Naturally Pregnant With Twins

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brooke - January 13

Hi all, i've stayed away for a little bit due to all the arguing going on in some other posts. But it looks like maybe things might be getting back to normal on here. You know I really would love to talk to some of you who were totally surprised that you were having twins or triplets naturally. There appears way too much debate with all those wishing for multiples. I never once in my life thought or hoped for twins. I only wanted one healthy baby and now am blessed with two. I have my next ultrasound on Tuesday, I'll be almost 12 weeks and I am excited and anxious at the same time. I just want everything to be okay with both of them and to see that they are growing and developing as they should. I have been so sick; vomiting everyday, fainting, I even had to go in for iv hydration. I wish that i could start enjoying this pregnancy (my first). My friends can tell me all their pregnancy stories, but I feel I'm different; my nausea is worse and my fatigue is much worse. Please write and tell me your stories, so I know that my anxieties are shared.


cb - January 14

hi brooke, congratulations on your twin pregnancy :)) I am 30 weeks & 2 days pregnant with identical twin girls!!! It was a big shock to me! I am now very excited and cant wait to meet my little girls, but i keep thinking of how hard it is going to be! I also have a 2 year old son, who is going to be very jealous!!! I also had morning sickness pretty bad when i was about 8 weeks, i was that sick, my doctor thought I was going to misscarry, so he done an ultrasound and found 2 heartbeats!! My babies are sharing the one placenta and the one outer sac, but have a deviding membrane between them!!! Are you planning on a natural birth? I hope I can, and as long as twin A keeps her head down, I can!!! Hope you start feeling better soon, when I made it to 12 weeks, it was such a releif!! Well take care, and hope to hear back from you soon :))


Betsy - January 14

Hey girls! I just found out I am 11 weeks with twins also, very close to you Brooke. Ours was a total surprise too, although I had had a feeling from the very beginning. I too have been very sick since 5 weeks. Started off with extreme nausea 24/7 and was unable to get even water down, so Dr. put me on Phenergan which has helped some. Weird part is now that the nausea is better I have been vomiting once or twice a day. It has been very hard to enjoy being pregnant when I haven't made it off the couch much due to the nausea and fatigue. I thought being pregnant was supposed to be so wonderful, but so far not the case. It did help to get that first ultrasound though. Hopefully we will get to feeling better soon! I am scared to death of dealing with twin infants though. I have heard the key is to just get them on the same schedule and once you can do that, it is so much easier. I have fears of delivering way early or being put on bedrest or something. This high risk stuff is just scary!I know what you mean too about friends and family trying to tell you about their morning sickess and stuff. Everyone thinks that being pregnant with twins is the same as being pregnant with one, and it's irritating!!! It is just so nice to talk to other twin mommies to be so we can feel understood!! :) Good luck!!!!!


nenny - January 15

hi guys i recently found out i was pregnant with twins, I'm only 2 months pregnant and its hard. I am 19 years old and i have a 17 month old of course my husband helps me but i need alot of advice from you ladies!! when will i start showing? is the delivery harder? just any pointers or advice please let me know.


jodie - January 15

hehe i'm pregnant with twins also, but unlike you this is my second pregnancy and i can tell you its heeps worse than my first. i feel awfull all the time.i've just gone 12 weeks


brooke - January 15

Oh, boy I was hoping it would start getting better after this 12th week!! Now I am vomiting after i just drink water! I feel awful all day long and have spent the entire weekend in bed. I used to have so much energy, my dh always was mad at me cuz i could never just sit and relax and watch tv with him. Now thats all I want to do! I feel so lazy and useless. All i keep waiting for is that second trimester when they say you have so much energy. The only thing i am looking forward to is my next ultrasound on tuesday. Then i get to see my doctor and ask her for help with the nausea! I actually am not sure if I want a c-section or a natural birth. My dh says i have to at least try it naturallly first, but we'll see what position the babies are in by that time. cb, are you on bed rest? How many more weeks does your dr think you have? My dr. puts all women with twins on bedrest at 28 weeks. Well hope all of you are doing well! talk to you later


Betsy - January 15

When did you guys start to show? All of a sudden this week, literally overnight my tummy got a big bulge! I had the bulge under my belly b___ton, but all of a sudden i'm getting bigger! I was in maternity pants at 8 weeks, now at 11 weeks in the maternity shirts.


candice - January 16

Hi Brooke. I have a identical girls that are now 12 wks old! It was a total shock to my husband and I . We have daughters that are 5 and 3 too so it was a total shock. We were trying for a boy and ended up with 2 girls! I was sick until about wk 14 and then things started settling down a bit! I have twins just like CB they shared the same placenta but different sacks! They are identical and are so precious! Good luck with your pregnancy and let me know how everything goes! I delivered my girls natural, Baby A was born head down and Baby B was delivered breech. they were 5lb 11oz and 5 lb 9 oz, I was 36 wk when I delivered. I had a good pregnancy, no bed rest and I felt great from about 14 wks- 28, then the fatigue set in! I had been pregnant twice before and loved it. This time it was very hard, so tired and very sick in the beginning! I am thankful for places like this. No one in my family has had twins before so it was a shock for me and them! They try to treat it like a single pregnancy but it doesn't even compare. People don't realize how much work it is and the risks that come along with it! It is so nice knowing that other woman are feeling the same and understand what you are going through! Good luck Ladies.


tanya - January 16

Congrats to all! I have identical girls who just turned 9 (concieved naturally). It's been a blessing, even though I've been a single mom until recently. My new husband and I would like to try and start having a baby at the end of this year. I wouldn't mind having twins again, but would like to have boys this time! :) Anyway, I just wanted to know if anyone knew what the chances are for having twins again once you've had them. Thanks for the information!!! PS...My pregnancy symptoms were more exaggerated because of having twins. Those who have just one at a time sometimes don't understand that. Good luck to you all!!!


