November 2015 Clomid Cycle Buddies. Hoping For Twins.

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mytime00 - November 17

Yes thats makes a lot of sense, Thank you. I will update you on Thurday after my ultrasound


mum2three - November 18

Well according to FF, I am 2dpo. DH and I BD last night, so that was still in my fertile window. I still had EWCM and cervix was high soft and open. So fingers crossed. Now that is 2 BD in direct fertile window and once  4 days before. 

CM is watery today and cervix isn't as soft or open, so I think I am out of that phase now and on to waiting. 

I think I will test on the 6th of December if AF doesn't find me first. Which is going to be REALLY hard to wait, especially as I have heaps of Internet cheapie tests.

Obviously no signs or symptoms yet. 

Not really feeling hopeful this month as I didn't really have a strong ovulation pain or more then one. 


mytime00 - November 18

Keep your fingers crossed, I will be praying for you. Dont think about it too much ( easily said then done) I know... hopefully thanksgiving will keep you busy. :-)


mytime00 - November 19

Hi mum2three! So I think I have good news..... My ultrasound tech told me that she couldn't tell me much because the report goes to the Dr but she did see follicles.... So idk if that good or bad yet but I'll keep you updated! 


mum2three - November 19

Hey!  That is great! So it looks like you must be ovulating without clomid then.....?

Hopefully next month with clomid you can make 2 or more eggs!

I'm supposed to be 3dpo, but I am still having heaps of EWCM, and I think I might have had some ovulation pain last night? 

I'm not feeling great about this cycle, don't think we have BD at the right time and I don't think I'm ovulating.

I have decided to go back to dr and get a progesterone level drawn to confirm if I did or did not ovulate. 


mytime00 - November 19

Well I do have my clomid , Im not sure if i ovulated this month im waiting to see if my temp will rise.  Tomorrow I can get the results from the ultrasound so i guess after measure the follicles to see the maurity level then ill know if I should take the clomid or not ... But I think ill take them :-) why not if i can get twice the blessings <3


mum2three - November 20

That sounds great mytime!

I am feeling a little unsure as to what is going on with me. I thought I had O'd the other day, making today 4dpo, but I am still getting lots of EWCM. Like HEAPS! Plus cervix is high (medium soft) and open again. Chance of a second ovulation? 5 days apart? Or did I not actually O last time. OPK is now negative, not even a second line.

I am really sick at the moment so maybe my body keeps gearing up to O but then not actually doing it?

DH and I haven't DTD since CD 17, today is CD 20, and he is away for another 2 nights, so if this is O I will miss it.

SIGH! It's very frustrating isn't it. Also I think this is the first cycle I am ?ovulating since the birth of my baby, so maybe my body is being a little crazy!

Anyway, Guess I have to just wait and see what happens in the next two weeks, if AF comes or not.....



mytime00 - November 20

Aww that can be frustrating... maybe it is your hormones trying to regulate since this is your first time ovulating since your baby's birth. I'm also alittle confused because Cd12-19 my OPK test was positive as well and i have a little discharge but i figured it was normal. I know sometimes we can get normal discharge. My olvaries hurt today but i think its bcause of the ultrasound i had yesterday, she was pressing on them prety hard! hopefully AF stays away! if not then we can be cycle buddies again in December. 


mytime00 - November 22

Hi Mum2three, So I went to My Dr Saturday morning and she told me that from my results I have PCOS :-(    So now im not sure whats next.............


mytime00 - November 23

Hi, I hope all is well with you. I go see a sepecialist on Wednesday to see what they offer me. I also found out that Im not ovulating.... Sigh but  have alot of faith! have a goodnight!


mum2three - November 24



That sucks about the PCOS! Have you looked into the pcos fertility diets? I have heard from close friends and family that it can be really helpful! 

The 'standard' treatment for PCOS can be clomid, so I guess your underway to be doing the right stuff anyway. 

Do you have a plan from Dr yet? 

How are you going with DH not knowing?

