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Shelley50707 - March 12

I was wondering about the testing for ovulation. Last month when I was testing I got a faint line on 2 days in a row and then nothing the rest of the month. This month (yesterday) I got a light line but not as dark as the control line twice in one day (mid morning and also late afternoon) and now today nothing. The test package says that if the test line isn't equal in darkness or more darker than the control line then the test is a negative. Does anyone else have this problem with the tests? Or should I take the light line as a positive? Yesterday I also felt a little crampy all day. thanks ahead of time for any advise!


OneMoreTime - March 12

Cramping (if mid-cycle) could indicate ovulation.


Shelley50707 - March 12

Well, I started af on the Feb 28 and also was day 1 of clomid. I'm hoping it was the Oing cause we BD early that morning and now he's out of town for a few days.


Shelley50707 - March 12

Yesterday is when I got the 2 light lines twice during the day and it would of also been cd12 for me. I took clomid days 1-5


Shelley50707 - March 13

Well, it is now cd14 for me today. I still have only gotten the light lines twice (morning and afternoon) on cd12 and I have still been testing twice a day and nothing since that day. So hopefully that was actually a positive opk for me or hopefully if it wasn't I dont get a positive until at least this weekend.


catalinaD - March 13

hi Shelley, I had the same thing happen to me.. I had faint lines for 2 day this cycle then nothing.. I took that as a +. Even though it wasn't what the instructions read. I'm on cd24 today.. I don't know if the clomid worked or not yet.. I will take a hpt test on Monday if AF doesn't show up.. I will let you know what happens.. Baby Dust


Shelley50707 - March 14

Thanks CatalinaD for the input. this is all new to me and sometimes feel lost with it all. I'm hoping it was my positive on the opk cause we did BD that morning and now he's out of town so hopefully it was enough. If not guess we'll try again next month. I am still doing my testing twice a day just in case. I'm cd15 today. Question for you, when is it safe to stop the testing on the opk?


sososleepy - March 14

Yes! Last cycle with a variety of brands I could never find a positive, but I had a couple of days of all most, and one or two before those of visible lines. This time around I bought a LOT of dollar tree opk's and tested 1st am p, lunchtime, after work, and before bed. I found my + both 1st am and 1:30 yesterday, but the tests had to sit for the FULL time.


sososleepy - March 14

OH, and the one I did at 5:30 was so neg it amazed me. If I'd only done the one after work I'd have never been sure... The total surge is supposed to be about 40 to 50 hours, with the peak being detectable depending on the sensitivity of the test you use....


catalinaD - March 17

Hi Shelley, Well this morning I got up around 4:30am feeling sick to my stomach.. Soooo I decided to take a hpt, and it was a BFP!!!! OMG I'm so excited, I can't belive the Clomid worked frist cycle.. WOW wow wow, I can't go back to sleep I'm just wide awake now.. My af isn't due until tomorrow, so just to make certain, I will test again on Monday.. Baby dust to you all.. Happy St. Patricks Day


Shelley50707 - March 17

catalinaD......I am so excited for you! That is GREAT! I will say a pray for you that everything goes great for you and baby! I am not feeling very hopeful this month cause I did get a light colored line in the am and pm on cd12 but that morning was the only time we BD cause of him going out of town. So, don't know if that would of been enough or not. I am now on cd18 and am still testing for O but haven't had anything since cd12. So, I will just stay a little positive until AF would show her face........LOL and if she does.......I will just try again next month. Best of wishes to you, I am so excited for you!



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