New Mamas Of Multiples

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Curious Cat - November 7

There are so many new parents of multiples out there.. Do you have any advice for all these ladies still pregnant? Words of wisdom for when your babies come home, are in the NICU, or any other time?


Candice - November 7

I am a mother of natural identical girls that are now 3 weeks old. They were born at 36wks and 2 days and thankfully did not need to be in the NICU. We were in the hospital for 5 days and the girls were at a higher risk for jaundice for being preemie. They weighed 5lb9oz and 5lb11oz, we are doing great the only thing that has been a life saver for me is to keep them on the same schedule, when one wakes wake the other and try to feed them at the same time. I am b___st feeding exclusivley and feed them both at the same time and it saves an enormous amount of time. Also if you are planning on nursing you can get twin nursing pillows and they are awsome. Good Luck with your pregnancy and Congratulations on twins.


Curious Cat - November 8

So glad your children didn't need to spend time in the NICU! Were you able to deliver them v____ally or did your require a C-section? Do you think your delivery method had anything to do with your outcome ( no NICU, that kind of thing)


Candice - November 8

Hi Curios Cat, Yes I did deliver natural. Baby A was born and then Baby B was born breech. She had problems breathing at first due to her breech birth and had a bruised leg due to the delivery. The DR said with twins the second baby usually has more problems than the first because they do not experience the pressure of the contractions and move through the birth ca___l like the first one. The water is broken and then they are born so it is harder for their lungs to adjust where the first baby has the pressure and the contractions to help prepare their lungs. If you can deliver natural, the recovery time is way faster and you can focus more on your babies than trying to get yourself back to normal as well with the suregery and incision to worry about. Good Luck. Also My OB said that 36wks is considered term for twins so if you can get to that if the babies do need to be in the NICU it shouldn't be for very long.


Curious Cat - November 11

Do you have any advice for all the mamas just waiting for their children? Anything make your wait easier?


Melissa - November 13

Hi Curious Cat - I had boy/girl twins almost 8 weeks ago. They were born at 38 weeks, 1 day (after my request for induction). They weighed 6 ib. 4 oz. and 7 lb. They didn't need NICU at all. Our biggest challenge to date has been that our "smaller" one has reflux, so needed to be given small frequent meals and he just started some medicine about a week ago that has made a world of difference. They went through an extrememly fussy evening time for about 2 weeks when they turned 5 weeks old, but seem to be outgrowing it. I too am b___stfeeding like Candice. I am able to nurse them at the same time, but find it easier to pump a lot of my milk and keep it in the bottles in the fridge. For some reason, that's easier for me. They both are great at nursing and don't have a preference (b___st or bottle). My biggest advice for mamas waiting to deliver is to follow their Dr.'s advice, drink tons of water and rest as much as you can. I have a 2 1/2 yr. old, so resting was nearly impossible, but I had the summer off because I work in education. Women are extremely strong and you can carry those babies!! (stronger than we often give ourselves credit for) and don't feel guilty or weak for asking questions or going the hospital to just get checked out if you feel anything is different. Good luck and let me know if you have any more questions. Congrats again Candice, hope things are still going well for you!!


Candice - November 13

Hi Melissa, Sounds like you and the babies are doing well that is so good to hear. I'm just wondering what brand of bottles you are giving them. My girls must be going through a growth spurt because they are eating every two hours and I am starting to get tired. Don't know what brand would be good for b___stfeeding and bottlefeeding at the same time. Curious Cat, It is tough being pregnant with twins. You experience so much more than with singles. I have a 5 year old and 3 year old as well and found it very tiring at times. Just hang in there, do what your DR tells you, like Melissa said rest as much as you can keep your feet up and relax if you can. Just think of how it is going to feel when you get to hold your healthy beautiful babies. it is worth the sleepless nights and the constant pressure and the cramping. We are amazing and it can be done. Good Luck!


Melissa - November 13

Candice - We use the evenflow and gerber brand bottles. They seem to like the evenflow nipples better though. I've heard that if you're worried about gas, Dr. Brown's bottles are great and Avent bottles are closer to "b___st". You're right - it was all worth it!!


shannon - November 16

Were anyone of you on fertility drugs if so what kinds. Also how many follicles did you have to get twins. Thank you so much and good luck to all


Candice - November 17

Hi everyone. Melissa thanks for the info, I bought some Gerber bottles but haven't tried them yet. They seem to be eating a little less now. How are your babies doing? How is their weight gain. They sure were big when they were born! Good for you. I am in Canada and we are starting our winter and it is freezing, we have snow now, and I think the girls have colds. They are so stuffed up and I hope there is something they can do for such tiny babies. I do have one of those bulbs that suck out their nose but it only helps for a little while. We go to see the DR today to weigh them and see why they are so stuffy! Are your twins smiling now? How often are they up to eat now? SHANNON, I conceived twins natural so I can not help you with what you need to know sorry!


