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angelaparker - February 29

I saw an old post about naturally concieving twins without any medical intervention. I have natural twins and I would like to meet other moms of natural twins. I am thinking about starting a email group, but I don't know anyone else with natural twins..plenty of twins, but all medically brought on..anyone else out there interested?


samehere - February 29

Mine are natural.


sphinx - February 29

Mine are Natural, too :) I meet with some moms in my town. There are 4 of us with natural frat twins.


Teddyfinch - February 29

i'm not trying to start anything with anyone by any means, but i'm curious as to why you would want to have a group for only natural twins? i mean a twin's a twin right? if (God willing) the meds i take ever work and i end up with twins, i would hate to see message boards for mommies to be of multiples and only natural multiples are allowed. i could be reading into this all wrong, so let me know ^^ but to try and stay on topic, my grandmother was thought to have twins at first, but lost one early. so who knows! maybe i'm next =P bum bum bummmm


sphinx - March 1

I'm sure she doesn't have anything against fertility twins but she probably wants to be able to share with someone who has a similar experience to her. I kinda feel that way, too. I would feel like I have more in common with a mom who conceived hers naturally as a surprise than with a mom who tried for twins or was on fertility meds... and you, teddyfinch, would probably have more in common with another fertility twin mom (if you had twins of course... u know what I mean) If one of the twin moms in my circle used fertility drugs for her twins I wouldn't look down on her but I wouldn't know what she was talking about if she were trying to explain her fertility procedures or medicine schedule. I would listen and be polite but I wouldn't relate with it as much as I would with mom whose experience was similar to mine. I did meet one fertility mom with BG twins and she had hers on her 5th IVF. We talked briefly in the grocery store and she told me how they spent well over $100,000 to have the twins. This honestly just boggled my mind. I felt timid and shy around her because I've never had a bank account with that many zeros in it... I really didn't know what to say to her after that.


samehere - March 1

There are tons of threads on here about being pregnant through Clomid and other fertility treatments. This is no different than that of mothers who have been through something and are looking for those with simalar experiences. I can't relate to someone who has had a hard time getting pregnant. If fact, I never tried for more than a month before falling pregnant and I don't feel right talking about not having problems to someone that has a hard time. I feel guilty about it and closed up. Don't know if that makes sense but that is how I feel.


Teddyfinch - March 1

sphinx: you make a good point. it would be hard for both parties i suppose. like for me, for example, if i wanted to talk about the meds. but i just want to make it clear we're not trying for twins. we're just not able to produce fully matured eggs and clomid helped with that this cycle. almost too well haha. but that's beside the point. i can see where it would be hard to relate. **samehere**i can see what you mean. my big sister started telling me she was infertile like i am and yet it only took her 8 months (i believe) to get pregnant. 8 months compared to 7 years is not a lot so yeah i can understand where the awkward feeling of talking about ease of pregnancy and stuff like that would be.


angelaparker - March 2

my best friend has clomid twins, mine were a complete surprise..I went thru her trials with her and to tell the truth, I wouldn't have done it, not to mention thst she and the 4 other moms I know with medically brought on twins have huge disciplne issues with their kids because they fought so hard to have them they just let the little darlings run wild. That is why I can't even go to the Mothers of Mulitples group in my area. I am not saying all mothers using fertility treatments are like that just the ones I have had personal experience with. And I also want to be able to discuss MY personal frustrations with everyone ASSSUMING that my twins are medically concieved. I absolutely hate it when sonmeone says, "Oh they are twins? How many IVFs did you have to have to get them?" Ang yes, people have asked that question, many times, most complete strangers to me. I don't want to seem like I am snubbing other twins, but I would like to have a group that we could talk about our issues and not issues that do not pertain to us.


angelaparker - March 2

to samehere and sphinx I did start a yahoo group if either of you want to join just email me at manny_and_angela at yahoo and I will send you the link


Teddyfinch - March 2

angela: i still say that's getting a little to separated. i mean if dh and i ended up with twins from these meds, i wouldn't want to be snubbed (sorry i stole ur word. it fit the best lol) from a group of other multiple moms because mine were from medication. i mean not all of us take medications because we want twins. i personally prefer one at a time lol. i think i'd be terrified with two. twin mommies are way tougher than i could ever be i think. but i have to take these medications because i simply don't ovulate. my follicles don't mature like they should. and i mean we're not dumb. if we were in a group with medicated and non medicated (wow terrible wording there) mommies of twins then i'm sure we'd ask "hey did you use meds to get yours?" and if they say no we wouldn't be like "oh so what did you use?" i just think it isn't fair to take what some fool of a complete stranger says and use it against someone who just wants to have someone to talk to. i mean a twin mom's a twin mom right? both had twins, both went through all the pains of having twins. how they got there shouldn't be relevant. although, in playing devil's advocate in my own mind, i can still see your side of it. d__n me for being too open minded lol.


esperken - March 3

Hi, My twins are naturally conceived fraternal, 11 years old, and now on my second marriage, I am pregnant with my second set of naturally occuring twins, don't know yet if they are fraternal or not but suspect they are due to heredity/age factors. I would love to talk to other moms about twins but also have no idea about meds or IVF, I'm from Canada and not sure if it is not talked about here as much or if I'm just in the wrong crowd as I have never heard of clomid before I visited this site


angelaparker - March 4's not that I want to seperate twins from twins, it's just that there are MANY MANY MANY groups for those women with various fertility issues and if they happen to get twins or more then they have other women who understand where they are coming from. I have yet to run into a group of women who ,like I ,got the shock of their lives when two babies showed up on the sono. In my case, I had a healthy 16yr old son, and I didnt get any sono when I was preg with him, they were not routine yet. So when the girl was doing mine she said, "Have you ever had a sonogram?" I said, "No why?" She said "Cuz theres two in there" I almost fell out! This was never a thought in my mind...but if I was on meds, it would have been. Like when my BF was on clomid the first time she would say, "If I have twins or more, do you want one"kidding of course, but we knew it was a possibility(she had only one that time), so when she got preg with the twins no one was shocked. So believe me, I will not turn my nose up at you if you get twins, I will just thank the Lord that you have been blessed with a baby or more :) I just want to have the opportunity to share the surprise with other mommies who got the shock of their lives like I did.


angelaparker - March 4 me if you would like to join my email group, wow, you are something else, 2 sets of twins!! AT leats you know somewhnat what to expect!!! :)


drea - March 6

hello ladies. i just found out that I am having twins (naturally). This is my second pg, I have a 17 month old girl. i would love to chat with you girls as i am totally scared about having twins and a 2 year old at the same time, but also very excited.


angelaparker - March 6

hi drea, look in the above link and come join my natural twins group!!


2babies - March 19

Yes, we have a set of natural twins. A boy & a girl!!



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