November 2015 Clomid Cycle Buddies. Hoping For Twins.

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mum2three - November 13

Hi All!
I have read through so many of these threads however most of them seem to be old (and there is no year stamp= so it's even harder to tell what is relevant).
I am taking clomid this cycle. I used it under the watchful eye of my OB for my second child, and it resulted in simple pregnancy (second round) and a little boy born healthily 9 months later.
Fast forward to now. I have had another child (naturally), however since then my hormones are all askew and while she is over 12 months old I have not yet had the return of a period (with the boys it was within 8 weeks returning postpartum).
I have seen my GP and am armed with a script for clomid for 4 months. He said anything longer than that and he will refer me back to the OB again. However as we are approaching 30 I think that if this doesn't work DH and I will be happy and just have accept that we will only ever be a family of 5.
GP was happy to go unmonitored as I have a previous experience with how my body will react due to old monitored cycles.
I am really hoping for one baby, however have always dreamt of twins. My first was a twin (the second lost at 8 weeks). I have always hoped to see two heart beats at every ultrasound following pregnancy since then.
I took one month of the pill, then when they stopped about a week later I got my first period back. I took clomid CD 1-5 100mg.
I have been getting some good symptoms, such as hot flushes and slight headaches and moodiness. Which I assume are good signs that my body is working with the clomid.
I am CD 13 today. No positive OPK (started using at CD 9) however they are cheap internet ones, and I never got a positive one previously trying either. I am judging things of tummy pain and CM. I have been having EWCM yesterday and then quite a lot today. DH and I have BD CD 8, 10 and 12, and will continue to do so every second day until I am sure ovulation has passed.
With no previous cycles it's hard to judge when I might O or how long this cycle will be.
Anyway, this is a mammoth first post, but I wanted to see if there are any other women out there using clomid for pregnancy or twins? Prescribed or un-prescribed, monitored or unmonitored. 

Please feel free to join me in this updated thread.

Also to those who will to comment negatively, I have read all your comments and opinions in the other threads and I respect your thoughts, but please do not comment here. This is a tread for positivity and happiness as we know that is very important in conceiving.



mum2three - November 15

Well I guess I will update even though no one has joined in.

I'm CD 15 today. I have had heaps of EWCM yesterday and today. DH and I  didn't DTD since the CD12 as he was really tired last night but will do it again tonight. It will mean that we hada3 day break but I have read lots of stories about getting pregnant without having DTD up to 5 day before ovulation. So hopefully there are some swimmers left chilling up there and/or we can catch whatever eggs are released now.

I still haven't had a positive OPK but I do only have cheap Internet ones.

Anyway. I will update after ovulation ?? Today, with any symptoms. 

I really hope there is a like minded person out there who will join me!


mytime00 - November 17

Hi Im here to join you but im going to start my clomid next month my Dr just gave me a perscrition for it. Good luck on your journey! ill be reading along. Im on CD 15 today.


mum2three - November 17

Hi Mytime!


I am on CD 17 and according to FF 1DPO. Dh & I didn't DTD last night. which is super frustrating as it means we BD CD 12 & 15, I  O'd CD 16. Not sure if that is enough to catch my eggs! I had some strong ovulation pains over night so that is a good sign too. 

I am going to try and be good and not test early.This is first clomid cycle and first period /cycle since my baby was born. So I have no idea how long it will be. One would assume AF is 13 days away if I am going to have a normal LP.

I guess on upside is that if it doesn't work we will be pretty spot ona cycle buddies next month! 


mytime00 - November 17

Yes thats very true as far as buddies! but i do hope you get a BFP befor Christmas, if not NewYears it is. Good luck to you! do you chart? Ive been charting on the Kindara app. It pretty cool, I meet a lot of ladies like us :-)


mum2three - November 17

I only chart using fertility friend. I use opk's and check cervical mucous. I don't bother with temping as I am often up over night and can never get a true representation of what my BBT is doing.

How are you charting? I will look at that app today.

It's cool to be in the TWW. My previous cycles used to be really long, and I had a short LP so I would not O until about day 30-35 and then get AF 7-10 days later. So more waiting at the beginning of each cycle and not a lot of time for symptom checking afterwards.

