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N3ISHAN - February 7



bnblewis - February 8

Hi N3ISHAN, be prepared for many negative comments regarding the use of clomid just for twins. its best not to respond to these... I too am 23 and have a boy. I have had no issue falling pregnant but will also be taking clomid for twins as I feel I will only be able to carry once more (whole other story, with PE and IUGR, delivered at full term but a 4lb baby, SCN etc etc blah blah blah). I plan on taking it day 3-7 and will use progesterone cream from ovulation day onwards. It is good to help the little bubs stick and is also really good if continued in pregnancy to help prevent PE (pre-eclampsia) and early delivery. I am not starting until June/July. Where did you purchase you Clomid from? I am looking into mexmeds, or medmex. I have no idea if Clomid will dry me out (down there)so am unsure about robitussin(pretty sure its for that isn't it?), I think if it does I will just use some pre-seed I have left over from DS conception, or maybe some EPO (Evening primerose oil) I have left over from DS. I will follow you along and will join you once I recieve my clomid. I will also be taking baby asprin (as suggested by my specialist OB) to prevent PE again. Its also good for blood flow to the placenta. Good luck!!!


N3ISHAN - February 8

Hi there how are you?? Hope ur doing well...girl it doesn't matter what they say cuz their trying to do the same thing..I really really want twins and if I know that clomid will increase my chances then I'm gonna take it... I ordered mine from low-cost-rx I will start today days 3-7...how would I take baby asprin??what days and how long?the robitussin is to help with the build up of the mucix... My journey starts today and I'll be sure to you updated... I will start off with 50mg what about you??


shashana - February 8

hi girls!! I'm not here to give no negative comments. Just want to let you all know how lucky you are to be able to get pregnant without no problem. I WOULD BE THANKFUL, GRATEFUL AND GLAD IF I COULD GET PREGNANT ON MY OWN WITHOUT NO MEDICATION.When I see my friends with there babies and pregnant friends I say to myself why can't I be like them why cn't I get pregnant on my own. Why ? Maybe if I was in your shoes I would use clomid in hoping to have twins who knows but hey! girls its not sure you get twins. There's alot of pregnant ladies out there or even on this website who use clomid and got pregnant with singleton. I know having twins is amazing I got friend and a neighbor who deliver b/g twins last year they are so cute . Ladies using clomid has alot of negative feedback esprecially on cervical mucus (CM) it tends to get it hostil and we all know in order to let the sperms reach the egg it need god CM. And that's why my DR gave me oestrogen so that my CM could be better in quant_ty and quality.Thank God many women got pregnant using clomid but I didn't Unfortunalty. All that to say thank God you can conceive natural and when you want. Its not that easy for evry woman and can cause alot of stress and depression( that's why i took a breack). Anyway I'm wishing you good luck and hope inspite of you get the desire of your heart.


N3ISHAN - February 8

Hey Shashana, I get what your saying and I actually have friends that can't get pregnant and have been trying as well but this is how us human are we wish for one thing and when we get that one thing we always try to make it better... I'm happy even if I get pregnant with one I'm not saying it has to be twins me and my husband just talked about it and we think it's time for baby #2 so with that I have heard so much about clomid and twins that's why I wanted to try it since I want babies why not increase my chance of twins you know what I mean??...I pray for you in the hopes of getting pregnant without stressing yourself out maybe it will happen when you least expect it


shashana - February 8

Thanks N3ISHAN and yes I know what you mean because actually if I could get pregnant with twins it would be great since trying for one is taking so long. And as I said I wish you good luck. and hope you will come back soon to say that you got them.


N3ISHAN - February 8

Thank you I hope so too and if not at least i'll know I tried


SunshineSam - February 9

I won't post any negative comments here, because I beleive we all deserve support in the pursuit of our dreams. I however will give you a warning. I did the same thing last summer and it didn't turn out like I wanted it to at all. I took 3 rounds u/p clomid and after much effort, no pregnancy. I then went to see the doctor, and she did and ultrasound and found a huge cyst on my right ovary. I told her about the u/p clomid and she told me that that was what caused it. I should have been monitored, and if I had been monitored I would have found the cyst early on instead of continuing with the clomid. Needless to say I had to have a laparascopy in December to remove the huge cyst and now only have 25% of my rught ovary remaining (I was lucky the doc could slavage it at all), and am just now starting AF....today is CD 1. This cycle the doc has me on Metformin and Clomid 150mgs,as well as follie scansand the HCG shot. If clomid does give me a cyst this cycle, I will be better prepared as to what to do. The doc may even switch me to Femera, wich works better for some. I am sorry for the long story, but I wanted to bring you back down to earth, and help you to understand that it may not be as easy as you think it will, and it may take some time....even people who ovulate could up to a year or so to concieve. Oh and oanother thing...I took my 100mg pills of u/p clomid into the doctor and she told me that Clomid only comes in 50mg tablets, and that she was unsure of what I had been taking....so who knows! The best tip that I can give you is to be monitored if you can, if not....just be really careful, and if you have any pain be aware that clomid can cause cysts, and that if they go untreated they can grow, theerefore impeding you from getting preggo. I really hope the best for you....and I hope that this works for you and your husband....twins would be a true blessing!


