New Comers TTC On Clomid And Hopeful Success Stories

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mommyofboys - February 14

I wanted to start a new thread for those on clomid but are uncomfortable to join an existing long running thread. I am on CD7 and on my last dose of 100mg (3-7). My first two children (boys) I got pregnant on Clomid. So while I know I should feel positive, I am still worried that things could be different. First round resulted in BFN. I would like to blame it on the fact I was on Mucinex-D, it dried me up everywhere. Any one else on clomid TTC? Where on you in the cycle?


Kimmer23 - February 14

I know you might not want to join our thread...but I would like to say that you are more than welcome. It's a great, supportive thread for all types of people ttc. There are some people that have been on for a while, but there are also lots of newbies... Just an FYI.


sarah35 - February 14

mommyofboys- just a thought, mucinex should be the basic mucinex extended release.... not the" D". Maybe that was your issue. There is also something your doc can prescribe for dryness... doc gave me Estrace and it did help. GL 2 you.... like kimmers said-- your always welcome on the other thread.... we dont bite:-) BTW, i have two boys too (5 and 2) BOTH clomid babies:-) now ttc#3-currently taking a meds break this cycle. talk later!


babysearch - March 2

Hey how come nobody wants to join this thread


Teddyfinch - March 2

because this isn't a clomid board. the ladies here are mommies of multiples and don't need to be sifting through hundreds of clomid posts to get to ones actually pertaining to multiples. kimmer, you should start another of your clomid success stories posts and we can all stick to that. it's just being considerate on their boards is all.


katie37 - March 3

Hi ladies. Mind if I join? I finished my last day on clomid (5-9) on the 21st of Feb. I think I ovulated last Tuesday based on EWCM. I normally have a 24 day cycle so I am currently 6dpo. I will get my progesterone levels checked tomorrow and am due to start AF on Friday. Hoping she won't come. Good luck to everyone else!



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