Mary - November 25

Candice and Melissa Congratulations to both of you. You have really given me a little more strength to hang on a little longer. I am 33 weeks pregnannt with twins naturally. My 32 week was when I felt everything getting very hard. I am still working but my doctor has not suggested bed rest at all she says I'm doing great. Were any of you put on bedrest and if so at what week. I really need rest especially with a 3 year old at home. My first was born v____ally and I would like these little to be the same but the doctors just keep telling me it all depends on the situation. I also want to b___st feed but if they end up in NICU how will that work???. Anyways Ladies Congratulations once again!!


Melissa - November 26

Mary, I delivered at 38 weeks, 1 day after I asked for an induction (got too uncomfortable). I was not put on any bedrest, things went very well for me. I understand how tired you feel, I have a daughter who will be 3 in Feb. Do the terrible 2's ever end???? If yours end up in the NICU, just pump as much b___st milk as you can. You are getting far enough along they probably won't need to be in the NICU very long. As far as fertility drugs, SHANNON, I was on prescribed clomid. I don't know how many folicles I had. I do want to mention that I had a miscarriage about 5-6 weeks before we concieved the twins and I'm told for the first couple of months after a miscariage, you are more fertile. I had them v____ally and it went extremely quick (6 hours total with induction) and only one push for my son and 3 for my daughter. I've never had a c-section, but I'm told it's harder to recover especially when you've got to pick up 2 newborns (often at the same time you'll find). CANDICE : We had a check up recently (9 weeks) and Gabriel is 9 lb. 9 oz. and Abigail is 10 lb..6 oz. They have both gained about 3 1/2 lbs! Gabriel has some reflux which we seem to have finally gotten control of and he actually slept for 7 hours last night!!!!! Abby has been sleeping 6-7 hours for about 2 weeks now. He still eats a lot less and more often than she does, but he's starting to catch up. All our kids had a cold recently too. A humidfier in their rooms, saline drops and the bulb seringe helped a bit. The smiling and occasional laughs are so precious. They are really starting to show their personalities and I am becoming more and more confident and comfortable with them. Talk to you ladies later, I think I hear one waking up.


Candice - November 28

Hi Ladies, good to hear from everyone! Congratulations MARY, you are doing a wonderful job. I was 36wks when I delivered, I was not put on bed rest and had a fairly good pregnancy aside from all the discomfort. No major problems anyway. My labour was quick also, I lost my mucous plug and 6hrs later I was meeting my baby girls. I am b___st feeding and it is going great. I reccommend a twin nursing pillow, they are wonderful and big enough to hold both babies. I do feed mine at the same time. I have a 5 and 3 yr old at home and understand the exhaustion that sets in. Hang on. My second daughter was 6 wks early and was in the NICU. You are able to pump which keeps your milk supply up and they will feed that to the baby through bottle or gavage until their sucking becomes strong enough to b___st feed. If they do need to be in the NICU make sure you tell the nurses that you want to b___st feed and that they let you at least put the babies to the b___st, cause even if they won't suck right away they still can kind of just search around and it helps them understand what they are supposed to do. Let us know how everything goes! Good Luck. MELISSA, glad to hear that your twins are doing so well. My girls are 6lb14oz and 6lb9oz that was two weeks ago, we go for our 6 wk check up on Thurs. They are sleeping real well now, their last feeding is about 10 or 11 at night and they go anywhere from 5-7 hrs. You sound like you have pretty peaceful babies as well. I was so worried that I wouldn't be able to handle all of this but it is wonderful and I love the joys and challenges of every single day. Have you been shopping yet with the babies? Just wondering how you do it? When I go I need to take 2 people with me just wondering if there is anything special out there or a technique maybe that you use. I have not been out of the house alone with the babies. I always have someone with me. Any suggestions?? Talk to you all soon, Have a good night!


bump - January 8



mama-beans - February 6



TripletMom - February 6



Corona - February 6

I'm so glad this thread has been brought to the forfront! Candice, where are you in Canada if you don't mind my asking. I'm from Ontario but have been in BC as I'm husbands work brought us out here. The whole country has had some freaky winter weather. It's good to know that their is someone else dealing with the Canadian medical system. We really are lucky.



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