I am undecided that if I do get preg, should I go for a dating ultrasound before chirstmas (7 weeks) and count my beans, or should I just wait until the routine 12 week ultrasound. I also don't know when to tell DH, his not 100% keen on having another baby (he would be happy with three), so I am unsure as what his reaction will be when A I'm pregnant and B if I do get my twins from clomid. I know twins is really unlikely but I am really hoping. I do meet some of the criteria, I am nearly 30, I am slightly over weight (not that that is good, and I am in the middle of losing that weight), I already have three children, I have a strong family history of fraternal twins (every generation and multiple in generations- all from the female line), I have previously gotten pregnant with twins unmedicated.

I think it would be a super way to finish out my baby phase! I always have really simple and easy pregnancy, and have quick (50min-1.5hr) labours which are medication free. I would be sad to proabably have a more medicalised birth, but I am a midwife so very aware of policy and procedure and how to make it work for myself and the babies.

Anyway- I'm ranting on again haha.

MyTime are you doing any special prenatal stuff, like large folic acid doses, prenatals?


mytime00 - November 17

OMGOSH!!! you just made my night DH doesnt know either about me trying for more, We have 4 but I love being a mom and i want more. Were highschool sweethearts so he knows that I always wanted a big family... I feel like im getting older not younger and i dont want to wait til later. Im 32 and ill be 3 in March! its about that time.

So yes I do take a few special prenatal stuff :-)                                                      DAILY:Prenatal vitamins , Folic acid including from vitamins 4400 mcg, Maca, Royal jelly and baby aspirin

When AF comes i have a whole other special pills that i will take like, EPO, bromelainand black cohosh. Im so excited ans im glad ive meet you!



mytime00 - November 17

This is so exciting i felt alone on my journey and now I've meet you !


mum2three - November 17

How very cool to be so similar! 

It's awesome to find someone who feels the same way you do! 

How to you plan to take your clomid?

Do you already ovulate on your own? 

I'm going to try get DH to BD again tonight just incase! I still have EWCM so that can only be a good thing!

I've decided to keep my other meds simple this time, just folic and prenatal vitamins. (Both of which I'm only taking sporadicly) If I don't get preg this month I might add baby aspirin to the mix.





mytime00 - November 17

Well my estrogen levels are low so my specialist things i could be going through early menopause :-( so i was giving Clomid for the next cycle. so this is my first time using it. I will be using it day 3-7 I believe. DH has to understand that after i go through menopause thats no more eggs for me :-( Men can have kids forever if they want but we have a time limit..


mum2three - November 17

That's disappointing to hear. I will have my fingers crossed for you then!

Do you cycle regularly? And normally ovulate? 

I took my clomid early to try and stimulate more follicles. My dr prescribed it 3-7.

I am not getting any monitoring for the first 2 months. The second 2 months I will and if no luck it's back to the specialist. 

Will you be getting ultrasounds to check follicle amount and growth?  Or blood tests to confirm ovulation? 

Also did your dr talk about a HCG trigger? 

My dr said he won't do it, that will need to be under specialist. But if these months don't work DH won't agree to more dramatic measures :-(



mytime00 - November 17

No My Dr never mentioned HCG trigger. I go for an ultra sound on thursday to check out my follicles and stuff. My cycle has been irregular. This pass month my cycle was so light. I dont think im ovulating because of my estrogen levels its below 5 and thats like a kid... did you start your clomid CD2? i really hope you get a BFP with twins!


mum2three - November 17

How awesome that you get monitoring. It will give you a really good idea of your odds of twins plus when to BD.

I took it CD 1-5.



mytime00 - November 17

Thats why im taking Maca to help regulate my hormones 



mytime00 - November 17

Oh ok, The can tell me my odds for twins? thats great! i didnt know that. How can they tell?


mum2three - November 17

Well it can give you some insight into how many follicles you have and what size they are (ie likelihood to release). If your scan shows only 1 mature  follicle odds are you will only get one baby, but if you have 2-3 mature follicles your chances for twins are much higher.

Does that make sense. 

Unlike me who has no idea how many, if any mature follicles I have. 


mytime00 - November 17

Yes thats makes a lot of sense, Thank you. I will update you on Thurday after my ultrasound



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