My Hip Is Going To Fall Off

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Erronsmommie - May 16

Hi! I am new here and I just found out i am pregnant with boy / boy twins at my 18 week ultrasound. For about a week i have been feeling like my left hip is going to fall right off of me! It keeps popping when i stand up and all my midwife said was "it's going to get worse". The feeling is driving me nuts. Anyone else out there experience this?


MelissaSLP - May 16

I hate to say it, but it doesn't get any better. Sleeping was very difficult for me. Changing positions helped some, but then the other would start hurting. Ma__sage was good as well as special pillows. Congrats on your twins! How many weeks are you now?


Erronsmommie - May 17

I will be 19 weeks on friday, Due Oct 12. I haven't had any problems with my other hip yet, but i have a real fun pain in my tushie too, LOL . i never had these with my other kids but i've never had twins before either. Hoping for the best. How old are your twins? -Amaris


MelissaSLP - May 17

My twins will be 8 mo. on Sat. I was due Oct. 3rd! I was induced at 38 weeks, 1 day, so I know your pain. I wonder if it is sciatica (sp?) if it's in your bum as well. My OB was real good about giving me suggestions for discomfort and said that he could get me into some water cla__ses or PT to help. I had some lower back pain at times. Do you know what you're having or if you'll find out? We had a boy and a girl.


j3jones - May 17

i can relate to the sciatic nerve pain in your tush. i had this pain even before i was pregnant. does it feel like a pinching in either side, sometimes both!? my pain isn't contsant, really just in the mornings. and it feels like i can't even hold my own weight. my sister is a ma__sage therapist and she was able to stop the pain. however, it comes and goes. but since i am pregnant she won't work on me, she said we have trigger spots that can promot labor later on. so now i have to go pay someone. :( my appt for my ma__sage is tomorrow. i'll let you know if they are as good. and i'll ask the question about your hip to them.


Erronsmommie - May 18

Well the doc's officecalled me today and they are almost positive that the boys are identical. Ayden and Erick. The pain in my tushie dosen't run down my leg so i don't think its my sciatica, but who knows....It's mostly in one cheek only. Just one more thing to live with right? : ) You ladies have been so nice, thanks so much for your advice! I'm kinda freaking out right now because even though i had a feeling, i never really expected to be having twins. It's very overwelming (sp). I think i might ask my doc next visit about something to help with my hip. Thanks again! -Amaris


j3jones - May 19

hi erronsmommie, i had my ma__sage done, and she said the ciatic nerve will probably go away cuz of the pelvis and everthing along with it stretches, i was glad to hear that! i'll see if she was right. so far no pain in my b___t when i wake up in the morning since i've seen her. might be worth some money to go get a ma__sage. make sure you know they are experienced in giving pregnant women ma__sages. you don't want to go to just anyone.



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