I am going to go to the DR early next month if AF comes and see if I can get slips for blood tests and ultrasound monitoring. I am not sure how I will go about it all without telling DH how much I am trying to have a baby. he agreed to 'if it happens, it happens '  (ie having sex with no protection ) I'm not sure his reaction to me actually actively trying to get pregnant?!?!

I am supposed to be 8dpo. I'm still having heaps of EWCM and cervix is high medium and open.  So who knows what's happening. 

I have been having some lower abdo type cramps so not sure if that is implantation or pms?

I caved and did a hpt this morning. Negative of course, but I know that doesn't mean I'm out of the game this month.

I have decided to go back to my dr early next month and book for scans and blood tests to confirm if I'm O'ing or not.

I guess if I'm not there isn't much point following through a DH has given us until Feb to conceive,  then he is calling it quits and getting a vasectomy. 

So I only have 4 cycles (including this one) to get preg, which even fora young fertile person isn't much. Let alone a 29 year old breastfeeding mum with no periods! 

I would LOVE a trigger shot to force ovulation but I don't think dr will agree as his not a dedicated fertility specialist. 

As far as symptoms go I didn't really have any for ovulation (I had plenty that clomid was working ie hot flushes, head ache, moody), and I have not had any to make me feel pregnant. I have heaps of ewcm, lower abdo cramps. Yesterday while feeding my nipples were feeling tender and I have had 1 wave of nausea cooking kids tea last night. All positive but not regular or obvious. 

I plan on testing again at 11 dpo as I have a 30th and would love a drink. 

Hope you are feeling ok about all your news mytime. I will keep you updated about what is going on with me! 




mytime00 - November 24

Well I told DH about the PCOS and that i may not be able to have anymore kids... He said dont worry about it because their not God, That made me feel hopefull. We have unprotected sex all the time it jusy that I used to have the Nuva ring and now i dont i think because of the PCOS if i get pregnant it wouldnt be an issue and he now knows that i want to have another one but he probably doesnt know i want it now. I'll be 33 years old why wait til later lets do it know because I wont be able to late. Like a man can always have kids, we( females) dont have that option. as for you still have faith. Its still to early to test. I remeber when i was pregnant i had EWCM in the begining so this may be a great sign. Dont lose hope. why does he want to get a vasectomy? your still young! how many kids do you guys have?


mum2three - November 24

 The reason that we are only trying for the next few months is as our youngest will be 2 and we want our kids close together. DH doesn't want to be in the baby phase any longer! And while I don't care I understand his strong feelings about this and have to respect that.


So we compromised and agreed to 4 months.  Most women will get pregnant within 6 months of clomid and if not move on to more aggressive techniques which we will not do. So I guess it's 4 months and then accept it and move on.


I love my 3 kids and feel very fulfilled and blessed so if we never get a 4th I  believe that in time I will learn to move on without resentment. 


But for now I am going to do everything I can to get my 4th child!



mum2three - November 24

Sigh! This website is annoying. It keeps telling me I have entered a website or email when I haven't and then I have to write my reply all over again! 

Wanted to add that since this morning I have had lots of breast tenderness. 


mytime00 - November 24

Yes!! I notice that if we use (dots.) they will think its a website.

But i tollay understand now, and thats greatthat your understanding about his feelings. 4 months is enough time lets pray for the BFP! dont think about it to much enjoy your holiday and test next week if AF doesnt come. You have more then enough time. You said he using a condom right? thats the only issue, do you think if you say to him lets try until thr 4 month mark, He'll say no?Breast tenderness is a good sign too


mum2three - November 24

Ahh is that why it does it, well only commas from now on then

So I'll apologies for the bad gramma lol

No condoms for now, He knows we are ttc but I'm not telling him I'm on clomid or when I'm ovulating etc so he doesn't feel pressured at all

 He just thinks that he is getting lucky with me jumping him extra, but that is also a bit ofa pain that we might miss O time if his not in the mood or tired

After feb next year he will book in for surgery but who knows if that will happen right away so if that takes a while to book I could hey an extra month or two

But dr had only given me enough clomid for 100mg for 4 months.  I guess I could take that last few months at 50mg 

Plus I'ma bitgassey and bloated too.  I'll try not to think about it and then test ina few days.



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