Natural Alternative To Clomid Cheap Too

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MEandHIM - September 15

First I would like to appologize for posting this in this forum. I realize it is a multiples forum but I've noticed all of the U/P clomid takers seam to hang around here and so its the best place to tell them about the Natural and safer alternative to Clomid. I am sure all those who are against taking Clomid will appreciate my sharing this information........>>> Hi. I don't mean to butt in but I thought I'd let ya'll know that if you want to try something natural then there is this herb supplement out there identical to Clomid! Its called soy isoflavones, another anti-estrogen (a natural one) that works identical to clomid. It is of course less potent but it is sold in most OTC areas. I bought a bottle of concentrated isoflavones on amazon for $30 but you can buy less potent ones at wallmart for $7-$8. There has been a study done with pigs that shows that they produced more babies and healthyer ones while on soy isoflavones. And there are forums all over the net with women who had PCOS or had not ovulated that tried Soy and ovulated the cycle they took it (and most ovulated earlier then before, many ovulated for the first time ever!) There was a study done on baby mice and it hurt their fertilty but it was given to the ones with imature reproductive systems and never tried on the parents. It only affected females though so soy is something to watch out for if you end up with a lactose intollerant baby. :) But it is basically beneficial to mature reproductive systems and not to imature ones. Something to try.. :) If you choose to try soy would take it the same days you would take Clomid (but not together although there has been study that proved that taking them together improved uterine lining and actually helped with conception chances). However there has only been one study done on this and who knows what sort of adverse effects came from it. I strongly suggest that you choose one or the other and personally think it would be a good idea to stick to the natural stuff. :) Over use of soy isoflavones has been linked to thyroid problems but taking it 5 or 6 days out of your cycle wont hurt. If you buy the 750 mg jell caps or tablets you would take 2 a day. Just thought I'd share that tid bit of info with ya'll :) Oh and if your wondering. Soy Isoflavonas (sp?)lol works because it contains phytoestrogens which are anti-estrogens that have the exact same effect on the reproductive cycle that clomid has. GOOD LUCK!


MEandHIM - September 15

BTW, Incase you are wondering how I found all of this out, I was going to try Clomid unprescrbed too. But not for multiples, I wanted to ovulate earlier because my husband travels alot and I needed to ovulate close to day 13 (I normally ovulate on day 17 give or take 2). My husband is 100% against taking RX meds unprescribed so out of respect for his wishes I have decided not to take the pills I've ordered. I of course always go down fighting so I imediately went to search on the internet for natural clomid look-alikes/copy cats. And LOW AND BEHOLD I found this one. :D very excited. :D Anyway, just to let ya'll know, if there is anyone who is actually taking prescribed clomid (and can somehow provide me proof of the prescription then I'll send you what I ordered. My husband would rather I destroy them but I think thats one heck of a waste when they could help someone else. There is absolutely no budging on the need for the prescription though. I need either a digital picture of it or a scanned one. Good Luck ladies!


kendra.marie - September 18

i want to take clomid but for the reasons of multiples :] any ideas? it will be unprescribed.


Jennlas - October 8

I wouldn't risk it with clomid its dangerous.  You should look into this ebook Pregnancytechniques . com it's supposed to help you get pregnant naturally



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