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ZenGirl - December 21

i have a question for you ladies with twins knowledge....we have been ttc#2 for 23 months. we have had 1 chemical pg (6/06), 1 unexplained m/c at 6 weeks (5/07) and 1 blighted ovum at 7 weeks (10/07). my RE is recommending that we do IUI next cycle along with Femara. (i took 2.5 mg cd3-cd7 for the first time this cycle) i know that femara slightly increases your chance for a multiple pregnancy, and IUI can increase that as well. in addition, twins are in my family and it is my generation's "turn"...(my sister has a set of twins!)... do you think that my chances are any higher, realisticly, than anyone else's?? please understand that we are only trying to complete our family and whether we have one or we have more is not a problem either way.. thus far we just have not found success....


Teddyfinch - December 21

sounds like you have a higher chance with all that's going on. you're brave though lol. with all these fertility drugs, i'm terrified to have a litter lol. and no offense to the ladies with multiples. i'm not referring to them as animals. i just think a litter is a cute way of describing multiples cuz hey, puppies are cute right? =P


ZenGirl - December 21

sometimes it is feast or famine!! lol


freebird - December 21

I think your risk is probably a bit higher than average, but multiples are a risk of fertility treatment. Your doctor will probably do ultrasounds before the IUI to see how many follicles you're producing. That will give you a better idea of how high your risk is and you can decide to cancel the cycle if there are too many. I had two follicles and I have twins, but have seen others with 3 or 4 follicles come out with triplets, singletons or have failed cycles. Teddyfinch, no offense taken :) I was scared also to have multiples. I won't lie, it was hard (most of the ladies here will say the same) but I got through it. My figure is destroyed, lol, but I have two little cuties to show for it. Good luck ZenGirl!!


ZenGirl - December 28

Thanks! i did a bit of poking around and have found that the femara combined with the IUI canincrease my chances somewhere in the range of 10%.In addition, the heredity factor can increase it even more. the chances for twins are higher but more than two is less likely but not impossible. i had no idea that there were certain physical traits that can predispose a woman to having twins!



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