Natural Triplets To Quintuplets What Do U Think

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I want to know! - December 7

Hi there. I was doing some research on multiple births and found that back in 1934 a farming couple in Canada had quintuplets! That is bazzar! I started to see if there are more "naturally conceived" triplets to quintuplets and was surprised to find a great deal of natural triplets out there! Is this so??? Can a women have triplets or even more (not identical that is) with no assistance of fertility medication? What do you think? Can a women ovulate and drop more than two eggs on her own, without fertility assistance????


bump - December 7



Yes - December 7

Yes, it does happen.


yetanothertripletmom - December 8

Many women (not me!) have had spontaneous triplets. As of 5 years ago spontaneous triplets accounted for 15%. Some women are just super fertile and pop out eggs like a pez dispenser! LOL


yes - December 11

these are the Dionne quints. there is a museum in canada for them. it is sad, they were sort of treated like they belong in a circus. i think one or two are still alive.


Olivene - December 12

Remember, sometimes it is not three eggs, but the spliting of one egg that results in triplets. Sometimes only two are identical.


TripletMom - December 12

Very possible and I know 2 women who had spontaneous triplets. After 35 releasing more than 1 egg during ovulation is common.


twins4us - December 13

spontaneous triplets happen 1 in 8100. Most common are id twins and a fraternal.


Andrea Townsend - December 27

IT HAPPENED TO ME! We weren't even trying to get pregnant and our "oops baby" turned into our 3 beautiful 1 yr. old triplets now!


sher_96 - October 17

Hello...i just had my natural triplets a month ago...i didn't find out until i was 5 months when i went for my ultra was pretty shocking for me. 2 of which are identical.


babs6219 - October 22

Yes, it's very possible. Especially, when you consider that the tendency to "hyper ovulate" ( release more than one egg), can run in families, and increases after age 35 and then even more so with increased age. Also...twins/triplets/quads, etc have been known to exist for a very long time...but fertility drugs have only come into existence in the last few decades. Of course, it was a lot more rare, before fertility drugs, but it does happen spontaneously. Pretty cool, though huh?


Tye - October 24

My natural trips just turned 4 and my youngest 5 months on the 23rd. I'm 26. The trips are two girls and a boy- none identical.


brittaboo_16 - November 7

Well I am 35 years old.I am having All nautural no fertilty Drugs.I am expecting Quards in May. I am 12 weeks.Well Im sure we can drop more eggs Becuz it happned to me.Good luck. ~Tess~


CH - November 13

I found out a week and a half ago that my husband and I are expecting triplets and it was only the third month we had tried conceiving!! I am with you and didn't know it was possible to spontaneously have triplets!!! Very exciting and scary! Anyone else out there like me? I would love to hear from you.


PrincessesMom - November 14

The farming couple that you mentioned in Canada is an extremely famous family. Their quints were identical and the government took the parent's custodial rights and charged people to view the girls and claimed that it was to help lift the spirits of people during the depression and prove that miricles are possible. The Canadian government also profited by using the girls in ad campains for tons of different products. The parents finally won their children back years later and the father took them across the country and forced them to perform in his side show. It is a very sad story. Three of the girls are still living.


hoping - November 27

My cousin just delivered 3 boys Saturday at 33 1/2 weeks - all doing great. She conceived them naturally her first month off the pill! My ob/gyn told me that it's very common for multiples to come that first month off the pill, though it's usually twins. Funny, I always had heard that "it may take awhile to get pg"


Iwant8 - January 30

My neighbor had natural triplets with a 2 and a 1 year old and a hubby in law school! She is amazing...They are 4 now but they were stunned.



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