bnblewis - February 9

shashana- I to pray that you will fall pregnany asap! I know it must be hard for you to hear about people who can fall pregnant taking medication to help us fall pregnant quicker or for twins. I appreicate that you have not been negative towards others efforts. sunshine sam-thank you for your warning. It is good to know the good and the bad sides of our trials. I hope you get your baby soon! Did you have any diagnosis for PCOS before clomid? Do you think it caused it, or helped diagnos it? Either way- good luck to you aswell! N3ISHAN- I have also decided to track my BBT. Alot cheaper then OPK and I am usually up around the same time anyway as I am still getting up to feed my boy. (Don't worry I'm stopping BF before I take clomid- hence waiting until June/July). I am just doing some research on it now. I am taking baby asprin only to help prevent PE again. I will be taking what my OB prescribes next month but I am thinking it will be about 80-100mg (i think) once a day. It was also suggested to my by OBGYN that I take calcium to help prevent PE. Will discuss it further in April and let you know. Good luck= keep us updated!


gonnatry4#2 - February 9

hi N3ISHAN i would like to follow your experience. if you dont mind answering some questions for me that would be great! what dosage are you going to do? where did you buy your clomid? what is it called on the box? what color are you tables? here where i live they dont minitor clomid cycle at all. we have an ultrasound before to see if tubes are open and to check for fibriods etc otherwise nothing. i will be doing clomid in May. i used clomid to have my dd... i too have no problem getting pregnant but i ovulate very late which makes my eggs of bad quality and i have a luteal phase defect which requires me to use clomid. i would love twins myself actually. good luck.


N3ISHAN - February 9

Hi everybody I just wanted to give you guys a little update I tokk my first pill last night at 11:00 clock I was up until 3:00 in the morning and I had no side effects at all..I woke up today at 8:30 for school and I've been having a headache ever since so I guess the side effects are kicking in I will be taking my second pill at 11:00 pm tonight and I have a feeling I'm gonna be getting more headaches... For those of you who are new I'm taking clomid 50mg days 3-7 and I ordered mine from low-cost-rx...if you have any more questions feel free to ask and if I didn't answer any questions I apologize I will go back and review and try to answer all your questions


N3ISHAN - February 11

Hey girls, I already took my third pill and after taking it I had a lot of stomach pain and more headaches but I only have two more to go so I’m happy with that…but I heard that the pain is really sharp when it’s ovulation time so we’ll wait and see….I hope this works, I don’t really have my hopes up but I’m just praying that it works.


fallout - February 11

Mucinex is great to help keep everything moist. I would recommend making sure that you drink a lot of water!


CocoJ - March 6

Im 29 have a 6 year old son, my husband and I have been trying to have another baby for about 6 months now. My period is always late now. If its suppose to come on on 1/25 it will come on 1/30 then the following month if its suppose to come on 2/19 it came on 2/25. I bought unprescribed clomid from Medsmex.com. It took over a month for me to recieve it but I finally got it on 3/4 which was day 7 on my cycle so I will take it on days 7-11. So far I have been taking it for 3 days no side effects.


tvc - March 15

Im 20 have a 3yr old daughter and am fertile. I want to take clomid to have twins since this will probably be my last pregnancy. I want to start 100mg days 5-9 this summer, but am wondering if I need to be on my period to take the pill since day 5 is usually my last day. Also dose generic clomid work the same as the name brand?


CocoJ - March 23

Have you had any updates. I took clomid 3/4-3/8. I OPK on 03/18-03/22 and got 2 solid lines for 5 days.So I definitely think I ovulated. Hubby and I BD on 3/19-3/22. Side effect, cramping, sore b___st & nipples, headaches. Period due 04/06. Wish me luck....


nanycam - March 31

Hello! Also new! I have a 3 year old boy and a 1 1/2 year old girl. My husband and I talked to our dr about wanting twins. We want 4 kids, I am 34 and don´t want to have my fourth so late. My dr. has prescribed me clomid, I am suposed to take it the first day of my period for 5 days. We worry about having more than two. We are still weighting the pros and cons, so this forum sure helps. I have been reading that all of you are taking it from days three to seven, why is that? Does it depends on the lenght of the cycle?



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