'd love to have twins!! 


Amelia1987 - July 27

Hi! My sister's got twins due to clomid and I'm trying to do it  cause similar genetics. I try greneric from canadiantrustpills(dot)com   I'm feeling lucky)


Amelia1987 - July 27



Hannah814 - August 26

I concieved my child on unprescribed clomid. I then ordered it again and got pregnant on 2nd cycle. Unfortunately lost that child. Just ordered some more ready to try again. Exciting times. X


Vanamancr - September 25

I recently took the plunge and got myself some uprescriped 100mg clomid. After TTC for roughly on and off 2 or so years (mostly cause I get frustrated and give up here and there for awhile ). Anyway, my peirods usually last about 3 to 4 days, cycles varying around 35-48ish? It's a little rough but nice since a year ago I couldn't pinpoint any time that I may or may not have my period. Well last month is when I began clomid Aug. 29 for cycle days 3-7, it seemed to go well. I got about the hot flashes and that was really the only side effect I felt, perhaps since I took them at night. Anyway, me and my hubsand certainly gave pretty much every other day a go but ovulation tracker came and I tried to keep it myself and couldn't seem to find a time that my CM was where I wanted it... Anyway, lol. Now the strangest thing I've had with all this so far, is that when a little after my peak of supposed ovulation I seemed to have gotten AF. I only assume it was the regular thing as I got bad lower back pain, break out, eat like a pig before hand and then the first two days of it I don't want to eat much at all. All my usual AF signs, haha. However, that also means that this cycle only lasted about 27 days, very short compared to usual! Well tonight is the 3rd day so I'm gonna start taking clomid again for my second round anyway. Wish me luck and baby dust to all you! I'll try and keep here updated to tell you what happens~!


Linda322 - October 8

Read Infertilecure . com



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