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Linda322 - October 8

Read Infertilecure . com


impregnateme1234 - October 10

i ordered my metformin from new zeland and im also going to buy my clomid there too 50 mgs


Need baby dust - November 26

Hi, I've been tryin to find somewhere to get Clomid online for ages, coz of worrying if it would be the real deal. I've finally found somewhere in uk, that I was able to get a prescription and Clomid from them, I'll have my med in 1-2 days, I'm so excited, and no it's the real deal. I really didn't think I would b accepted due to certain things. But thank god, I'm so happy and it's a well no uk pharmacy , if anyone has the same problems looking, just let me no. 


mum2three - November 26

Hi babydust. Come over and join us on the November 2015 cycle thread. 


Meljolly - April 16

Need baby dust, where did you get yours? I'm in the UK too and sick of waiting for the the hospital to get thier finger out and start helping me!


nowiseeyunvme - May 8

XxCarlyxX, Were you able to concieve twins?


Hdp1804 - January 5

I bought my clomid using rxwebstore 


cckelley - January 17

My dr. is going to be giving me 50mg of clomid in march. I do ovulate on my own even with out having a period. Both my kids were conceived without having a period for months at a time. So I ovulate even with out having a period. My dr. said it was possible. But I'm wanting to up my chances of conceiving, though let me add. I would love to have multiples. So where is everyone getting their clomid from because I just want to up my chances.


smm0229 - June 13

can you please tell me what site?


Beny - June 15

Hello, I am new here but I have been reading comments for sometime now. I will be trying unprescribed Clomid in a few months time. I live in italy but I bought mine in a well known pharmacy in nigeria and thier drugs are delivered from italy, to confirm the autencity, I made Contacts with company in italy and it was all original.  The difference is that in italy's you need a prescription. So for those who need some, please get back to me . I will never trust online sites! 

I paid less than 10 euros to get them.

baby dust to Allan 


Jys2013 - July 3

Did it work for anyone who did take?


proudmami1980 - July 4

Hi I am new here I started taking unprescribed clomid 50 on the 4th day of my cycle. I will be using a sperm donor. I'm hoping for twins. I have 4 children already but I want 6 or 7 children . My mother had a set of twins and miscarried a set before she conceived me. My maternal grandmother had a set of twins. They conceived twins naturally. I plan to take clomid for 7 days instead of 5. I took clomid in 2008 and 2009 without any problems. I never conceived with clomid. All my pregnancies were natural.


ale1128 - November 1

What's the website in DR. So I can order from there 


Hoping4twins - May 27

If I’m always bleeding when would I take the Clomid?


fergz181 - June 24

hi ive ordered 10 50mg clomid tablets from america and is due between 14-21 days, ive never tried unprescribed tablets so im hoping these do work. i can give you the websie i went on, but until i try them i wont know if they will work or not.




Nikki1016 - September 22

Anyone on here have pics and trying to get pregnant with clomid



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