Placenta Previa

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twinsmom2be - November 1

Hi guys! I had a u/s appointment on monday to check my cervix and to see how everything is going with the twins so far. The tech. saw the placenta over the cervix and she said that could be a concern for future placenta previa. She told me that it is kind of earliy in the pregnancy at 16 weeks not to be worried because the placenta should move up by my next visit at 20 weeks. Help!!! I dont know what to think, Should i worry or do you guys think she is right? She said at my next appointment that they will closely check it out to make sure everything will be good. Thats just a long time to wait with out being nervous.


mrssolo - November 1

I had a low lying placenta at about 15 weeks that caused bleeding. I was so worried I went to the ER and they found it on the u/s. The doctor told me not to worry to just take it easy and try to keep my feet up and not to do any lifting. By around 20 weeks it had moved up and is no longer a concern. In most cases it moves up on its own and its not a cause for concern. They will watch it closely and let you know if there is a problem. They told me if it didn't move by 32 weeks they would be planning a c section, which is likely anyway when carrying twins. I would say if you see blood go get checked out sooner but otherwise it really is nothing to worry about yet. I'm now 32 and a half weeks and no further problems with the placenta. Good luck and don't worry too much about it just try to take it easy.


twinsmom2be - November 1

Thank you for your response mrssolo. I feel better knowing that someone else with twins has gone through this and is doing fine. Wow 32 weeks that is great! I will try not to worry to much.


cynthia502 - November 2

My last pregnancy (a singleton) I had the same thing happen...the placenta was low early on and I was very concerned, but the doct was right, by the week 20 u/s it had moved and no problems! This pregnancy (twins!) I had an u/s at 13+ weeks and all looked good at that point, I am anxious to go back in 19 days for another u/s at 19 weeks. Good luck to you and try not to worry!! :-)



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