New Multiple Mom Question Please Help

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Nikki - September 30

I'm 24, first pregnancy, and I just found out I'm pregnant (6wks.) with twins and had some questions for anyone expecting multiples .... Is it normal to have to pee every 2 1/2 to three hours? Also, my br___ts are soooo sore... like untouchable sore.... is this normal too? Any advice would be helpful. Thank you.


Amanda - October 3

My b___sts swelled up within several days of conception and they were sore -- I think I grew half a cup size at least. The having to pee every couple of hours didn't hit me until about 4 months along though.


Nikki - October 3

Thanks for your advice Amanda. This is a new experience for me.


kendra - October 3

hi nikkie....I am 7 weeks with twins...and experiance the same thing...put it this way, hardly an A cup 7 weeks ago, now going on B!! Growing pains are normal!! I as well thought it was strange to have the frequent pee attatcks, especially in the middle of the night, but that too is normal... Take Care..


carly - October 30

I'm 25 weeks and so far every pregnancy symptom there is, you have early and double with twins. Not to scare you though :-) I was barely a C and am now a 38 D. Keep in mind, this is before milk comes and engorges you. With twins, we all have a lot to look forward to...LOL :-) It's so exiting when you feel them move, you feel them get stronger every day. Once you get over any depression you may have early on (which is normal) being pregnant with twins is wonderful. Worth all the discomfort. When people act like your being a baby, ignore them. A twin pregnancy is so much harder than a singleton...or can be, I should say. Good luck and god bless. Remeber to relax and take care of yourself. You know what your body needs.


DP - October 31

I already have a boy and 2 girls all singletons, but wanted to tell you before I even found out I was PG with my son I had to take many many trips to the restroom and it never got better, this was for my entire pregnancy. I was told that boys usually attach lower so there is more pressure on your bladder. But I would a__sume it would be the same thing with twins, being there is more baby and less room. I wouldn't worry though, and congrats!


jena - October 31

i'm 24 with my first pregnancy - twins - as well. i'm 35 weeks. I had NO idea what to expect since it's my first one, but yes - I had to pee so much in the beginning, and my b___bs hurt like heck. good news is it DOES go away!!! (and then comes back at the end - but it's better then because you are almost done). basically carly is right - take any symptoms you read about for singleton pregnancies and honestly double them because your hormones are almost twice as high as in a regular pregnancy. it's rough but trust me, if I can do it (or get to 35 weeks okay), you can!



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