Natural Herbal Multiples TTC

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Mama2wanna - December 10

I just want to know if any of this herbal stuff has potential funny side effects. And are the doses the same for everyone? Any advise from those trying these methods would be great!


krob - December 10

I have one small issue with Vitex it made my hair fall out strands and strands at a time Not sure if that is a common issue but that was my issue


Jill - December 10

Thanks MamaBeans, I am going to call on Monday to make my first appointment. I am very excited!! to Mama2wanna the dosages very, it will generally tell you on the bottle, as far as side effects, everyone is different, I did not experience any. Just make sure you follow instructions and if something says do not take while pregnant I would stop until af came. If you have any small all natural vitamin/ herbal store I would stop in there. They are generally very knowledgable. Good Luck!! Krob, sorry to hear about your hair, I have never heard of that before. Didi everything go back to normal after you stpped the vitex?


Megan - December 10

I just started vitex two days ago. I didn't know how it would react with me so I took one a day and today I'm taking 2 a day. Someone on another forum suggested that I take 2 a day and we'll see how I feel after that. I hope that vitex doesn't help to produce multiples because I would love to have one more not two or three. So today is my third day and I don't know why but I feel like I have lots of energy. LOL It's probably just in my head I'm sure. It did make me a little sick to my stomach but I made sure to eat something right after. Tomorrow I have to start taking my prenatal (I hate the taste of those). Hopefully vitex and preseed will show some results for me!!!


Jill - December 10

Good Luck Megan!! I hope it works out for you! Keep us posted!


Mama2wanna - December 11

Eek! I don't think I could stand to lose hair! Mine's pretty thin and fine as it is. Could you really tell that you had lost hair or was it not terribly noticable, krob? I'm not trying to be rude, I swear, I just would love the help but if it doesn't work all I'll be is bald! I don't have that much to spare!!! How long did you take it? Did it say on the package that it might do that? Holy moley, I'm havin' a fit!! Thanks for any info you want to send my way!!!!


rm - December 11

Hi ! I just wanted to mention that although I'm sorry for krob I have not had that happen to me so far and that is the first time I've heard that. I have heard of sometimes hormonal changes causing that but it always grows back. Mabye the vitex changing the hormones caused it. Also thanks everyone on the info for red rasberry leaf I think I'll try it.


Tiffany - December 11

Has anyone ever tried wheat gra__s?? I've found some information on it on another board and I'm thinking of it. Also, There are a few ladies on the FF board that are taking soy for days 5-9 kinda like clomid. I've read that it has the same effects but, natural. Anyone heard of this?


Mama2wanna - December 12

Ok, back and I'm noticing that Krob hasn't commented yet. Hoping that doesn't mean I sounded way rude and nasty, although I read through the post where I was having my little heart attack at the unexpected info and have decided it is borderline. If you are reading Krob, sorry!!! I really didn't mean to say anything to hurt your feelings! Forgive me?


rm - December 12

hi everyone! Jill any more good news?Megan I also noticed lots more energy with the vitex, I hope it keeps up! Tiffany I heard a little about the wheatgra__s,well actually just that women use it for fertility but I think the soy has got alot of estrogen in it possibly,but I'm not positive.Mama2wanna don't feel bad I'm taking vitex too and freaked out when I read what krob had too say.....I had to go look in the mirror just to make sure its all still there! I do remember though when I came off bcp that happened but it was very briefly.


Tiffany - December 12

Okay, I've found some information of the FF board. I guess Soy works in the same mannor as Clomid. It tricks the body into thinking there is not enough fhs and something else???? I guess, you take it on days 3-7 or 5-9. It's a lot better than Clomid on your ewcm. I think I might try it next cycle if this one is a bust. ANyone want to try with me? Refer to the FF boards and read the soy posts for more info. Also the dose is supposed to be 175 mg at night. What are your thoughts?? I just really would like to find something natural to help me out. Even though natural things can cause issues too. It's going to be so hard for me to deal with another bfn this cycle if I get one. FOUR YEARS IS TOOOO LOOOOOONNNNNNNGGGGGG! I'll be testing this cycle on the 23rd. If I can hold out that long. This is so hard.


Megan - December 12

When you say soy what exactly do you mean? Soy milk, pills, etc.? I'd be interested in doing some research on this although I do not wish for multiples (okay so why am I on this board? LOL).


Tiffany - December 12

some kind of pills from the nutrition store. You can read more about it on the FF board.


Megan - December 12

FYI: They do make the Red Raspberry Leaf in pill form (gel caps). Hmm, do you think it's okay to take along with the vitex?


? - December 12

What is the FF board?


Tiffany - December 12

It's the Fertility Friend Board.



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