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KristenH - July 21

I just finished a round of Clomid 100mg. I have been experiencing hot flashes, but from what i understand that's normal. I am really trying to track my cycle closely this month and would like to know if the effects of Clomid cause early or late ovulation. In comparision to when ovulation occurs normally. I have two children right now and my dh and I are really trying for twins. Although we would be fine with any #.Thanks for you advice.


LaRae - July 21

Hi Kristen! I did two rounds of Chlomid 50mg. Chlomid shouldn't change your cycle necessarily. Is your doctor doing an v____al ultrasound to make sure you are ovulating? They usually do this around day 11 in your cycle (11 days since the start of your last period) Then if all looks well they give you the go ahead and then you "do your thing" from days 12-16. Good luck, and by the way we are expecting twins!


KristenH - July 21

Thank you for your response!! My doctor isn't montoring me very well. I am on cd8 and don't have another appointment until Aug 19th. Doc gave me the meds and said good luck see ya in a month. I am suppose to O on the 30th and my dh & i will be on a mexican cruise...perfect timing. I have more painful ovulation with the clomid so maybe....just maybe.Thanks for the comment. Good Luck to you!!!


LaRae - July 21

Oh a cruise, that'll be nice! If he's not monotoring you then I would try 1-2 a day on days 11-16. My doc told me not to do anything on days 1-10 so my hubby could save up. LOL Good luck! let me know how everything is going!


melissa - July 21

I don't ovulate on my own, but when taking Clomid, I always ovulated on days 19 or 20 (later than the expected day 14).


LaRae - July 22

Oh, well then put those days in the middle of like a week period. Chlomid didn't change my cycle. So if you normally ovulate on those days then I would bet you will this time as well. It took us two months to get pregnant and I have know others that it has taken more time. So don't loose hope if it doesn't happen right away. Good Luck!


KristenH - July 22

I won't loose hope.This is my 2nd month on Clomid.My first was only 50mg...this month it was 100mg.I'm just thinking everything could work out well, being on vacation and all. I have also started taking Robitussin & I have been on baby aspirin. I have also purchased some pre-seed to use with BD.One week until I'm suppose to O.Good Luck to you all too.


bump - August 18



To Kristen - August 23

Did you get a bfp?


Mimi - August 25

I am on my first cycle of clomid at 50mg took it days 3-7, and I didn't ovulate until cycle day 21 today is now cycle day 22. I seem to be dong fine on the medicine. My docotr said ovulation does vary when taking clomid.


KristenH - September 3

No BFP I didn't ovulate last cycle. I tried again with the Clomid 100mg cd 3-7. Today is cd16, i o'd & bd last night. I am really crampy today....we'll see what happens. I guess now is the 2 week wait.....Blow me some double baby dust.


KristenH - September 3

If nothing happens this cycle then my dh and i have decided to wait and try until next summer. Good luck to all of you that are also ttc


u610klt1 - June 8

Hi- I did a 100 mg round this month too. I hae no idea when I ovulated... I tried taking opk to track and was using first am urine. (started on day 13...) never got a positive. Kept testing thru cd19. Went on line to see if i was doing it wrong and found out should have started testing cd10 and using evening urine. Had cramps like ovulation cramps, but they lasted for about a week... I would love to believe we hit it this month. If I use the online preg test, 26% chance =).... Did anyone else have a problem getting a positive? Still crampy on and off, meat seems disgusting right now but that is it. What is the soonest you can test for pg???


CLOMID USER - August 29




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