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TripletMom - January 21

In response to the question posed to me - yes I absolutely have triplets and yes I DO have a LITTLE free time while babies are napping or playing or sleeping through the night. Believe it or not, having triplets doesn't mean that the entire day is consumed with baby stuff. Get this - I actually do laundry, clean my house and prepare dinner too... unheard of!


onetwothree - January 21

Tripletmom! How can you possibly be on here? LOL! In fact, how can I be on here? We must be big fibbers! LOL!


TripletMom - January 21

Yes onetwo... I guess it is the new craze pretending to be mothers of multiples.. did you hear even Paris Hilton is doing it LOL


onetwothree - January 21

Yes, I have heard that carrying around tiny dogs is out and having multiples is in. Woo hoo! We are sooooo hip!


Frances - January 22

Tripletmom and onetwothree, you two just crack me up!!!! LOL = )


Natasha - July 21

Just a warning to all about taking unprescribed clomid. I know some people have done this and all has been fine> However, I wanted to share my experience as I wouldn't have even thought of unprescribed clomid if it weren't for this site. I have PCOS and irregular periods since I was 13. Living in the UK where waiting lists are lengthy, I thought I would bypa__s the NHS and buy clomid on the internet. I took them for 1 month in February this year. Within a week of the course ending, I ovulated, but I also came out in a rash, which I now know was vasculitis (inflammation of the blood vessels), I also had pain in my liver region. The rash looked like septicaemia/ meningits rash and my feet were also very painful. My doctor was concered and my blood tests were slightly abnormal and I was referred to the local hopsital for further testing. I couldn't admit to my doctor what I had done as I felt so stupid and I wished I had never taken those tablets. The doctor at the hospital couldn't find anything specifically wrong with me. I have had really bad pains in my kidney, lung and liver regions and I am really scared that I may have done permanent damage to myself. Also, when my husbands sperm was tested, they discovered that he also has a problem in that he doesn't produce enough sperm. I really was so annoyed that I have put myself through all this when it wan't necessary. Now I know if a doctor prescribes me clomid I will be so scared to take it and I won't be able to explain why.


freebird - July 21

Natasha, even though you're embara__sed by what you've done you need to tell your doctor about it so you can be treated properly. Getting a lecture from a doctor is alot less painful than what could happen if you don't get proper treatemnt for what could be wrong with you. Please be honest with your doctor and the outcome for you can be much better. Also, if a doctor prescribes clomid to you in the future they will be able to warn you of side effects and what they may mean, when you should call them, etc. please get better soon.


habibi6 - June 23

I posted this on another thread, but thought it was important to place here as well. Before I copy & paste my post here though...PLEASE understand that I'm NOT at all against taking unprescribed Clomid (obviously) . Here is my recent experience of ordering Clomid online: First & foremost, I'm so glad I found this site and others that have ordered Clomid online. I'll do a more "formal" intro. later, but I felt the need to warn you all and tell you about my online experience. I order Clomid online 2 month ago. I took it the 2nd day of my cycle, but became deathly ill. I woke up in the middle of the night vomiting (couldn't even get out of poor husband had to clean up the mess) profusely, I couldn't move, walk, etc. the entire next day, my pupils were dilated to the size of quarters, my muscles were rigid and stiff, etc. I should have went to the ER, but didn't because this was unprescribed. Not until a few weeks later did I realize (from reading more about Clomid and what the tablets are supposed to look like) that I just *might* have taken something other than Clomid. Sure enough, although the package (from India) said "Clomid" all over it, the actual foil packs had the name "Clonil" on them. I googled it, and it's a type of anti-depressant, pyschotropic drug used for OCD, depression, etc. Apparently, I'm either allergic to the drug, or just had a horrible reaction to it. I didn't feel "normal" again for nearly a week! I'm so glad I found this info. out as I was so desperate to take Clomid, that I was going to half these pills and try again the following cycle. By the way, the pills are pink in color and very small (and once again, I ordered from an online site out of India). Fortunately, I finally visited my OB and will be starting Clomid prescribed next month (although I did NOT tell her what I had done). So please, please make sure that the medication you receive is actually Clomid!! Best wishes to all! P.S.~ if my OB wouldn't have prescribed it, I would have tried yet again to order online...I'm that desperate. So once again, absolutely no judgement from me- just support! XOXOXO


jlblakey - July 29

Taking Clomid without a prescription is crazy! I can respect those of you who cannot afford to buy it from a pharmacy after seeing your DR and being prescribed it, but the rest of you are a bit nuts. I have had a horrific experience with Clomid. I took it for four months, had migraines, headaches, felt sick, tired and very moody. Then during month five, I got very very sick, I started to retain fluid all over my body, it started with my ankles and eye lids then moved up my legs to my tummy. I went to see my DR who quickly took me off Clomid and then sent me for every test under the sun. I had a full screening for kidney, liver etc., and it was found that I was flushing out almost all of my protein in my urine. My kidney function was good as was my liver function. Then I had a kidney biopsy and it was found that I had taken an allergic reaction to Clomid. I was only on 50mg for 5 days. I am twenty nine years old, I had two children naturally no meds needed etc. Since this I have now been told to never take Clomid again and to wait at least six months before attempting to get pregnant. I have to take five diuretics a day to flush out all of my excess fluid build up and I am on steroids to try to repair the damage Clomid caused to my kidneys. BECAREFUL taking Clomid. It is a strong medication that can cause a lot of problems.


donna1 - August 15



bump - August 27



bump - August 27



CLOMID USER - August 29



Krissy68 - April 11

unprescribedclomidtaker - are you still around? I know you got your bfp but now I don't see any more post from you can you please give me a update I wrote down what you did and I think I will copy. I'm on cd 1 today. Krissy68


Carolina73 - April 16

I'm starting a study on unprescribed clomid and the incidence of multiples among women who use it. I think it'd be really interesting, I just need more participants for the study, so if you're interested email me at X_NIKI.FORD_X at remember theres a period between NIKI and FORD.


longtobemom - April 16

i am interested in starting clomid. i am scare but at the same time feel as though i have no other choice. i was wondering if anyone had any advice before i began. Or even some help for when i do



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