Need To Go Into Labor

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Lori - December 31

Help! I'm miserable! My doctor told me about 2 months ago our goal was to have the babies weigh about 5 lbs each or be 37 weeks. Well, I'm 36 weeks and the babies each weigh 6 lbs. Now my doctor says we'll shoot for 40 weeks! No way! I can't move, breath, sleep, or anything. My other three sons have all weighed 7 lbs each. I can't imagine having twins each weighing more than that! And my husband, kids, boss, etc. all seem to think that I can still manage to do everything the same! I need to have these babies! What can I do????


Anne - December 31

I understand! I'm 35 weeks. But my doctor told me that he would induce me at 37 weeks because going full term could be dangerous. My babies are around 5 lbs each.


to lori - January 1

I would tell your doctor to induce you if you get to 37 weeks, 38 at the most, as my doctor said it is too dangerous to go past 38. Higher risk of stillborn, and other complications. And they are at good weights now, I wish you the best of luck with it!!! :)


onetwothree - January 1

I know it is extremely hard but it is so worth it. Even at 36 weeks, sometimes the lungs are not developed enough. Every day that you are in misery is a day closer to your babies needing no NICU time. I think 40 weeks is not necessary but 37 or 38 weeks is full term for twins. You can do it!!!


Maria - January 1

Hi Lori......I am 37 weeks and 6 days with twins. They are weighing over 7 lbs each and I am also extremely miserable. I am scheduled for a C-section at 38 weeks and 1 day, which is in 3 days. I actually wanted to give birth at 36 weeks but my doctor said that unless I go into labor, the earliest is at 38 week. I told her that I was extremely uncomfortable, so she scheduled my surgery for 38 weeks and 1 day. I can totally sympathize with you. Try talking with your doctor and seeing if there is any way they can induce labor because the discomfort is too unbearable. In fact, most twin pregnancies seem to not go beyond 36 or 37 weeks. I was really disappointed when I had to wait until 38 weeks. It does not make sense that your doctor will wait until 40 weeks. I know of one women who suffered a ruptured uterus because her twins got too big and her doctor did not want to do anything until she went into labor. She delivered via C-section in her 39th week. Another lady I know told her doctor to induce labor in her 38th week cause she was in so much pain and her doctor agreed. Your doctor should not have you wait until your 40th week. I have read that babies are mature enough in the 37th, 38th weeks. The doctor should also consider the discomfort of the women because complications can arise from a late delivery. Also, the babies can ultimately become stressed by being in and cramped for so long. Good luck with your twins.


Melissa - January 1

Lori, I understand how miserable it can be. Try to wait it out as long as possible. I actually begged for an induction and delivered at 38 weeks, 1 day. Try to make it 38 weeks at least. Know that it will not last forever. Mine were 6 lb. 4 oz and 7 lb. eventhough the u/s showed they were both over 7lb. You can do it!!!!!


lynne macrae - January 29

i know how u feel im 38 weeks 2moz and my doctor told me his going to take me to 40weeks which im not happy about. ive tried everythink to make my waters go but nothink seems to work. both my babies im told r healthy & will c_m when they r ready. r ure twins identaical?


onetwothree - February 6



lynne macrae - February 7

i know how u feel im 39 weeks & 3days. i was due to have a c section yestuarday as 1 of my twins were breech but when i went for a scan she had truned & is now head down. ive been told ill b induced next monday when i will b 40weeks & 2days.


Corona - February 7

You're all in my prayers! Good luck!


niya - March 19

i'm 40 weeks tmr and haven't had any signs of labour so far.Will be induced after 2 days as there's no point in waiting any longer tho with one baby head down and another transverse i can't see much point in trying to delivering v____ally if will need a c-section eventually for the second.


Corona - March 19

Niya...there is still a chance taht you will not have to have a c-section for the 2nd baby. After Baby A comes out, Baby B may just be able to flip & enter the birth ca___l. This is probably what your doctor is hoping for. Good luck & keep us posted. I'm only at 22 wks plus & I'm terrified about how they will come out!


MelissaSLP - March 19

Niya, when I was induced, baby A was head down and B flipped to breach somehow in that last week. I still devlivered both v____ally as B flipped on her own after her brother came out. My OB was comfortable flipping B if she didn't do it on her own. Congrats on making it to your due date!! Wow! My OB says I probably would have gone past my due date too, but I was begging for the induction (I know, selfish me).


niya - March 20

Thanks Melissa for ur support.i've been waiting in hope since the 37th week that things wld happen eventually but somehow have managed to reach my due date.i feel a bit let down that will need to be induced but i 'm hopin it won't be any different from normal labour.



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