Newbies Need Advice From Parents With Twins

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susan1975 - December 30

My husband and I just learned that we are pregnant with twins. After the inital shock wore off, we are now trying to plan for two babies instead of one baby. (You have no idea how much I wanted a glass of wine when we left the doctor's office:-)) Does anyone have suggestions/recommendations on things like double strollers and car seats? Should we consider buying two rockers? How many diapers are we looking at a week and should we take out a second mortgage for them? Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks!


kriswill727 - January 1

Having 2 babies is not that much worse than 1! My friends have twins and the diapers are alot. They spend about 350 on formula a month but thats just at the store and the super expensive stuff. I know it sounds weird but I bought mine on ebay and saved alot. Then after that I tried Target brand and it actually settles with my son better than enfamil and similac. Plus its only $14 and its regulated by the FDA so its totally safe! Having 2 babies isn't something to totally freak out about. Also my son has to use pampers. I stumbled across a huge online baby sale on the target website. Buy 1 huge box of diapers get 10% off buy 2 get 15%off and 3or more get 20% off. I got 5 HUGE boxes (bigger than the ones sold in stores) and we're still using them 5 months later with a stock pile. And to help shipping I found a free shipping coupon online. I maybe spent $145. My friends babies are alot smaller than my son (he's 99percentile) Her babies stayed in size 2 for a long time and size 3 too. Don't overdo newborn sizes for clothes or diapers. Also from experience I wouldnt buy a single diaper or formula until after they are born. My daughter and son both had to go through trial and error with formula. My daughter got really bad rashes on anything but pampers. Just set maybe $20 aside a week for that stuff and when they come you will have that. Don't take a 2nd mortgage out on your house... you might need that for college and cars later on! :) I hope this helps. Huge congratulations from my end!


kriswill727 - January 1

Ohh also I wouldn't get 2 rockers. I think its overkill. I've survived without a rocker, although it would have been nice to have one. I would get a double stroller for sure. I have a double for my kids and don't get the side by side one. That makes shopping a nightmare. Most stores isles aren't wide enough. I have the tandem and have a hard time getting through. As for carseats you can look on online for sales and free shipping? I have a convertible carseat, the ones you don't take out of the car and its made life pretty rough with a toddler and baby. I highly suggest the infant carrier. As far as how many diapers you will need... Both of my kids went through about 10-13 diapers a day as newborns and its slowly tapered to about 5 a day. A rough figure for cost, about $20 a week for twins in the beginning. For me it was a big pack every 2 weeks.


susan1975 - January 1

Thanks for the advice! Once I knew I was "safe" I was going to begin to purchase diapers. However, I may hold off to make sure our babies don't have any allergies to diapers! Thanks!


Buffi R. - January 2

I don't have twins myself (DS is 7 and DD is 2), but my sister had boy-girl twins. One suggestion for bottles is to get a different color for each baby. For instance, my sister used colored bottles for the girl and clear for the boy. They were on different formula and the different bottles helped her keep them straight in the fridge after she made up a supply. I like the Vent Air bottles best and they have different colored nipple rings, so you can use that to tell them apart. Hope that helps!! And congratulations! :-)


kriswill727 - January 3

Thats a great idea! I will keep that in mind if I ever get struck with twins.


Carly XxX - January 3

i have 6 month old identical twin girls. definately buy nappies and wipes in bulk, in the first few weeks we were going through at least 100 nappies a week. i would definately recommend 2 bouncy chairs/rockers. the buggy we have is the graco quattro tour duo (something like that) and i love it, loads of storage underneath, cupholders etc. im not sure if you will have even thought about this yet but have you considered b___stfeeding? i b___stfeed my twins. not only is it the healthiest option for your babies but it will save you a hell of a lot of money and it is so much easier, no washing and sterilising bottles in the middle of the night and giving them bottles at the same time on your own is a nightmare. my twins share a cot still as they scream the place down if we seperate them, so you could let them share a cot at first which will save a vbit of money in the beginning (our cot and mattress came to nearly £200 without bedding). i also reccomend a large play matt/gym to lay them down on occasionall so they arent always sitting in their chairs. any questions at all just ask hun. oh yes congratulations!!! it was amazing finding out we were expecting twins. i would love another set of multiples (would NOT do the pregnancy again though lol)


susan1975 - January 7

Thank you all for the advice. I was wondering about the one crib idea. We are planning to keep them in the same room and just having one crib would give us a boatload more room. I have to admit that after reading many of the posts, that I was one of the few who was not hoping for multiples while undergoing fertility treatments with Clomid! My doctor told us the chances was slim. Righttt..... However, we and our friends have been praying for a baby for the last couple years, so I am putting my trust in God and trusting that this will all work out:-) That is not to say that I am not still scared to death about complications and all the extra work that having two newborns is going to entail.



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