My Final Update Clomid What It DIDN T Do For Me

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yas2000 - March 31

hi everyone for those who read my many previous posts...and know me well...for those of you who don't here is a very brief intro: i wanted twins, am a normal healthy 31 year old with no fertilty problems, have two healthy boys, 5 and 2 and last year had a mc. for reasons IMPORTANT to me i decided i wanted to have found i could order clomid off the web u/p! took it for 4 months 100mg days 5-9 on my final round..alongside using OPK's, with no side effects whatsoever (but i was lucky remember we are all different!!!) and finally manged to get pregnant. had alot of severe symptoms with this pregnancy compared to my two assumed it may be a girl whihc it is claimed clomid increases your chance of that too.... i had spotting from week 6-10 (due to an eroded cervix) and severe nausea and sickness. a potential second sac was spotted but then dissapeared in my 9 week scan which i had due to the spotting. so vanishing twin syndrome could have been the case but was never confirmed..... anyway...everything stayed quite uneventful since thanks god, and i waited eagerly formy 12 week scan..which came out normal and it was confirmed i had only one baby!!! i am now 20 weeks and had my latest scan and was told it is a boy too when i had set my heart and was convinced it was a girl... i wont stop anyone from taking it u/p but would like to point out that after everything i went through the risk i took by taking it and the hopes i had for it i had a double dissapointment and it can leave you quite confused and gutted!!!! so i am proof that be prepared you may get nothing form taking it esp u/p you are taking a risk and won't get much sympathy from forums like this (they can stress you out) be sure it is well worth the disspaointments as well? i was prepared for anyhting and ready for any concequence...taking a clomid u/p esp is no joke and should not be taken lightly....but it is your decision and should be respected.. the courage to take it this way was increased by all the success stories i read here on these forums...but i think it is important to stell people the unsuccessful stories can go also against of what your hoping fact i am lukcy..someone else on here who conceived triplets with clomid ended up loosing them all... my hope for twins is definately out of my system now LOL.... though i must admit i dont regret it for one minute having taken this least now i know that i gave it a shot!!!however, risky..... i did it now, been there done that and won't ever bother with it over the moon with my little boy and can't wait to see the little rascal!!!love all....and good luck to everyone who is TTC and those of you taking the step i have....good lukc and god bless for all the success stories and with your double/triple and multi- bundles of joy!!!


yetanothertripletmom - March 31

So, are you "over the moon" or are you "confused and gutted?"


Corona - March 31

I wish you & your 3 boys all the best. I commend you on you're ability to see that maybe a certain choice is not right for everyone. Best of luck in the future & I hope that you will let us know the new little guy's name!


onetwothree - April 1

Congrats on your son.


yas2000 - April 1

lol..I AM OVER THE MOON TO HAVE A LITTLE GUY OF COURSE!!!!! but i am gutted after all the ha__sle i went through and end up with something i could have done by avoiding all this....LOL....nevertheless....this was my fate and learning curve...and i think i have come out of it more friend is currently contemplating to take clomid but after hearing my story she may now not BOTHER with it and hence will save $50 and the risk involved!!!LOL.... oh the know we set our hearts so much for a girl who we would have called 'Noor' which means divine light in persian..and never had a name for a, boy....whihc we really couldnt belive we could have after 2!!!! the name 'isa'...(read as 'eesa') interests us....which is the persian alternative name for 'jesus' ....but we dont know yet...some of our family members are still in denial...and tell us that it cannot be a boy...LOL.... for any of you interested....we have tried all the chinese gender charts and sited for gender well told us girl.....the only theory that worked for all of our kids (and current one on the way) was taking the mother's age at conception and month of conception and then adding them together. if you get an odd number you have girl and an even number indicates a boy....with twins...NO idea..LOL but could you guys try that with your singletons (if you have any) and let us know if it worked for you...but you have to be sure of your conception month!!!good luck!!!!!


samehere - April 1

You know what else that can determine the s_x? An X or Y chromosome from the sperm. That usually trumps any ancient chart out there.