Claudia - January 16

Wow, what a great site. I'm glad I found it! Like some of you, being pregnant w/twins was never in my dreams or in anyone's family history. I'm 27 and this is our first time being pregnant. I'm due on July 20th. I didn't really start to get nauseous until about the 9th week and it stil continues. I don't get sick, just feel like it. This week I bought my first pair of maternity pants. I'm not big, but my regular pants were getting uncomfortable. I haven't gained much weight (about 4 pounds), which worries me because I feel like I eat all the time. I go in for my 2nd appt on the 24th, and I'll see on their scale if there has been much of an increase. I have an appt w/the nutritionist next week, which I hope will alleviate some of my fears. As far as being tired all the time, I attribute my fatigue to working 12 hour shifts and switching to night shift. Yuck! So, it could be the babies, or just being turned around. I work in the hospital and I was able to hear a heart beat (don't know which one) at about 9 weeks, with a hand held doppler. That was really exciting. I also can't wait for my next u/s, so that I can see them again. I wish you all the best of luck as we journey through this exciting blessing given to us.


brooke - January 17

Well, I had my second ultrasound today and everything loks great!! The babies were bouncing around and look much like babies now. The had the same heartrate 154, so I don't know if that means the are the same s_x or what, there's so many wives tales about telling the gender through the heartrate. My mom went with me since my husband was at school but all she kept saying was she sees them, but she didn't know exactly what she was looking at. She still can't believe I'm pregnant, let alone with two!! I had my dr appt after the u/s and she said everything was good, that my nausea and extreme fatigue should ease up in about two weeks and that with twins everything is intensified. She gave me a prescription for some anti-nausea meds, but I'm hesitant to take it. She also said that the b6 unisom mix was o.k. as well if I wanted to try that first. I have my next u/s at 20 weeks (boy 8 weeks seems like so far off) and then after that I'll have one every four weeks until about week 32 then it will be every week, just to make sure the twins are growing as they should and everything is developing properly. I decided to go ahead with the down syndrome screening. They won't take blood since my afp levels are high as it is with twins, but at least they can check the neck fold measurement. We have gone back and forth on this issue, but I still just want to get the risk factors. Oh I have gained 14 lbs this first trimester. Amazing seeing that I throw up and barely eat. But they say 1lb a week in the first trimester and 1 and 1/2 in the second for twins, so I'm pretty close to normal. I also asked about renting a hand held doppler, but my dr. just said it's up to me, some people need to hear the heartbeats all the time, others can wait for the dr visits, not sure which one I am yet. Hope all of you are doing well, keep me updated on any u/s or symptoms. Its really so exciting, I just can't wait to meet my babies!!


Claudia - January 19

Hi Brooke! Sounds like you are doing pretty alright. My OB doctor had also mentioned about the B6/unisom combination as being safe. So, if you continue to be nauseaus, I would try that first. About renting a doppler, that's totally up to you. I like to hear mine (babies) about once a week. So, I use the one at work. But they say when you get further along, like 24 wks or so, then you can use a regular stetescope, which aren't that expensive. I'm looking forward to my next u/s which I am hoping will be next month. No mention to me was made about how often I need to get them, but the more I see them the better ;-)


Hi Claudia - January 19

I thought I would just let you know that it can be REALLY hard to hear bubs heartbeat with the stethoscope, especially with two. I am used to using the stethoscope, but found it really tricky to hear my sons heartbeat. It was easier from around the 7 month mark, but even then sometimes I couldnt get it. (probably had it on his bottom!) You might find it easier to stick with the other one for ease of use ... just something I found personally :-)


Lorena - January 24

hello well Iwas surprised the first i got pregnant with twins but iwas even more schocked the second time this was is way different then the first one first 4 months were awful but can't help knowing you're carrying two little ones in you cause we are carrying two of them our hormones are out of control and whatever a regular person goes to for us is double


just a quick question - January 24

Is 15 weeks too early to tell the gender of twin babies?? or can they see everything clear as day


Tanya - January 25

For Lorena: You are on your second set of twins? Did you use fertility treatments or natural? I'm just asking because I have twins who are 9 and concieved them naturally and my husband and I are planning to try and get pregnant in a year or so and I was wondering what my chances were for a second set of twins.


Cara - January 26

First off-congrats! I have fraternal twin girls that are 17 1/2 mths old. I had them naturally, no fertility. I say I'm a freak of nature, my mom says blessed. I like her answer better! We found out at our regular scheduled U/S at 18 wks. We have an older daughter who was about 20 mths when the twins were born. My husband is outnumbered big time!! I was also very nauseous and vomited. My OB gave me a script for metoclopramide and it helped. I had my twins naturally, which was very important to me. He said as long as baby A kept her head down and was the bigger of the two, I could deliver naturally. My first twin was born head down and was 5#2oz. My second was born breech and was 4#14oz. I had them at 36 1/2 wks. I went into labor at 34 1/2 weeks and got to 5 cm dilated and 75% effaced and stopped. They kept me in the hospital until I delivered which was two weeks later. My OB told me to take it easy for awhile as I had been having contractions regularly for awhile. He tried to put me on bedrest at home, but I told him it would be more work at home because I would be chasing my 1 yr old around. He put me on a med to help stop the contractions and it worked for while. When it stopped working he put me at home, which was 32 weeks. Just take it easy, listen to your body when it tells you it has had enough and rest. All the worrying now will be so worth it later! Good luck!!



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