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Karon_27 - November 15

Hello everyone, my name is Karon and I am a husband of 1 LOL and a father of 2 and is soon too be a father of twins!! My wife and I just found out 2day that we are having twins and was in shock! I'm new at this and new to the pregnancy forum, so my question is what to expect when they arrive?


sphinx - November 15

I recommend this Book to everyone, "when your expecting twins, triplets or quads" It's the best book on expecting multiples that you will find... Good Luck!


Karon_27 - November 16

Thank u I know for a fact im gonna need it!


ninasimmone - November 16

if you dont mind me asking what dose of clomid did your wife take and how many months did it take and congrats and goodluck to you and your wife


mrssolo - November 16

Karon_27 congrats on the twins. I'm not really sure what to expect myself. I'm 27 wife of one, lol and mother of one and My twins are due in Dec. There are lots of answers all over this board. Just weed through the clomis post and you will find lots of twin post. Like what to pack for the hospital, what you need the most, where to get free samples, ect. best of luck to you and your wife.


sphinx - November 16

Yes, just disregard the clomid stalkers! I really feel for them and I'm sure they are hurting and in pain but she asks everyone how much clomid they took and I think its rude. She doesn't realize that some people have twins naturally.


Teddyfinch - November 16

not to mention that, but if you were to ask my husband how much clomid i take, he wouldn't be able to answer cuz he doesn't get into those kinds of details lol. and please don't refer to us as "clomid stalkers". that's not polite. and there is only one person asking so don't group people.


Rachel Jones - November 16

Amen sphinx- I bite my tounge constantly and get so sick of the clomid threads. well said.


ninasimmone - November 16

im sorry i offended you all i will stay off this page you all are blessed to have children on your own again i apologize


Teddyfinch - November 17

karon: first thing you should do? pick out names =P big congrats and good luck to you two. and to the others: don't be mean ladies. she asked an honest question. quite possibly his wife did take clomid and she possibly did not so it's fair to ask. we didn't flood the thread about it and it's not a new post. let's all just get along like we all agreed to. we all make b___boos.


sphinx - November 18

Teddyfinch, I didn't mean that you were a clomid stalker... but I didn't want to completely single out ninasimmone. What I meant by clomid stalkers are the ones who interject clomid where it's not needed, asked about or otherwise mentioned.


Teddyfinch - November 18

ah ok. i got it now ^^ and how are things going karon?


sphinx - November 19

Sorry Karon... we really didn't mean to hijack your thread!


January - November 19

I'm good friends with Karon and directed him to this site because it was great for me during my singleton pregnancy. I just delivered 12 days ago. He and his wife are due first week in dec. They had 3 ultrasounds this pregnancy and only during the 3rd did the tech see the twin!!! So with only about 3-4wks left of pregnancy, they find out its 2!!! This was a complete shock and clomid was not taken. All natural twins in the oven lol


sphinx - November 19

now thats one of those rare cases... just goes to show how wrong the experts can be sometimes! Well, don't worry, they can share the same crib for the first couple of months and most other things, too.


Teddyfinch - November 19

that is wonderful for them. give them my congrats please!


mrssolo - November 19

When my MIL had dh and his twin brother she didn't know until 4 days before they were born. What a shocker. I'm glad I've known for so long. I can't imagine just finding out. I'm about just as far and it would have probably b__wn my socks off, lol.



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