yas2000 - April 2

LOL....of course that too....most certainly.....


yas2000 - April 2

just thought i'd sahre this.... ttp:// (could there be any doubt????LOL!!!) and...the rest of my brood.... plus you know i am only human and not that loony!!!!


yas2000 - April 2

oops sorry add the h in the first pic!


yas2000 - April 2 this me moi with number 2!!!! take care and good luck...god bless....


onetwothree - April 2

Yas, after seeing your boys, I don't see how you could not want another one. They are just beautiful. Also, your boy in the u/s looks pretty proud to show you what s_x he is! Congrats on your family.


onetwothree - April 2

Angelaw, I don't know where you are getting that from yetanother's post. All she asked was which way did Yas feel since she stated both feelings that Yetanother posted which honestly, I was wondering myself since it was so important for Yas to a certain way at the time. Sorry but I just don't see where you are coming from on this paticular thread. If you are refering to somewhere else, your reponse might do better addressing that certain post.


EricaG - April 2

Congratulations Yas! I'm sure many people will appreciate your very honest view on taking clomid. Even though I don't have twins I like to browse all the forums. I have to say that I agree with Angelaw in her view of yetanothertripletmom. I have been taken aback more than once at her hateful or rude postings. I found her question to be very rude and not even softened by a "congratulations" or "I'm happy for you". The rest of you, even after your discrepencies with Yas, had the decency to say kind words


EricaG - April 2

(sorry, I accidently sent it too soon) or congratulate her. Of course it doesn't matter what I think, but yetanothertripletmom, if being rude was not your intent then I apologize. However that is what it seems like and I'm obviously not the only one to think so.


yas2000 - April 3

hi girls just a last message really....sorry to hog your thread!!! but think of it this way...we are all mothers (so we do HAVE COMPASSION), we are all humans we all have our little quirks and come to think of it even if we were siblings or from the same background or family...differences in opinions will always arise...i believe if we are all put in a room with our kids (like in a toddler group) we would all get on fine and enjoy each others company....i respect people's strong views, it can get difficult to shake it off when people do get personal but at the end of the day its not like they are holding us down by our necks....i have learnt to deal with it...bullying is not nice and i felt some of that during my presence here and even on the babycentre site...but you know what when you go to the docs see your baby and know it is healthy then NOTHING in the world can make me upset, really!!!! i thank god for all that he has given me and hope we all can learn to be some of you know how my friend went through hell with her marriage in the last couple of months and to make matters worse she just had a termination at 14 weeks due to her CVS result whihc came out 99% bad!!! looking at her i realize god has his reasons for everything and we should all be greatful for what we are given in the end....i am still keen on number 4....but this time i leave it to nature to may be a boy it may be a girl it may be twins...don't really care...i just want a healthy baby and a happy family and i wish everyone of you the the same!!!!


yetanothertripletmom - April 3

Angelaw, I'm not sure where you got the idea that I'm a cold and callous mother. I'm certainly not the one that felt "gutted" by having a healthy baby boy. I have never, not once, complained about caring for my triplets. I have told the truth about what can happen when you have a multiple birth. I chose not to sugar-coat things so that hopefully some of the moms out there (Yas included) who were irresponsibly taking u/p comid would think twice. Since you're taking so much time reading my previous posts, I'm sure you've noticed that I've never insulted someone's actual mothering. Their selfish motivations, yes. Mothering, no. That's a low level you may feel comfortable with, but I don't. My question to Yas was quite simple. The first part of the post she declares her vast disappointment at having a healthy child, then goes on to say she's happy with him. I just wanted to know which it was. Your post drips more venom than any of mine ever have. Perhaps you've just had a bad day. :)


TripletMom - April 3

to Angelaw, Yas and anyone else who always read posts in a defensive mode - or searching for negativity - you need to go back and realize that she was just asking a question. Yas goes from being dissappointed that she was ONLY having 1 baby (boy) to being over the moon - honestly is it one or the other??



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